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Thursday, 13-December-2018

Ileana’s Mission Earth

Actress Ileana D’Cruz will play a key role in the Indian chapter of a UNEP project

“Where there is a will, there is a way,” goes the popular adage. But like most popular adages, it’s easier said than done. When fate hands us a rough deal, very few have the courage and willpower to overcome the challenge and set an example for the less fortunate ones. After performing in Tamil and Telugu films, actress Ileana D’Cruz, who came to work in Bollywood films, has decided to come forward in support of a project related to the world’s development by the name ‘Protect the Planet’.

This is a programme of the United Nations. Ileana is anxious about the issues related to earth, water, environment and planets, and wants them to be protected. If caution is not taken, the world could be seriously threatened. Ileana has made some simple suggestions for creating awareness among the people, which can later be used at various levels.

The first is to stop getting bank statements on paper and to make all payments online or through mobile payments. This will prevent the use of paper which is linked to the problem of deforestation. Secondly, instead of the washing machine dryer, wet clothes should be dried in sunlight. This will save energy and lower the temperature on earth. Thirdly, we should be good neighbours and maintain a feeling of love for one another. This will create a positive environment. Ileana says, “I believe that the future of the Earth is in our hands. We should respect the ecosystems and understand the potential danger to human health. I do not think we are doing enough to protect our planet. If everyone becomes aware and starts thinking about the environment, we will surely be happy. We should be more responsible. Ileana will be seen next in Anis Bazmi’s forthcoming film ‘Mubarakan’.