sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 21-June-2018


At six, atexia hit and disabled her, and yet, she topped her school and passed the tough bank PO’s examination

There are people who try harder all the time, and do not give up. Pooja from Haryana is such a lady. Divyang Pooja got her first bank job in her early youth and now the Ability Award has been given to her in 2017 by the Ability Foundation of Chennai. As a reward, she was given a trophy, certificate and Rs one lakh. Pooja was the only Divyang in Haryana who got this honour. She lives in Rewari. She did not allow her disability to become a weakness, and she was able to fight against that challenge. Pooja got the bank job due to her willpower. She was normal and healthy at the time of birth, but after six months she started having a strange disease. The sensation in her hands and feet became poor, and soon they stopped. Upon meeting with the doctor, it was found that she had a disease called Atexia. Despite all this, the family members of Pooja helped her in every possible way and prayed for her wellbeing. Slowly, Pooja grew up but she did not give up her struggle. Having attained a postgraduate degree in Commerce, Pooja, who has been a topper in her studies since childhood, became a bank officer in 2014 after passing the tough Probationary Officers entrance examination. She is doing her job with dedication and, like the other employees, deals with all the work in the bank. She holds the pen between the fingers and uses the laptop and mobile with the help of her elbows and fingers. It is her dream to become an IAS officer and she is trying it through hard work.