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Thursday, 22-November-2018


Shunning the path of militancy Aslam Parvez’s fragrances are wafting globally

Born in Pali in Patna district, Aslam Parvez is known as ‘Perfume Man of Bihar’. However, Aslam, who has studied only till Matriculation, is not able to believe it to be true. Today he does not need any introduction. It is not just Parvez’s personal success and fame but a whole new world, an entire society, which has achieved a lot, only due to his efforts. Parvez is now an example to be followed....
In the area of Bihar, where Naxalites have a sway, militancy has become a habit through which everyone tries to grab a slice of power and clout. Parvez was no different. He too wanted to join a Naxalite organisation. But fortunately, he did not choose that road. The path of hard work that he adopted, became a unique gift for him, and Aslam Parvez became the sharer, the supporter and example of a new life for thousands of families. Due to his failure to perform well in the matriculation examination, Parvez was dejected and had even thought of taking a life of militancy. But, the desire to bring a positive socio-economic change came to his mind, thanks to Aamir Khan’s film “Qayamat to Qayamat Tak”. Everything changed after that. Born into an ordinary family, Aslam resolved to bring about a transformation in the life of his father, his family, home, and society. The hands that once wanted to pick up arms now began to contribute to the building of a new social picture.   
 It was his maternal grandfather’s diary which inspired in him a desire for a new change, and showed him a way- ‘perfume making’- through which he could arrive at, and attain, many goals. The smell of gunpowder which sent shivers of fear in people was replaced therefore with the fragrance of ‘ittar’ (perfume) which began wafting henceforth in the garden of his life. Parvez learned the process of making perfumes and this changed Parvez’s world forever.
But it was not the end of the goal for him. Parvez wanted to touch the open skies like a falcon. And it was possible only when he could get the help and the support of many more others like him. Parvez began teaching the skills, and transferring the talent that he had learnt to other people. Thousands of hands have joined him today. His father, a small government servant, has met with a successful son.
From just three thousand rupees, Parvez started a small business. When he entered the world of perfume, the entire region became fragrant, many more people became interested. According to the different needs and demands of consumers of different ages and the as per the requirements of the weather, Parvez began making various kinds of perfumes and fragrances. 
The fragrance of his perfumes spread from this area and town to other parts of the state, and the demand for the perfumes began to grow so much so that a large number of people are reaching there to select perfumes of their choice.  
Parvez became a well-known and famous name for his talent at making perfumes. Slowly other people too began to   show a keen interest and expressed their willingness to learn this skill. After some time he decided to spread this skill among more people. He opened a  workshop in a small room in his house.    Neighborhood girls came up with great enthusiasm.. Hundreds of Muslims girls have so far received training from Parvez to create perfumes and their numbers are increasingly growing.
The first woman to help him was  young Razia, with whom Parvez got married in 2002. This partnership continues even today. They have joined hands to achieve newer and bigger goals in life.
But Parvez was not the one to stop at one goal; he wanted to gain even more. He started making other things as well, like the incense sticks, ‘agarbattis’. The business of aroma and fragrance expanded so much that those who joined Parvez also started thinking of taking up this profession. 
By now Parvez had attained a position from which he could think of doing something new. So Parvez began cultivating herbal and Ayurvedic plants and began training people in this direction. In his house he planted these plants upon an open piece of land, making a small garden, and started teaching the values of Ayurvedic cultivation to the learners on this very garden.
 Parvez has worked to change the picture of a society which was earlier not ready to open the door of even a closed courtyard. He is still engaged in the campaign to help women who are prevented from going out of the house. But today Parvez has shown that he has achieved what was so difficult.  Parvez  has not stopped in his mission, he has the determination to walk further. There is no dearth of honors and awards being given to him, but the most important reward for him is to do his best in work. This, he believes, is the greatest honour for him.
In the training camp at TCS (Technical Support Center) in 2006, for the first time he got the opportunity to give proper training in the Small Industries Service Institute. After that, there has been a continuous rise in this kind of work. Beside the Nehru Yuva Kendra, Parvez has joined other organisations to work with others to provide training to people. There is a plan to create a perfume research centre in Bihar. Apart from this, many other training programs for making talcum powder, phenyl, pesticides, candles etc. are being offered to people to generate maximum employment.
Former President APJ Abdul Kalam is his idol as far as hard work is concerned. In matters of idealism, Parvez wants to give a strong message to the society and youth by following the path of Swami Vivekananda.