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Monday, 11-December-2017


No Toilet, No Govt Scheme

15 weeks ago
Itanagar: The District Administration has taken some strict measures to achieve the target. As per the direction of the Deputy Commissioner, any village or Gram Panchayat, which does not construct toilets as per the beneficiary list by September 22, will not be eligible for any government schemes or funds, the DC’s office said. Further, those individual household beneficiaries, who fail to construct toilet(s) by September 22, will not be eligible for any government schemes or subsidy. Moreover, their names will be removed from the ben...

6-Lane Guwahati Bypass

15 weeks ago
GUWAHATI: The 18-km bypass is a four lane highway now. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is preparing the detailed project report for the six-lane project, which will be the first six lane road in Assam. An NHAI official said widening of the bypass will considerably ease the traffic congestion in the city. It is not possible to widen the roads inside the city. There are over 7 lakh vehicles on roads in the city. What we have to do is try and divert the traffic to the bypass, so that the congestion decreases within the city,” the offic...

Knee Implant Prices Draws Flak From Health

15 weeks ago
New Delhi: While the government's intent is to cap prices in patient's interest and make healthcare affordable for all, this pricing has the potential to block innovations and limit access to world class medical care and options to patients," said Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) in a statement. According to it, the move for a price ceiling on knee implants would have huge impact on the launch of and access to next generation/innovative implants that are of standard quality in India. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) on August 16 had fixed the price for pr...

Kids Sense Of Self-Worth Similar To Adults

15 weeks ago
New York: The findings revealed that our ability to reason about our self-worth as individuals develops early in life. Young children can think of themselves as possessing abstract traits and abilities, and they can also reason about their self-worth, which has implications for self-esteem, the researchers said. Young children's self-concepts are not qualitatively different from those of older children and adults," said Andrei Cimpian, Associate Professor at the New York University in the US. However, this level of maturity in reasoning about the self also means that young children c...

Install Garbage Treatment Plant And Win A Kmc Tax Sop Offer

15 weeks ago
KOLKATA : The Corporation has floated a proposal to offer tax exemption to various housing complexes in and around the city if they install waste management equipment that segregate and recycles waste in their housing arenas. At a time when the city has been battling against a huge pressure of solid waste and its proper environment-friendly disposal on a regular basis, the KMC proposal sounds quite innovative. Dhapa, city’s only solid waste disposal are...

Nasa Rockets To Create Artificial Clouds 

15 weeks ago
Washington: The artificial clouds will be visible for residents of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, NASA said. The Waves and Instabilities from a Neutral Dynamo, or WINDY, mission will study a phenomenon that occurs in the ionosphere - a layer of charged particles in the upper atmosphere.  Known as equatorial spread F, or ESF, these disturbances occur after sunset at latitudes near the equator in part of the ionosphere known as the F region.  The disturbances interfere with radio communication, navigation and imaging systems and pose a hazard to technology and society that depe...

Britain Admires India Stretching Renewable Energy

15 weeks ago
Kolkata: In the UK we admire the stretching targets that India has set to bring its renewable energy capacity up to 175 GW by 2022. And we're driving action ourselves to decarbonise our economy. We are setting concrete carbon budgets in law to help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050," the envoy said at the Environment and Energy Conclave organised here by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Reaffirming commitment to the Paris Agreement, Asquith said both countries share a common conviction that climate change is one of the biggest threats to global...

Drinking Water Woes : Kmc Likely To Receive Adb Aid

15 weeks ago
KOLKATA : A top ADB delegation which is currently in the city to assess the quantum of fund requirement vis-à-vis the ground situation, has been touring various parts of the city for a hands-on experience on the actual requirement, a senior KMC official said. Currently, the KMC is not in a position to ensure uninterrupted supply of water to the vast city areas as it does not have the required infrastructure to do so. It can supply water 24 X 7 to those areas, in proximity of which the corporation has a water treatment plant. KMC at th...

Strong Friendship Boost Mental Health

15 weeks ago
New York: Our research found that the quality of friendships during adolescence may directly predict aspects of long-term mental and emotional health," said lead author Rachel K. Narr, PhD candidate in clinical psychology at the University of Virginia. High school students with higher-quality best friendships tended to improve in several aspects of mental health over time, while teens who were popular among their peers during high school may be more prone to social anxiety later in life," Narr added. The study, published in the journal Child Development, looked at a community sample of 169 adolescen...

Climate Change Likely To Shrink Fish Size 

15 weeks ago
Toronto: The findings showed that as fish grow into adulthood, their demand for oxygen increases because their body mass becomes larger. However, the surface area of the gills -- where oxygen is obtained does not grow at the same pace as the rest of the body.  This explains why fish are expected to shrink -- "gill-oxygen limitation theory. Fish, as cold-blooded animals, cannot regulate their own body temperatures. When their waters get warmer, their metabolism accelerates and they need more oxygen to sustain their body functions," said William Cheung, Associate Professor from the University of ...

Panchayat Samity In Bengal Embarks On A Unique Task

16 weeks ago
KOLKATA: The Panchayat Samity in Minakha in North 24 parganas district has decided to build-cum-introduce a full-fledged vessel service to connect with Basanti, on the other side of the bank in South 24 Parganas district. Basanti through which the state highway runs, is home to the various key offices and departments of the district administration besides high schools and hospitals. The only means of surface communication, in absence of a bridge on the Vidyadhari, is mechanized boats. These boats fail to operate during heavy storms or rains and the a...

Asia-Pacific Region For Digital India

16 weeks ago
New Delhi: Communications Minister Manoj Sinha on Monday called for holistic planning rather than a piecemeal approach to achieve the vision of Digital India and sought a collaborative approach by the Asia-Pacific governments. He was speaking at a seminar organised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Talking about India's vision of digitalisation, Sinha stressed on three key visions. He mentione...