sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 15-August-2018


Poverty no barrier for ‘swachhata’

25 weeks ago
If the will is strong, then no task is too big to handle. Amina Khatoon, an elderly resident of Pathra Uttar village under Pipra block of Supaul district in the flood-prone Koshi region of Bihar, has proved it by contributing to the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM). Setting a rare example of ‘swachhata’, this poverty-stricken woman collected money through begging in neighbourhood for constructing a toilet at her house. Amina is a widow in her late 40s and mother of a minor boy. Her husband died years ago. She works as a labourer to earn her livelihood. Considering her poverty-stricken condition, the villagers allotted Amina a small piece of land by roadside where she made...


26 weeks ago
Sikanto Mandal was a mere 15-year-old when he first came up with the idea of creating a manual waste lifting and dumping device as an innovative alternative to picking waste with bare hands. Sikanto is a student of Jai Gurudev Sanstha School, Mathura, which provides free education to underprivileged children. Here at school, one of their early morning duties is to pick up and dump waste. During this only Sikanto observed his batchmates struggled with the unenthusiastic task. Thus he decided to help his friends clean up the school premises better. Spending over a month and a half, Sikanto built his first model out of wood....


27 weeks ago
Lakshmi Narayan, a resident of Mylapore, whilst discussing a newspaper article on a cleanliness initiative in a village, was struck by an idea. Lakshmi Narayn, took up cleanliness activities because he was drawn to the cause of social work. He would bury corpses of street animals and birds when he was a teenager. An innate altruist, Narayan helps local traffic police in congested areas of Chennai like Mambalam and Koyembedu. He volunteers and manages the ongoing traffic. He has been doing this for the past 15 years. “I was quite content with the little difference that I was making without any publicity. But the issu...

Professor Zarana Maheshwary - Impairment no barrier

28 weeks ago
She was diagnosed with a genetic disorder of eyes at the age of two. The condition deteriorated when she was in grade 5. And subsequently, the partial impairment turned into complete blindness. But that did not stop Zarana Maheshwary from receiving her PhD in English Literature. Instead, she shone as the only second visually impaired woman in Gujarat to be awarded the degree. Zarana was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). She struggled with schoolwork – what other children could do in 2-3 hours, took her 7-8 hours – but she persisted and finally secured 85 per cent in her grade 12 boards. She was ranked ...


29 weeks ago
“I will continue the ‘langar’ (community kitchen) till my last breath. This is something that gives me ‘sakoon’ (satisfaction and contentment). Doing this is god’s command to me and I will continue this,” says Jagdish Lal Ahuja, who is a frequent sight in Chandigarh outside Gate No. 2 of the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (PGIMER), a premier referral hospital. He is 83 years old and has been serving free food to the poor and needy for over three-and-a-half decades. He is fighting cancer and has sold off assets to keep his community service going. And, des...


30 weeks ago
His days in the Indian Army presented him with the right platform to showcase his innate talent as a swimmer. After years of dedicated hard-work, it was the year 1956 when Mehboob Shamsher Khan rose as a national hero for finishing up 5th in the Melbourne Summer Olympics. Shamsher Khan – the first Indian Olympian swimmer – was just 16-years-old when he was recruited into the Indian Army in 1946. Inducted into Bangalore’s Madras Engineer Group, he would go on to serve in two crucial battles, against China in 1962 and Pakistan in 1973. In 1954, Khan had set the national record for the 200-metre butt...

Bhai Boolchand - The Man Behind Indo-Ghana Trade

31 weeks ago
Not much is known about him, but it has now emerged that trade relations between Ghana and India were started by Bhai Boolchand, the first Indian to arrive in the Gold Coast -- Ghana’s colonial name -- in 1890. That’s some 67 years before the British colonial government granted the country independence, research by the Indian Association of Ghana has found. “As far as our records show, Bhai Boolchand (of the Bhaiband Sindhworki trading community), landed on the shores of the Gold Coast in western Africa in 1890. Nearly twenty years later, in 1919, the first Sindhi company was established by two brothers – Tarachand Jasoomal Da...


33 weeks ago
Selfless in service, fearless in action, extraordinary in contribution, yet seemingly ordinary and unsung in society! We all know of and pass on the popular tales of the brave and the fearless but there is a section that works quietly – away from all the glare and glitz of fame and fortune. Their stories are inspirational and teach one how to beat the odds by harnessing and channelising their inner resources. Here’s to the best of visions, wills, commitments and energies of 2017 of people who have redefined heroism that anyone can create ripples of change in the society – because, to quote American novelist Berna...


34 weeks ago
Serving and helping others can be learned very well from Sapna Upadhyaya living in the Eastern Colony Sector-H of Lucknow. Sapna is helping the children of poor families suffering from cancer from 16 years. Every month she sets a blood donation camp, so that family does not have to wander around for the blood during the treatment. To make women self-reliant of poor families she helps them in the cottage industry and also bares the expenses of education of 160 children who have won the battle of cancer. The NGO of Sapna is currently helping 120 people in KGMU and the treatment of 30 cancer-infested children in Lohia Institute. Th...


35 weeks ago
Hailing from Kanaheda village in the Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh, Samir Singh started running at the age of 35. A decade later, without organisational backing, trainers or physiotherapists, he is planning to take part in a 15,000 km run, to raise money for the families of martyrs of the Central Armed Police Forces. Invited to run under the Government of India’s “Bharat Ke Veer”, a website which allows people to donate directly to an individual braveheart’s account, Samir hopes to generate funds for the families through online donations. Samir has won notable Ultra races in Ind...


36 weeks ago
THE Kamrup district of Assam, Dadara Pacharia is now a very special place for conservationists. The sound of flutterings of more than 600 Greater Adjutant Storks or ‘hargilla’ is an amazing moment for them.  Scavenger bird - Greater Adjutant Stork is listed in the red list of endangered species. Scavenger storks feed on carcasses, the prime reason why villagers consider them dirty and cut the trees where these birds nest. This change came only by the untiring efforts of a young woman biologist, Purnima Devi Barman. Purnima is a very strong woman who is breaking many a stereotype in rural Assam. She...


37 weeks ago
Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Sandeep Sharma Himachal Pradesh High Court has recently held that right to sanitation has been now virtually accepted as constitutional right as fundamental rights like the right to water, health, healthy environment, education, and right to dignity are directly related to right of sanitation.  A Division Bench of Justices Sanjay Karol and Sandeep Sharma held that in view of ever-expanding definition of right to life, citizen of the country are certainly entitled to civic amenities and medical ...