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Sunday, 19-August-2018


Prominent members of the Indian american community will join hands in assisting socio economic development in rural india

A futuristic vision for socio-economic development has been adopted by a group of Indian Americans wherein they have planned to adopt 500 villages across India. A public announcement for the same will be made at the Big Ideas for Better India Conference in Silicon Valley on July 1st.

The Overseas Volunteer for Better India is leading the conference as an organizer as well. The keynote speech at the conference will be delivered by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a prominent Indian spiritual leader. The conference will be attended by over 1000 prominent members of the Indian American community in the United States. Some of the challenging problems that will be the center-point of the conference will be human trafficking, inadequate governance, and environmental disorders that encumber India’s growth. 

The 500 villages to be adopted in India have been selected based on a set of parameters. The selection was a major challenge. Farmer suicide rates, unemployment rates, lack of civic facilities, and lack of basic infrastructure, etc. were the parameters taken into consideration for fair selection, according to Satej Chaudhary, the President of the Overseas Volunteer for Better India. According to Satej Chaudhary, the President of the Overseas Volunteer for Better India, parameters like farmer suicide rates, unemployment rates, lack of civic facilities, and lack of infrastructure made the basis of the selection criteria for the 500 villages that were shortlisted.

The shortlisted villages would be visited by the best panel of geoscientists and agricultural experts who would help identify areas for development. In addition, some Indian American entrepreneurs will inspect economic aspects of the villages to help farmers double the annual income by 2022. The Indian Americans who stepped forward to adopt 500 villages aiming to strengthen the rural economy of India are not willing to make their names public until the things fall into place.

The “Janbhoomi” project is being executed by members of the Telegu Diaspora in the United States for the development of rural backwaters of Andhra Pradesh. The “Janbhoomi” project includes a noble plan to digitalize 5000 government schools across the state. Two computers, two inverters, one projector and some other gadgets will be provided to each school for a budget of INR 150,000, which will be divided between Telugu Indian Americans and the Andhra Pradesh government in a 70:30 equation.

Schools digitized under the “Janbhoomi” project will be teaching a bilingual curriculum as digital content. . The project also includes an online portal for the Telugu Diaspora to connect with the things related to the state of Andhra Pradesh. California-based Jayara Komati, a special representative of the Telugu Indian community in North America, is one of the driving forces behind the project “Janmbhoomi” for the welfare of villagers in Andhra Pradesh.