sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 21-June-2018


While failure is a lesson in life for oneself, success also gives a learning but to others. Successful entrepreneurs at the E-Summit doled out many pearls of wisdom

Every successful person has a story to tell. In the field of business, such success stories emerge to help others forge their own path. The two-day E-Summit program at JSS College, Noida, was an illustration of the same. The speakers encouraged the youth in the audience to carve out their own careers.

The Inaugural program on the first day began with the lighting of the lamps by the guests. The students presented a welcome show. The Chief Advisor of JSS, BK Gupta threw light on the subject of entrepreneurship. Taking it up in the context of the Bhagvat Geeta, he spoke about Karma and Action, and said that entrepreneurship implies action. He defined entrepreneurship as a work of deep responsibilities which leads to various benefits through creative ideas. He emphasized upon the fact that we should try to improve every day and raise one’s value as entrepreneurs. He prayed for the brilliant future of the young. Dr. Vandana, the guest of honour of the program, is a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship who has attended national and international conferences on the subject. Dr. Vandana termed entrepreneurship as the need of the hour but also said that it is something that cannot be taught only in classrooms. Classroom teaching can make it simpler but it is not possible to learn i absolutely in a class. She said that leadership qualities are characteristics that have to be developed in one’s own self and this cannot be learned in any school.

After this the invited entrepreneurs were asked to speak. In about 20 minutes speech, each speaker presented views and imparted guidance for the young people. Almost all the speakers seemed to agree upon the fact that success is not taught but can be achieved through practical experience.  Himanshu Goel of IBM expressed happiness that today’s youth are fortunate as they have several options.  Abhay Ruthi from IXIEO said that you cannot become an entrepreneur simply because you want it; just a dream is not enough, the desire to work hard and self-confidence too is necessary. The regret is poisonous for an entrepreneur; and the cure for this is patience and trust in oneself. If people ridicule us, we feel more defeated in our failures. It is better to perceive failure as a lesson to work even harder. Harmeet Chawla, Managing Director, HCOAP said that success is success whenever it comes. He said an idea alone has no value, what makes it valuable is to give it shape. One has to climb the stairs to success one self, nobody can take us there.

Other entrepreneur too spoke to encourage and guide the youth of today. Many companies had put up their stalls showcasing their company profiles. Speakers’ suggestions would go a long way to offer new paths to the young hopefuls.

It is seen that the youth of today are passing through the phase when it is becoming common to be contented with a good job. The goal is simply to earn money whether the work is interesting or not. Working day and night, the young  become  busyin  preparing for government jobs.

The satisfaction of doing a particular job too is an important aspect. The time has come to do our work in our own way. A new India is being developed through creative ideas and a new blue print. The e-summit will go a long way in fulfilling this mission.

The Speaker on the second day of the Summit indicatated that the amazing power and energy of successful entrepreneurs, imaginative and young, is at times infectious. The audience listened in rapt attention as the invited speakers unfolded the magic of their achievements coupled with oratory.

Deep Bajaj (Founder, Pee-Buddy- Sirona), the first speaker at the JSS Academy, Noida on the second day of the Entrepreneurship Summit event, shared with the audience her strong desire to work at something that would make a difference in society and create a change for people in the country.

The other speakers invited to talk about their experiences in the individual fields of professional interests included Dr. Prerna Taneja(Co-founder, Global Womem Network), Garv Malik (Digital Marketing, Shuttl), Manik Mehta (Co-Founder, Leaf Wearables), Rahul Tyagi (Vice-President, Lucideus), Arush Kakkar (Founder, Corseco) and Amanjot Malhotra (Founder, Partiko).

Deep Bajaj discussed the different factors related to entrepreneurship for an upstart group working in the area of sanitation, toilets in particular. Public toilets are usually in sufficient as per public requirement and are also quite unhygienic to use, leading to the danger of a number of infections. Working women are particularly affected by the lack of hygienic toilet facilities. Deep Bajaj pointed out to the efforts of her organization Pee-Buddy to address this need in working places.

The other speakers also expressed their opinion on the subject, viewing it as a common problem. Research in this area took a significant stride after the introduction of the plastic toilet device in Europe. The working of such a project keeping in mind subsidised prices too was a factor that needed attention. In the area of sanitation work and public toilet facilities, a close research of data and cost was  therefore of much significance. The speakers - Deep Bajaj, Dr. Taneja, Malik and Mehta talked about their take on entrepreneurship in their individual fields. There are periods when a new entrant can feel at an utter loss as to what to do next. But what drives a successful entrepreneur are a few considerations like  the ‘Why’ of the project-which is crucial for an upstart; the matter of ‘Attitude’ in seeking help, expression of gratitude, and even the thought of ‘ Karma’!

Women entrepreneurs, the speakers insisted were a determined group. The new women heading organizations know that they deserve to be in the competitive corporate world and they must grow and chart their path to success. Finally it is not about the plan but how it is done that counts.

Rahul Tyagi stated that as an entrepreneur, he was a man of demonstration, not frustrations. His group had to stuggle a lot, faced difficult conditions financially,  the Lucideus team passed many sleepless nights to locate funds for the projects. But the group now boasts of more than a hundred clients, a success achieved without any assistance from the government.

Manik Mehta (Leaf Wearables) related his experience of starting in life as an ‘army brat’ who changed nine schools before arriving at DCE, New Delhi. Mehta discussed the recurring fear of failure and of the tendency to become lazy about goals. He said that simply.Arush Kakkar(Founder, Corseco) declared that there is no time to waste on thoughts of possible failure and little time to pause between the production, especially of food items, and its delivery. Therefore, a startup should prepare himself for quality work as well as the deadline.

In the post-lunch session, the entrepreneurs invited to speak included Amit Mishra (Founder, ID8 Ventures), Dhianu Das (Luxury Ride. In), Akshay Saxena(Avanti Learning Centres) Sahiba Sethi (Hello Meets)and Aashish Beergi (Mash Projects).  Sameer Garg (Founder, Billion Ables) spoke about the pressing need to involve more and more people who are differently- abled.

In the world inhabited by billions of people, he said, disability is perhaps the largest minority group. He asked the audience to imagine themselves being confined to a wheelchair for life. It will make one realize how simple dreams can become a difficult goal in such a condition. If, like the mission of ‘Billion Ables’, an entrepreneurship project can make a difference in the lives of the differently-abled, it will not only help that individual but the entire society in development.

Pankaj Jain, in his speech, accepted the fact that entrepreneurship was not an easy choice. It involves much patience, risks and competition. He asked the audience how many of them would take it up as a full-time work. Still, there are rewards and successes for those who pursue and are not afraid of failures. If they do, the result would certainly be sheer joy.