sulabh swatchh bharat

Friday, 20-October-2017



25 weeks ago
They say that giving back to the society is something every man must do. Following that adage, Parimal Dhar, a resident of Vidyasagar Colony in Jadavpur on the southern fringe of Calcutta has made his contribution to Mother Nature. How? He has cleaned up the pond near his locality all by himself! Jadavpur is originally a refugee settlement colony that got populated after the 1947 exodus of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh. There are several colonies, or neighbourhoods, which have been reclaimed after filling up ponds, which are found in plenty all over the ...


26 weeks ago
The life of a street vendor who tries to fulfil his requirements by selling things at the traffic signal is not easy. He earns a very small amount in winter, summer and rainy season without eating or drinking  water throughout the day. Sometimes there is no income after working hard all day. Often, there are people who are helpful toward the hungry and the poor but at the traffic signal there are hardly any people who have time for them. But there is a person in Delhi who is making an effort to find a remedy for the hungry and the destitute. The name of this protector of humanity is Omkarnath Katharia. It is not as if he is...


27 weeks ago
Neingupe Marhu, a constable in Nagaland police, has improvised his van into a carrier to take care of the increasing garbage and overflowing dumps at a time when the city’s municipal set up collapsed. He travels around the city in his van before and after his working hours to mop the city’s garbage and take it away to the landfills. Neingupe Marhu, 28, is a happily married man with a three-and-a-half year old kid. He lives with his little family in a beautiful village. However, the beauty of the village was getting spoiled when the municipalit...


28 weeks ago
If you have the zeal and will power to achieve your goal, problems and difficulties can never block your path. Divyang Mukunda is a big example of this. With aims to make India clean and hygienic by the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Prime Minister launched a nationwide cleanliness campaign on 2nd October 2014, named Swachh Bharat Mission. This mission has now turned into a movement throughout the nation. From metropolises to villages or small townships, we are coming across examples where people have shown interest and determination to st...


29 weeks ago
While a majority of the people toil hard throughout their lives trying to fulfil their own needs, a young man in Hyderabad has left his regular and cushy job in order to take care of the homeless and hungry people around him. Formerly a corporate employee, Gautam now feeds the hungry and homeless in the city. Gautam and his team hits the streets at midnight, strolling around the city for parties and functions. When they find one, the team convinces the organisers to let them take the leftover food and directly take the food to the homeless peoples....


31 weeks ago
Surya Sen Singh struggled through poverty and lack of infrastructure to get education. He is now an engineer in a corporate company located in Mumbai. But the 31-year-old engineer didn’t forget his formative values. Those values were formed when he was struggling against poverty, and he is firm that he will personally do whatever he can for children from his kind of background. He works hard to ensure children in rural UP get the education they deserve. Doing corporate job, he also funds a school in Ghazipur district, a remote area of Uttar Pradesh that teaches poor kids, especially girls for a mragre fee ...


32 weeks ago
TV Anupama, who bagged the fourth spot in Civil Services Examination  (CSE) in 2010, has put a check on food adulteration business in Kerala ever since she took office as Food Safety Commissioner in Thiruvananthpuram. Anupama has conducted numerous raids around the state and has almost put an end to adulteration in Kerala. Ever since her childhood, it was Anupama’s dream to become an IAS. After graduating from BITS, Pilani, one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the country, she decided to crack the CSE. She worked hard for it, but didn’t expect to land such a high rank. Currently w...

Ayyappa Masagi - Doctor Water

33 weeks ago
Ayyappa Masagi is the name people recall when they need water. Yes, the man is a mine of ideas on water conservation with literally a water reservoir of his own. Mulling over the water scarcity in India, Ayyappa calculated that just 30 per cent of the annual rainfall in India can solve the country’s water scarcity problems for the next three years. To prove his point, he bought 84 acres of barren land near Chilamathur, Andhra Pradesh, in 2014 and turned it into a water reservoir within a year. The barren land is now a network of 25,000 sand-filled pits and four lakes that capture and store every single drop of rainwater around here. The stored water keeps the land saddened...

BASANT SAHU - handicap? not his!

34 weeks ago
Basant Sahu is the name of a sensitive and creative artist, who works generally on Chhattisgarh’s culture and life and in spiritual arts. At the age of 21 years, he started doing a job of motor winding in a small shop. Two years after starting the job he was travelling to a nearby village when he suffered a tragic accident. Not finding any movement in his body, the doctors gave him up for dead. But after two hours, he showed a little movement in his body. Meanwhile in his stupor, he travelled through a deep ocean of infinite spirituality. The accident leaves him 90 per cent disabled. He can’t make any movement...

Vijaylaxmi Sharma - Saving the girl child

36 weeks ago
Rajasthan’s child sex ratio stands at abysmally low at 888 girls per 1000 boys, sixth lowest among all states and UTs. Child marriage is the raison d’être for this numbing statistic. In the hinterlands of the desert state, notorious for its medieval attitude towards women, Vijaylaxmi Sharma, a 24 years old girl, is fighting the depraved custom of child marriage, single handedly. Sharma is from Jhorinda Bhojpura village of Phagi district, Rajasthan. “Here the marriage of girl child is decided even before she is born. It’s wrong to snatch away the childhood of girls in the name of tradition,&rdq...


37 weeks ago
  An incident in his childhood moved him so much that he took up solace in the Gandhian philosophy. A young engineering and IAS aspirant returned  to his home in Lucknow from his village in Hardoi. Tired after travel, he asked his mother to prepare tea for him and his friend, a dalit. The moment his mother learnt that the second cup of tea was for a dalit, she served tea to him in a different cup that had been kept for lower castes. This made the young man so furious that he left his home in protest against the subjugation, anti-low caste mindset and ill-treatment of his friend. ...


38 weeks ago
It took our nation to implement Right to Information Act 55 years after it became a republic. RTI was not a panacea for all the ills plaguing our nation, but it was a significant effort to provide the common man a tool to expose corruption in public dealings. Most of the people pooh-poohed it as ‘just another Act’. But a few people saw its potential and took it onto themselves to use the law effectively. Subhash Chandra Agrawal is one such crusader. Incidentally, Agrawal was born the same year that we adopted our Constitution. He completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineer...