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Wednesday, 26-September-2018


Gut Bacteria could Reveal Cirrhosis Patients

25 weeks ago
New York:   The hospitalisations that take place with cirrhosis are exorbitantly expensive," said the study's lead author Jasmohan Bajaj from Virginia Commonwealth University in the US. Anything that helps us predict the likelihood of hospitalization is better than the status quo," Bajaj said.  The study, published in the journal JCI Insight in March, determined that analysis of microbial DNA and microbial RNA could be used alongside current clinical methods to more accurately predict 90-day hospitalisations for these patients.  Microbial DNA analys...

Tips to Minimise Indoor Air Pollution

25 weeks ago
New Delhi:   Gita Ramanan, Architect and Interior Designer, Founder, Design Cafe, and Anuj Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, Livspace, share some tips.  * Plants not only brighten up a space, but also are a source of fresh air. These Indian plants: Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law's Tongue and Money Plant (all common names) will actually grow fresh air for you indoors. * No smoking should be allowed inside homes. Smoking and second hand smoke are the biggest contributors of air pollution indoors. * Ensure you use low VOC (Volatile organic Compounds) paints i...

Frequent Dining Out Can Harm Your Health

25 weeks ago
New York:   According to researchers, dining out more at restaurants, cafeterias and fast-food outlets may boost total levels of potentially health-harming chemicals called "phthalates" in the body, especially among pregnant women, children and teenagers.  "Phthalates", a group of chemicals used in food packaging and processing materials, are known to disrupt hormones in humans and are linked to a long list of health problems. "This study suggests food prepared at home is less likely to contain high levels of 'phthalates', chemicals li...

Hybrid Taxi to Reduce Emissions

25 weeks ago
Mexico City:  During the presentation on Thursday, Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said 50 of these new models would be rolled out in April as part of the first phase, reports Xinhua news agency. The city government is planning to replace all conventional taxis with these environmentally friendlier options, which will also save up to 60 per cent on fuel. The government will install electric recharge stations in different neighbourhoods as the programme is progressively rolled out across the Mexican capital. Mexico City, with almost 22 million residents, has faced...

Russia Conducts Second Test of Ballistic Missile

25 weeks ago
Moscow:  The missile, Sarmat, was test-dropped at the northern Plesetsk spaceport. The ministry said the trial had confirmed its pre-launch and first flight stage characteristics, Xinhua news agency reported. A rare video of the test was released on the social media. The first launch of this rocket took place in December 2017. It will replace the Soviet-era Satan missile, which is approaching the end of its service life. In his annual address to parliament on March 1, President Vladimir Putin said Russia has begun testing Sarmat which has "practically no range limits"...

World-Class Tourist Facilities at Konark Temple

25 weeks ago
Bhubaneswar:  The Indian Oil Foundation has developed the interpretation centre and the tourist facilitation centre at the Unesco World Heritage Site at a cost of Rs. 45 crore. Subrata Barma, Executive Director and CEO of Indian Oil Foundation, said the tourist facilitation centre has adequate parking bays for buses, cars and two-wheelers of the visiting tourists, driver's facility block and ample public amenities like cafeteria, toilets and drinking water. "The main avenue leading to the temple from outer ring road has been developed and has water bodies and suitable ...

Stresses on Preventive Healthcare

26 weeks ago
New Delhi:  Modi also said the government has set a target to free India from tuberculosis by 2025 and that the government and insurance companies will jointly provide Rs 5 lakh insurance cover to about 10 crore families per year. In his monthly radio programme "Mann Ki Baat", the Prime Minister said: "Preventive healthcare is the least costly and the easiest one as well. As much as we are conscious ...

Scholarships for Madrassa Students 

26 weeks ago
Patna:  Students of government-affiliated madrassas will be provided scholarships," Nitish Kumar said at a function here to mark Urdu Day. He said the government would strengthen madrassa infrastructure in the state. He also expressed regrets for not learning Urdu during his student days. "It is my desire that all should learn and...

Scientists Develop Sun Shield 

26 weeks ago
Sydney : The sun shield is made from an ultra-thin biodegradable film that is 50,000 times thinner than a human hair and contains calcium carbonate, the same ingredient corals use to make their hard skeletons, Efe news quoted GBRF as saying. The film is "designed to sit on the surface of the water above the corals, rather than directly on the corals, to provide an effective barrier against the sun", according to the Foundation that has been working in collaboration with...

Cellphone-Based Tech for Blood Tests

26 weeks ago
New York: In a paper published in the journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics, the researchers detailed a mobile version of the "Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay" (ELISA), the gold standard technique used to detect the presence of an antibody or antigen. "ELISA is an important technology for biochemical analysis of proteins and hormones and is critical for the diagnosis of many diseases, such as HIV and Lyme Disease," said corresponding author Anna Pyayt, Assis...

Bengaluru Airport wins Best Award 

26 weeks ago
Bengaluru: The Kempegowda international airport was given the Skytrax award for being voted as the best regional airport in India and Central Asia by air travellers at the World Airport Awards at Stockholm in Sweden on Wednesday," said Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) in a statement here. As the country's third busiest airport after Mumbai and Delhi, the airport...

BHEL to Make Space Grade Cells For ISRO

26 weeks ago
Bengaluru: We have entered into a technology transfer agreement with BHEL to make space grade Li-Ion cells," it said in a statement here. The agreement was signed on Thursday in the presence of ISRO Chairman K. Sivan and BHEL Managing Director Atul Sobti at the space agency headquarters here. &qu...