sulabh swatchh bharat

Sunday, 16-December-2018


Tejaswani Gautam, IPS officer posted in Rajasthan cadre, in an interview with Rajasthan Patrika TV, Jaipur replied to some questions that trouble many aspiring and ambitious students aiming for the civil services. An excerpt from the interview:

From where did the inspiration come for her decision to join the civil service?   
The inspiration to join the civil services came from my father who encouraged me to achieve my ambition. I owe my success in life and career to the support that he gave me as a student and as a daughter. The Indian Police Service is a profession which is not one that exists in isolation from real life. It is  a profession that is greatly related to the common public and every day matters that govern it. It therefore involves much public dealing and working at a very basic level, a great deal of field work and much understanding of grassroots issues.  

When did a love for street plays come into her life?
Theatre has been my first love. For the past 14 years of my life I have been involved in acting and participating in street plays. During my school and college days as a student, I was very much involved in theatre activities. Street theatre is a very powerful and an extremely potent medium to preach an understanding of important matters in society. This is a medium and an interaction forum in which there is no formal stage, curtains or screen in street theatre. It marks a direct relationship with the audience and a direct connect with the subject in question. In this sense it is an unmatched medium to establish a connection with the general public. It is an entertaining presentation of some very serious social issues.

In street plays there is no ‘re-take’. In police too there is no second chance, right?
In street plays and in police service this is a very significant similarity. There is no time and opportunity for a second take in either. The response time in a street play without any curtains or props, and in police service, in which each minute is important, are crucial. Every second, every move and each decision can make a very significant difference to the work at hand. There is no time for revision or reconsideration in both fields. A single mistake can undo the impact of street performance, similarly even a brief delay in police activity can be devastating in more ways than one.

How does preparation matter for students? How did Tejaswani prepare for her exams from senior secondary to IPS level?
I have studied different subjects in my student life. It is not the stream or the subject but my dedication to whatever I took up at a time that has made all the difference. I did my senior secondary in humanities from DPS, New Delhi. I had subjects like English, Geography, Psychology and Math in school. Then I studied in LSR college before taking up law at a later stage. All thses subjects have helped me to gain a comprehensive perspective on life and a theoritical understanding of basic issues.

How many hours should be dedicated for studies?
Concentration is more important than duration of time. It is scientifically proven that complete concentration is possible only for 40 minutes. This is why one finds that at school and university levels the prescribed duration of periods in classrooms generally does not exceed this limit. It is not humanly possible to focus on studies for hours at a stretch. But the condition is that there should be no lapse in the absolute commitment towards the works and studies at hand and the consistency of purpose too is important. There should not be gaps during preparation, no days should go by without some work.

Is it possible for financially weak students to try for IPS?
Financial position should not be a matter of concern in the present times. Money or lack of financial position should not come in the way of a person’s career in the civil services. Students can study and prepare for the same on their own without much expensive assistance from coaching institutions and so on. There have been several instances of students who have cleared the civil services exams without coaching. These days most material is available on the internet and can be accessed by any one. Therefore financially weak students should not be discouraged or deterred by the fear of financial burden in preparing for the police services.

What advice would you give to students and the young people.
The young generation should first decide on the dream they wish to achieve. Then they should put in all efforts to achieve this dream. The enrichment of one’s dreams and career depends upon one’s efforts. Hard work, commitment. dedication and some support from the family - these are the four factors which can lead to success and the fulfilling of ambition and dreams.