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Saturday, 21-October-2017


Sleep Tied To Diabetes Risk In Children

9 weeks ago
Washington:  For adults, getting too much or not enough sleep both have been linked with adiposity and Type 2 diabetes, Xinhua news agency cited the study published on Tuesday as saying. In children, more sleep has been tied to lower levels of obesity, but research about Type 2 diabetes risk factors has been scarce, according to The Journal of Pediatrics. To explore possible connections, researchers analysed the body measurements, blood sample results and questionnaire data from 4,525 children of multi-ethnic descent, aged 9-10 years in England. They found that children who slept longer had low...

Deep Sleep Reinforces Learning Of Motor Skills

9 weeks ago
Francisco: In a study published in Nature Neuroscience on Sunday, the researchers found that during non-rapid eye movement, or non-REM, sleep, slow brain waves bolster neural touchpoints that are directly related to a task that was newly learned while awake, reports Xinhua news agency. Led by Karunesh Ganguly, associate professor of neurology at UCSF, the team implanted electrodes in the motor region of rats' brains to send electrical signals to a computer, which then drove movement of a detached mechanical device, in a system known as a brain-machine interface (BMI). Tanuj Gulati, a postdoctoral sch...

Delhi Metro To Plant 2,000 Saplings For Distribute

9 weeks ago
New Delhi: The project, organised by ‘Swachh Chetna - DMRC Eco Club', one of Delhi Metro's initiatives to promote environmental conservation, kicked off on Friday from Jangpura Metro Station, with the firm's Managing Director Mangu Singh planting saplings there, a statement from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said. Kids from Delhi Metro's own 'Children Home' located at Tees Hazari Metro Station on Red Line also participated in the inaugural exercise. The drive, apart from the stations, will include planting of saplings at Delhi Metro's depots and resid...

Space India To Live-Stream Total Solar Eclipse From Us 

10 weeks ago
New Delhi: The Delhi-based Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators, will live-stream the upcoming celestial event from the US, the company said in a statement on Saturday.  The solar eclipse -- when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will cross the US from Oregon to South Carolina over the course of an hour-and-a-half, and 14 US states will experience night-like darkness for approximately two minutes in the middle of the day. This is an unique phenomenon. The path of the total solar eclipse will cut throughout the US and will be viewed by millions.  ...

Chip To Grow Plants Better

10 weeks ago
Agra: The innovative technique is being used for the first time in the Dayalbagh campus of Agra and will help ascertain the produce of every tree. It will also ensure that the entire planting is done easily in a short period of time. The NGO, SPHEEHA (Society for Preservation of Healthy Environment and Ecology and Heritage of Agra), said the campaign will also be a learning aid for students and researchers who can obtain pre-fed information about these plants using a hand held radio-frequency identification reader.  Since 2006, the NGO has been planting hundreds of saplings during the mons...

Groundwater Replenishment In India

10 weeks ago
Kolkata: Published in the Nature Scientific Reports in August, the study says this groundwater storage (GWS) rejuvenation may possibly be attributed "to implementation of ingenious groundwater management strategies in both Indian public and private sectors". A research team from IIT-Kharagpur in collaboration with NASA scientists, has observed regional-scale groundwater storage replenishment through long-term (1996-2014, using more than 19,000 groundwater observation locations) ground-based measurements and decadal-scale (2003-2014) satellite-based groundwater storage measurements, in large parts of India. ...

Farmers Getting Subsidy For Medicinal Plants

10 weeks ago
New Delhi: Subsidy, as high as 75 per cent, is being given as part of a Centrally Sponsored Scheme. In a written reply in the Lok Sabha, Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of State for AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) said: "Under National Ayush Mission scheme, there is a component on 'Medicinal Plants' which is primarily aimed at supporting cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants on farmer's land with backward linkages through establishment of nurseries for supply of quality planting material, and forward linkages for post-harvest management."

Solar Eclipse To Better Of Earth Ionosphere: Nasa

10 weeks ago
Washington: The total solar eclipse will have some imperceptible effects, such as the sudden loss of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the Sun, which generates the ionised layer of Earth's atmosphere, called the ionosphere.  NASA is funding several ground-based science investigations across the US that will use the eclipse as a ready-made experiment, and three of these will look to the ionosphere in order to improve our understanding of the Sun's relationship to this region, where satellites orbit and radio signals are reflected back toward the Earth. "The eclipse t...

Smartphone-Based Diagnostic Tests Technology 

10 weeks ago
New York: The researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US have developed a handheld spectral analyser that attaches to a smartphone and analyses patient blood, urine or saliva samples.  In a study published in the journal Lab on a Chip, the researchers demonstrated that the spectral transmission-reflectance-intensity (TRI)-Analyser costing $550 could make a smartphone do the tests as reliably as clinic-based instruments that cost thousands of dollars. Our TRI Analyser is like the Swiss Army knife of biosensing," said Professor Brian Cunningham. It's cap...

Slice Of Rural Bengal In Eco Park

10 weeks ago
KOLKATA : The NKDA has planned to develop a model village over a three acre plot in the sprawling Eco Park in New Town replete with features of a village – mud thatched walls, leaning roofs covered with straws and bamboo poles to support the structure and to cap it, muddy and slushy roads with stray puddles leading to the hutments !  The area will capture the essence of a typical Bengal village, dotted with paddy fields and an eatery shaped like a Dhamsa. “ And if everything proceeds as per the plan, we might throw the village open by en...

Surrogate Child Get  milk Through Human Milk Banks

10 weeks ago
New Delhi: Provision of breast milk should be allowed by way of Human Milk Bank services only and not by direct breastfeeding by surrogate mother. It would be very difficult for the surrogate mother to give up the child, leading to complications," said the report submitted by the committee. Stating that the surrogate child should get mother's milk for initial six months, the report recommended inclusion of provision in the bill for providing breast milk to the surrogate child through Human Milk Bank services only. The committee also expressed surprise that no university offered medical...

Scientist Developed New Technique For Make Plastic

10 weeks ago
Chicago: The new technique uses a process that engineers the structure of the material itself, considering the nature of plastics made of long chains of molecules that are tightly coiled and tangled like a bowl of spaghetti, Xinhua reported. It used a chemical process to expand and straighten the molecule chains, giving heat energy a more direct route through the material.  To accomplish this, the researchers first dissolved a typical polymer, or plastic in water, then added electrolytes to the solution to raise its pH, making it alkaline. The individual links in the polymer chain, called monomers, take ...