sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 21-June-2018


He used to think that his own problems were the worst, but seeing the street vendors conditions, he started helping them

The life of a street vendor who tries to fulfil his requirements by selling things at the traffic signal is not easy. He earns a very small amount in winter, summer and rainy season without eating or drinking  water throughout the day. Sometimes there is no income after working hard all day. Often, there are people who are helpful toward the hungry and the poor but at the traffic signal there are hardly any people who have time for them. But there is a person in Delhi who is making an effort to find a remedy for the hungry and the destitute. The name of this protector of humanity is Omkarnath Katharia. It is not as if he is a business tycoon or a rich man but he is emotionally rich. Omkarnath is an autorickshaw driver by profession. He helps the needy people standing at traffic signals from the meagre income he earns every day

Omkarnath keep snacks, chips, biscuits and water bottles with him in the autorickshaw. From morning to evening whenever he crosses a traffic signal he stops to offer food items to the needy people at the traffic signal. This has become his daily routine now for several years.

Inspiration from own problem

The inspiration behind Omkarnath’s concern for street vendors is quite unique. Generally, people are inspired by other people but Omkarnath has been motivated to help street vendor due to his own difficulties and problems. Actually, Omkarnath often felt guilty that he did not have enough time with his family. Driving the auto throughout the day he felt that his problem was the most serious. But one day when he noticed the street vendors closely, a change came in his attitude. Once in 2012 he saw a street vendor trying to sell his wares in the sweltering heat without bothering about the hot sun. At that time

 Omkarnath realised that the condition of street vendors was much worse than his own. He decided that as far as it is possible he will try to help such people. From that day till today Omkarnath offers vendors with something to eat and drink.

Free services to needy patients

In addition to providing food and drink to street vendors he also gives free rides to the people coming and going to the hospitals. Omkarnath offers free lifts to patients who do not have money for transport. Without taking any fare what so ever he also takes them home from the hospital. By providing services to the society despite his low income Omkarnath is giving a good message to society.