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Thursday, 13-December-2018

Honoholi K Chishi-Zhimomi - The Churchmaker

She started the church 13 years ago and it is now being completed with the help from 2,000 workers

Standing tall and majestic, on the hilltop over Zunheboto town in Nagaland, the Sumi Baptist Church has created history by becoming Asia’s largest church.
Architect Honoholi K Chishi-Zhimomi, of the firm Akitektura and a mother of three, has inspired many with her creation, which is not just about her vision but her sheer grit..
Aftare having studied architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi and acquiring a Master’s degree from the University of Adelaide in Australia, Zhimomi specialised on monumental buildings, which she designs in both contemporary and Gothic designs.
Born and brought up in Nagaland, 38-year-old Zhimomi designed the Sumi Baptist Church at a cost of Rs. 36 crore with the help of about 2,000 workers. “This Zunheboto Church was designed 13 years ago and construction has been going on for 10 to 11 years. So it has been a very long project but a good one. Now, when I look back especially the design and how everyone is very happy, it makes me very happy to hear all the good inputs and feedbacks. It is truly an inspiration from God. It is His house and I am very privileged to have had the opportunity to design such a wonderful building for God, and I must say that the inspiration truly comes from God,” Honoholi K Chishi-Zhimomi said. The egg shaped church has a sitting capacity of 8,500 with 27 rooms. The blue dome and white turrets of the Sumi Baptist Church can be seen by around 20 villages in Zunheboto district alone. “I am happy for her way of life as an architect and as a good wife of my son and as a good daughter-in-law. I am very happy for my children and she is very happy with my children, with my wife and myself and everyone in the family. She does not only know the art of architecture, also knows the art of family, friends, and relatives. I am very happy to have a daughter like her,” father-in-law ThehezheZhimoni said.Christianity is the predominant religion of Nagaland. The state’s population is 1.988 million, out of which 90.02% are Christians. The 2001 census recorded the state’s Christian population at 1,790,350, making it one of the three Christian-majority states in India and the only state where Christians form 90 per cent of the population.