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Monday, 11-December-2017


Genetic Testing Raises Ethical Issues Of Pregnancy

14 weeks ago
Wellington: Pregnant women now face a bewildering world of genetic testing," said Jeanne Snelling, the lead author of the New Zealand Law Foundation Report. Genetic testing in the reproductive context is a particularly high-stakes endeavour, Snelling said, adding that it directly affects a woman's experience of pregnancy, and may contribute to a decision not to transfer an embryo or to terminate an established pregnancy, reports Xinhua news agency. The study looks at a number of rapidly evolving genetic technologies that a woman may be offered, either during pregnancy or regarding embryos created by ...

Brain Learns To Recognise Faces 

14 weeks ago
New York: The study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, showed that those brain regions for social recognition were absent in primates who did not encounter faces while growing up. The findings suggest that sensory deprivation has a selective effect on the way the brain wires itself. The brain seems to become very good at recognising things that an individual sees often, and poor at recognising things that it never or rarely sees, said Margaret Livingstone, Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School. What you look at is what you end up 'installing' in the brain's machinery to be able to ...

Epson Launches New Inktank Printer In India

14 weeks ago
Bengaluru: Designed for corporate use, L1455 can print documents, spreadsheets, diagrams and charts up to A3-size, with a maximum resolution of 4800dpi. It also supports copying and faxing. The new model (L1455) is designed to meet the demands of office printing and takes productivity to the next level with the ability to print documents up to A3-size at high speeds," said Siva Kumar, General Manager, Inkjet Printers, Epson India, in a statement. The device can print at a speed up to 18ipm for A4 and 10ipm for A3-sized documents. It also supports automatic duplex printing with speed up to ...

Bacteria In Throat May Indicate Joint Infection

14 weeks ago
Toronto: The research published in CMAJ --Canadian Medical Association Journal - may help in the diagnosis of bone and joint bacterial infections in children that can have devastating effects on long-term mobility and can even cause death.  The study demonstrated that the bacterium Kingella kingae is by far the most common pathogen for bone or joint infection in children. Based on this study, we plan to change the way we investigate children at risk of bone/joint infection, because the identification of K. kingae in the throat of a child with a suspected bone infection will point towards K. kingae as the...

Another Milestone In Rhino Conservation Story Of Manas

14 weeks ago
Guwahati:  It is being seen as another milestone in the conservation story of the pristine park. The calf was first seen by frontline forest staff of the Bansbari Range during their early morning patrol. Its presence was later confirmed by a field team of IFAW-WTI’s Greater Manas Conservation Project, comprising Dr Bhaskar Choudhury, WTI's Head Veterinarian (North East) and the project-in-charge, and animal keeper Debajit Saikia. This is the sixth calf born to the rhinos rehabilitated under our project and marks another significant mil...

Pink Boll Worm To Save Bt Cotton

14 weeks ago
New Delhi: Over the years, Bt Cotton's resistance to pink boll worm (PBW) has reduced and during the last season alone the pest has caused 20-25 per cent loss to the crop across the states. This year, the loss could go up, which could lead to a major agrarian crisis, experts say. To overcome this problem, the union government has recommended a unique RIB (Refugia In Bag) concept, wherein 25 grams of non-Bt Cotton seed is mixed with 450 grams of Bt Cotton seeds. This enables planting non-BT cotton which can host PBW wild insects and prevent resistance build-up in PBW.  Earlier, farmers generally ignored this process and cotton crop fell vict...

Heavy Drink Harm For Men More Than Women

14 weeks ago
London: The findings, presented at the annual European College of Neuropsychopharmacology meeting being held in Paris from September 2-5, suggest that long-term alcohol use can change brain functions and these changes are significantly different in men and women. We found more changes in brain electrical activity in male subjects, than in females, which was a surprise, as we expected it would be the other way around. This means that male brain electrical functioning is changed more than female brains by long-term alcohol use," said Outi Kaarre from University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital, Finl...

 Climate-Based Dengue Forecasting Model

14 weeks ago
Hyderabad: However, a further increase in temperature beyond 35 degrees Celsius is detrimental to the mosquito survival, showed the findings published in the journal Emerging Microbes & Infections. The study was conducted by the University of Liverpool Britain in collaboration with the Hyderabad-based Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) and National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Guwahati. "This climate-based dengue forecasting model could help health authorities to assess the disease intensity in a geographic region, based on that they can plan disease control...

Drug Protect Women's Fertility After Cancer 

14 weeks ago
New York: Women who are treated for cancer with radiation or certain chemotherapy drugs are commonly rendered sterile. Women are born with a lifetime reserve of oocytes, or immature eggs, but those oocytes are among the most sensitive cells in the body and may be wiped out by such cancer treatments. The new findings, published in the journal Genetics, raises hope of curbing infertility from cancer treatment. The study builds on his 2014 research that identified a so-called checkpoint protein (CHK2) that becomes activated when oocytes are damaged by radiation. Checkpoint protein functions in a pathway tha...

Goa Health Facility Ties Up With Mumbai Hospital

14 weeks ago
Panaji: As part of the strategic alliance between the two healthcare facilities, the Goa hospital will host clinics wherein super specialist doctors from the Jaslok Hospital will examine patients in half a dozen key areas of healthcare, which also include joint replacement, sports injuries and colorectal, and pelvic related problems. This is a very significant positive step for healthcare in Goa. The partnership between Jaslok Hospital and V.M. Salgaocar Hospital is going to give hope to many," Tarang Gianchandani, CEO, Jaslok hospital and research centre said at a media conference here on Friday.A

Indian Businesses Adapting To Water Scarcity

14 weeks ago
New Delhi: It says despite flooding in several states, water storage in reservoirs across India is 55 per cent of total capacity compared with 84 per cent on an average during the same period over the past 10 years. The survey, of over 10 large Indian and multinational companies with a net annual revenue exceeding $10.5 billion, was released on Fridayby CarbonCopy on the sidelines of the two-day Business and Climate Summit here that concluded on Thursday. Citing the case of food manufacturer Kellogg's, which depends on agricultural produce, change in climatic conditions and poor monsoon is said ...

Akshaya Foundation Sets Up Midday Meal Kitchen 

14 weeks ago
Hyderabad: The kitchen has been constructed with the support of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., a member of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG). This kitchen, in the current phase, is poised to serve 366 anganwadi centres and 238 schools through the MidDay Meal Programme. The inauguration was attended by Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Ministers, legislators and officials from Telangana. Ryoichi Shinke, Executive Officer and Regional Executive for India, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., and Madhu Pandit Dasa, Chairman of Akshaya Patra Foundation, attended the event. M...