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Saturday, 16-February-2019


An IPS Officer from Delhi gives half her earnings to a deceased truck driver’s family

Sardaar Maan Singh was a truck driver. On one late, unfortunate night while he was headed home, he took a wrong turn and ended up on an unfamiliar and deserted road. He made the mistake of getting out of his truck in order to ask for directions and was attacked by two robbers. When he refused to give up his hard-earned money to them, the men assaulted him, leaving him there to die. A few hundred kilometers away, his family slept soundly, having no clue that their life was about to change so drastically. His children, Baljeet Kaur, Jasmeet Kaur and Asmit Kaur, their mother Darshan Kaur and grandmother, were all excited to be meeting him after such a long time. A happy little family, they resided in a little hut, just a couple of kilometers away from the Indo-Pak border.
The next day, however, devastation struck when they got a call from Delhi, informing them Maan Singh’s murder. It caused not only a deep emotional trauma for the entire family but also a sense of helplessness. But then they received a phone call from Delhi. 
“We were worried about how we’d continue with studies and manage school fees. Even a square meal seemed unaffordable to us. Then, one day, we got a phone call from Delhi. DCP ma’am spoke to all of us and promised that she would transfer some amount to our account every month. She even told us that she would try to get governmental help for us. It was a very emotional moment for us. We refused to take her help, but she didn’t listen. Our studies and our lives are going on only because of her,” said Baljeet Kaur. Since that day, DCP Aslam Khan has been sending half of her monthly pay to Maan Singh’s family. She also contacts them on a regular basis and keeps herself updated on their lives. She treats them like her own family. To the Singh family, DCP Aslam Khan is their guardian angel.
Baljeet added that she aspires to be an IPS officer and is working hard towards achieving her goals.