sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 13-December-2018


The theme rally was environment awareness on water conservation, air and water pollution, and recycling

Spreading the word of saving environment, around 5,000 school students took part in an environment awareness rally on Rajpath. The rally was held under the Swachh Paryavaran Campaign initiated by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was attended by Union Minister of Environment, Forest, Climate Control Anil Madhav Dave and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Vijay Goel, according to a release.

The theme of the rally was environment awareness with the underlying sub-themes of water conservation, prevention of air and water pollution, encouragement of afforestation and recycling.

Another significant issue that was highlighted in the drive was the need for protecting endangered animal species due to environment degradation, depleting forests and water sources. Colourful tableaux (jhaankis) with students dressed in traditional costumes, along with dancers, and informative displays were showcased at the rally, the release said.

“The students marched holding placards, banners. Some of them also had their face painted on environmental themes to convey the message of protecting the environment and responsible use of our precious natural resources. Cyclists, school bands and choir teams also added to the gaiety and carnival-like atmosphere,” it said.

Fortis Healthcare Ltd. also participated in the campaign by providing medical support with two ambulances and doctors for the duration of the rally.