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Wednesday, 14-November-2018


An ambitious project of a 100-storied city – with all amenities ­- is on its way to be constructed by NBCC in East Delhi’s Karkardooma

It is a little amazing to hear about a one hundred storied city in the nation’s capital   a city that is green, a smart city and a residential place without any hindrances or obstacles in life. 
The city, spread over 75 acres will be fully earthquake resistant. 
The plan is that the occupants here should not be at too much of a distance from the basics amenities of life. 
Safety provisions and facilities ranging from hospitals, sports grounds for school children, parks for the elderly, walking paths for ladies, shopping malls, community building, hotel, restaurant, art gallery for creative shows, and cycling and jogging tracks will all be available at a comfortable distance. 
It will also have arrangements for transport facilities. The most important feature in this tower will be a rotating restaurant on the top floor, a cafe, disco, and a helipad. It will be used for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Smart Business
After construction, this smart city will be put up for sale. The price has not been decided yet. After calculating the cost of construction, the profit money will be handed over to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). The DDA has signed an agreement (MoU) for this project with **** .
 The challenge of building this ambitious city has been taken up by National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC). In this project, information technology will be the key premise, which means that work will speed up and people’s needs will be easily met within this city. NBCC claims that the supply and demand in the Smart City will be based solely on market demand. This will benefit the public, the business area and the government.
The plan to build this city was made during the economic slowdown. 

Idea Source
In 2008, IBM started working on the smart cities concept. Many countries had adopted this concept in 2009. South Korea, UAE and China started work on this and spent a lot of money on research. Currently, Songdo near Seoul, Vienna, Amsterdam and Leoveron are developed on the same pattern. 
Observing the examples of these cities, the Central Government entrusted the construction of the largest Green City of Delhi to the NBCC. It was decided to build the country’s first 100-storeyed city in Karkardooma in East Delhi. 
To design it, a Spanish manufacturing company has been associated to work in collaboration with the Indian company. NBCC Chairman and Managing Director Dr Arup Kumar Mital said that DDA and NBCC are excited about this project. The initial estimated cost for the construction of this smart city named ‘East Delhi Hub’ is around Rs 6,000 crore. It is estimated to be ready in five years. 
On the question as to why NBCC was given the contract, Mital says that their credibility in such construction projects has already been tested. “In New Delhi, we have retained our reliability by redeveloping a similar smart city in New Moti Bagh.”
This model is known as Project Green Home Complex. The area of Moti Bagh, which was built for officials working in the Government of India, was also spread over 100 acres. Here, five hundred large-sized apartments (3-4 BHK) were constructed in addition to small and medium sized apartments. 
A separate sewer treatment plant has been built within this area which is planted with lots of trees so that the residents do not face drainage problem. “We have been entrusted with similar projects to renovate Kidwai Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Netaji Nagar and Nauroji Nagar. In some places the construction has been completed, in other places, the process of construction is going on speedily. Another model is located in East Delhi, near Sanjay Lake. The Kidwai Nagar Green City, presently under construction in front of AIIMS, is spread over 86 acres, and around 5,000 flats will be built here.”
 East Delhi Hub of Karkardooma will be completely free of garbage. Sewer and waste will be transformed into drinking water in this place. As 
per the demand, a strong power backup system will be built. This 75-acre area will be known for the hundred floors of the building, and also for the amenities which will be provided here. 
Apart from the hundred- floor level, there will be some flats of lower height. The NBCC is taking the construction of this pilot project, built with state-of-the-art technology, as a challenge. Being the first smart city in Delhi, formalities have been initiated for connectivity with all the other agencies to provide the required support systems. 

Selling Idea
There is a plan to provide state-of-the-art technology to young professionals. Special attention has been paid so that people with varying purchasing capacities can buy flats here. Efforts have been made to provide pick- and- drop services for NMT agencies and all public transports. 
Attention will be paid to transportation and other facilities of people commuting to and from this place. There will be separate arrangements for pedestrians. 
Open space will be provided in buildings where laser shows can be arranged. All green areas and parks will be linked with biogas plants and items obtained from organic means. Five hundred well-lit apartments with all the facilities will be built for the elderly.