sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 14-November-2018


The Sulabh Skill Deveklopment Centre at Ukhral in Jammu is scripting a saga of success by transforming the lives of hundreds of adolescents

Going beyond the realm of comfort zone and creating a landmark in a non-descript region of the landscape requires indomitable courage and missionary zeal. And these are to be found in abundance in the visionary man called Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder of the Sulabh International Social Service Organization. 
It was at his benign initiative, coupled with that of the then Honourable Chief Justice of India TS Thakur, that the Sulabh Skill Development Centre was started way back on 1st August 2014. The noble idea of starting a vocational training centre at an extremely remote village of Ukhral, falling in the district of Ramban in Jammu, must have been prompted by the passionate desire and sagacious vision of honing and transforming skills in different forms of trades into a craft among adolescents, both girls and boys, with the pious purpose of enabling them to eke out a living on their own. And it bore fruition.
 The Sulabh team conducted a Bench Mark survey with the sole objective of assessing and figuring out the most basic needs and requirements of the region as well as the area of interests prevalent among the adolescent youth.
The contents of the each course at the centre contain the basic tenets of skill-honing and processing of untidy attributes. The courses are designed in a manner that they must provide the help needed for the trainees for acquiring skills which would finally lead them to getting the self-employment avenues.
Every activity at the Centre is pre-decided, focused and goal-orientated. The day for the students start with the morning prayer after which all of them disburse; but only to head for and congregate at their class rooms. The Sulabh skill development centre has been weaving the saga of success in transforming the quality of lives of the students undergoing the sustained training session there. So far around 175 students have been skilled in the fine art of cutting & tailoring; and in computer application. At least 50 girls are earning Rs. 200 to 400 every day as self-employed tailor. 
The then Chief Justice of India, Honourable Tirath Singh Thakur, visited Sulabh Skill Development Centre on 9th October 2016 along with his team. Mrs. Jyoti Chopra, the controller of Sulabh Skill Development Centre, introduced him to students and elaborated the activities of the centre. Honourable chief Justice talked with students and praised the activities of the centre and said “Continue your Good work I am very happy”. The students were abuzz with excitement as they learned a lot about how to make handicraft products and formulate marketing strategy.