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Wednesday, 14-November-2018

2 Sisters rescue 30 in flood in Assam

After being hit by a massive flood, 2 girls from Lakhimpur set out in their hand-made bamboo raft to rescue villagers

Two young friends courageously took action when a sudden surge of water released from a local dam triggered a major flood in a small village in Assam. Their actions saved the lives of 30 villagers. After the flood hit, using their rafting skills, Pinki Gogoi and Puja Gogoi set out on their handmade bamboo raft to rescue stranded villagers.
Many people were caught off guard by the early morning flood that happened in Hatilung village in Upper Assam’s Lakhimpur district. The waters had covered the village trees by 3 feet, and many backyards had been submerged. With minutes to spare, the locals only had time to gather essentials with bags on their heads whilst wading through the waters in search of safe grounds. Pinki’s family had already begun to set up tents in safe evacuation zones nearby.
 “Four to five people can get onto a plantain raft. I saw Mridu aunty and Sarumai aunty dangerously wading and so I asked them to get on our raft. It is always safe to sit on the raft as it helps to maintain balance in the current,” Pinki told SSB. The Lakhimpur district is highly susceptible to flooding, and the village in which the two girls live has seen the devastation left behind by floods in the past., “Although we don’t have floods every year, she (Pinki) was witness to the severe floods in 2008 and the people’s sufferings. This probably encouraged her to help others this time,” Pinki’s father continued.
The girls’ quick-thinking and courage has many already calling on the local government to honour them with bravery awards. “Both deserve awards for the courage and bravery they showed during an emergency and for saving lives. We plan to felicitate them and will write to Chief Minister, Sarbananda Sonowal, and Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, to confer bravery awards on them,” Freedom Fighter Phaniram Das Foundation founder, Bikash Kumar Das, reported.