sulabh swatchh bharat

Sunday, 20-January-2019


There are very few people in this world who do selfless work, who do not think about the benefits they may acquire from others and who dedicate their lives to social service. One among such magnanimous persons is yoga guru Baba Ramdev, a well-known saint, master yogi and experienced social worker

This world is much like a fair, to which people come for an excursion. You will find different kinds of people here. Some are here to explore, some to enjoy. Some are lost in their own self and then there are some whose sole purpose of existence is to serve others instead of focusing exclusively on their own enjoyment or pleasures and desires. There are very few people in this world who do selfless deeds, who do not think about the benefit they will acquire from others and who dedicate their lives to social service. One among such magnanimous people is Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, a well-known saint, master yogi and experienced social worker.

Who are Saints?
Those people who have controlled their desires and consume the lowest of natural resources, who sacrifice worldly pleasure, showing a great degree of holiness and sanctity are called saints. Baba Ramdev sleeps on the floor, wears minimal clothes, eats furgally, and being unmarried, he becomes completely devoted to the service of society by controlling his personal desires. In such a way, he is a great saint.

Why is Baba Ramdev a ‘Great Yogi’?
In India, people have knowledge of yoga since the Vedic period and there has been tradition of yoga in India since then, but for some time, the focus on yoga has been neglected and only few people were practising it. The credit goes to Baba Ramdev for bringing back yoga in a comprehensive way among people or as it is widely said, Baba Ramdev has revived yoga in the world. He gave knowledge to the public about how one can keep one’s self healthy through the practice of yoga. He did not just talk but showed and taught people by doing yoga. Thousands of people took part in Baba Ramdev’s camps, but more than that there are people who like Eklavya became disciples of the yoga guru and practised yoga every day without even seeing him in real life. Those who have not seen Baba Ramdev or took part in his camps just follow his yoga techniques by watching his videos and CDs. Ramdev has taken yoga to the masses, both in the domestic market and internationally. He has taken this training of the mind, body and soul, first practiced by ancient Indian saints, and turned it into a daily ritual in everyone’s life.

Why is Baba Ramdev a ‘Great Social Worker’?
Baba Ramdev is providing pure food, medicine from natural components, and chemicals-free products to the public, which is something that the government should have done but failed to do. Today, where medicines and foodgrains are full of chemicals, Ramdev is providing Patanjali products which are being made through ayurvedic, organic and natural resources, without any harmful ingredients in them. As food and medicines are the first priority of any person so it should be pure and harmless. Abroad, governments keep an eye on this, that their citizens should not get food and medicines which carry harmful chemicals. There is provision for heavy penalties if any company is found guilty in this process. The social service Ramdev is providing in the form of his Patanjali products is not an easy task. It requires hard work and dedication to provide such natural products to the masses. That’s why Baba Ramdev is a great social worker.
baar baar gahi charan sankochee, chalee bichaari bibudh mati pochee.
oonch nivaasu neechi karatootee, dekhi na sakahin parai bibhooti..

The meaning of this shlok from Ramchartimanas is true to its sense. I can relate it to my own life experience and even to Baba Ramdev’s life. People can’t say a single word to praise someone but will take an hour to criticise others. Rather than appreciating Ramdev’s commendable work and social service, people keep accusing him every now and then.
For the past 15-20 days, I had a pain in my leg, I was quite upset, and so I popped two tablets of Baba Ramdev’s Giloy Ghan Vati. Two hours after consuming it, I felt better and relaxed. I had earlier taken other medicines for the pain but nothing worked. For the first time I have had consumed Patanjali’s product and I was very impressed by it. I had also consulted my Jyotishacharya S. Bhattacharya regarding it, so he suggested getting a check-up once. A great man like Baba Ramdev is very rare to find in this time, who sacrifices worldly pleasures solely for social service. People have begun to envy him and his success and started saying that he became a money-maker and a pure businessman. Baba Ramdev is doing nothing for himself, whatever money comes from his products goes to the trust, which is used in the interest of the society. A businessman is the one who works for himself, but whatever Baba Ramdev is doing, it is for the country and in public interest. There is another example in the same context. When Neil Armstrong returned from the moon, people asked him about his experience and that he must be feeling very good. Then Neil Armstrong said that going to the moon was a pleasant feeling but had I known that after returning from the moon, my friends would stop talking to me, I would have never gone. Similarly, when a postman brought a letter to Sherlock Holmes, the latter read it and then kept it aside. His friends sitting next to him asked Sherlock that you haven’t given any reaction to the letter, what is the letter about? He responded that a murder has happened and the government wants me to solve the mystery. His friends replied “this is a good thing that government wants you to help them, go and solve the murder case” on which Sherlock answered: “I don’t like to do government’s work. I will solve the murder mystery and government will say it has solved the mystery.” His friends said, “So what, the government will praise you for that.” On this, Sherlock said that people always distance themselves from praising others. They think praising others will lessen their own importance. If someone is praising anybody, then understand that the person who is praising is greater than the person who is being praised. Praising others in this society is a difficult task.” I agree with Sherlock Holmes because this has been my personal experience. I built two-pit toilet back in 1968, but whenever the government talks about it, they never mention my name along with it as if it is their own invention. The previous government created One-pit toilets between 1986 and 2008, in which money was wasted because its benefits were not seen by the people. Now the government has adopted the two-pit but never mentions Sulabh’s name.
Today, we are behind the world because we do not admire our culture and those who promote them, and rather look at their actions with suspicion. This is our biggest irony. People of India cannot say two words for a good person who is doing great work for the country and society. All of us should praise Baba Ramdev’s work as he is not only providing pure medicines or cereals, but also employing millions of people along with it. His work has benefited society and the people. Such great figures come on earth rarely. We should all admire such people and praise their work. His dream is to see an addiction-free, vegetarian and corruption-free India. He touches the lives of millions of people every day through his message of peace, wellness, and enlightenment, and his non-violent movement to end corruption promotes the ideals of a healthy democracy.
He has written books which explain in detail about the system of Yoga, acupressure and the role of some medicinal plants in curing the diseases. Some of the famous books written by him are:
Aushadh Darshan
Pranayama Rahasya
Yoga Sadhana evam
Yoga Chikitsa Rahasya
Jeevaniya and Vayasthapan

Besides the books, a large number of DVDs which help the individuals practice yoga at home are available in the market. Undoubtedly, Baba Ramdev has an important role in reviving Yoga and making it famous all over the world and he can be aptly called as the Yoga Guru.