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Saturday, 19-August-2017

Every Hamlet In Odisha Seeks Anganwadi Centre

4 weeks ago
Bhubaneswar: Patnaik made the request to Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi during a meeting at the Odisha Bhavan in New Delhi. Anganwadi is a type of rural mother and child care centre that provides basic healthcare. He also requested that the approved rate for supplementary nutrition be enhanced and the honorarium of Anganwadi workers and helpers be increased. Mentioning that 3,385 urban centres in the state do not have pucca buildings of their own, he urged the minister to provide Rs 250 crore for construction of Anganwadi buildings in these centres. The Chief Minister also said the Central share of funds under the Integrate...

App Helps Kashmiri Woman Become Pregnancy

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: The patient, who suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, despite undergoing treatment at the IVF Centre and Human Reproduction at SRGH, was unable to visit Delhi as per doctor's requirement, the hospital authorities said on Thursday. Treatment for infertility, notably, requires frequent follow up visits for ovarian follicular scans and review of these scans for treatment interventions. According to the doctors, that is where the "My Follow Up app" was utilised to give her the medical advices and share the important reports from both the ends of patients and the medical team. This particular patient required gonadotrophin ...

Environment Minister Says Use Bicycle Once A Week

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: Use cycle at least once a week, as it will prove beneficial to the environment as well as our health," the minister said here while leading a plantation drive. Harsh Vardhan also called upon people to protect and conserve the flora and fauna.Terming planting trees a "divine work", the Environment Minister said that one should treat them like a family member. "They not only help in making the environment pure but also provide life-giving oxygen, fruits, flowers, shade and cool the environment," the minister said. "People should plant more and more saplings to stop the imbalance in nature," he added. ...

WHO Calls for Tobacco Control Worldwide

4 weeks ago
Geneva: In a latest report on the global tobacco epidemic, the WHO said about 4.7 billion people, or 63 per cent of the world's population, are covered today by at least one comprehensive tobacco control measure.Ten years ago, in 2007, the number was only one billion, or 15 percent of the world's population, Xinhua reported. However, tobacco use has still become the leading single preventable cause of death worldwide, killing over seven million people each year. Its economic costs are also enormous, totaling more than $1.4 trillion in healthcare and lost productivity, according to the WHO. Meantime, the tobacco industry continues to hamper govern...

Climate Change Adaptation Projects Gets Approved

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: The National Steering Committee on Climate Change (NSCCC), headed by Environment Secretary Ajay Narayan Jha, approved the Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) submitted by the three state governments for funding under the National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC). These projects aim to address a range of climate change vulnerabilities in these states which are not addressed under the ongoing schemes of the Central and state governments.  An official statement said that in Rajasthan, the project seeks to build on work carried out under Phase I of the Mukhya Mantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan to enhance the adaptive capacity of village...

Study Says South Asians Vulnerable To Rare Genetic Diseases

4 weeks ago
Hyderabad: The study was conducted by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) and published online in Nature Genetics.CCMB Director Rakesh K. Mishra told reporters on Tuesday that the effort would facilitate and accelerate predictive and personalised medicine. He said that he is excited about the potential of future research to capitalise on the opportunity highlighted by this study to improve health in individual communities in South Asia. "This insight highlights an extraordinary opportunity to identify mutations that are responsible for population-specific disease and to test for and decrease the burden of recessive genetic dise...

India Modifies Definition Of Blindness 

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: The National Programmme for Control of Blindness (NPCB) has also been re-designated recently as National Programme for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment (NPCB&VI), Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Anupriya Patel told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply. "The definition of blindness under the National Programme for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment (NPCB&VI) has been modified in line with the definition used under the World Health Organisation (WHO), i.e. 'presenting distance visual acuity less than 3/60 (20/400) in the better eye or limitation of field of vision to be less than 10 degree from centre of fi...

Markets Set Up For Bamboo Farmers

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: "Under the mission, 108 numbers of markets (bamboo wholesale and retail markets near villages) have been established for providing marketing avenues to bamboo farmers for their raw bamboo as well as finished products," Minister of State for Agriculture Parshottam Rupala told the Lok Sabha in a written reply. He added efforts were being made to popularise bamboo products through participation in domestic, national, international trade fairs. About 3,61,791 hectare area has been covered in forest & non-forest land and 91,715 hectares has been taken up for improvement of existing stock for higher productivity (forest and non-forest ...

Power Grid Integration To Renewables 

4 weeks ago
India is now on the threshold of attaining this balance. The new Greening the Grid report, prepared by Energy Ministry and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has confirmed the technical and economic viability of integrating 175 GW of renewable energy into the country's power grid by 2022, and identifies future course of actions that are favourable for such integration. The growth in India's renewable energy sector accelerated sharply after the government in 2015 announced an ambitious target of adding 100 GW of solar and 60 GW of wind capacity by 2022, with biogas and other clean energy sources adding another 15 GW. As a result, from July 2015 t...

Stars Shine Beyond Silver Screen

5 weeks ago
Bangalore: “People make us actors and stars. We owe something to them beyond our roles on screen,” says actor Satishwho became famous after his maiden film  Lucia, a murder mystery. He is  helping the families of farmers who have committed suicide owing to agrarian crisis. He has decided to dedicate 10% of the profit from his future projects to this cause. Satishhimself  hails from a farming family in Yeladahalli of Mandya district. His family grows rice and sugarcane on two acres of land. Dr Rajkumar’s sons PuneetRajkumar and Shivarajkumar, both to heroes in Kannada today, have contributed money they get from conducting reali...

Artificial Sweeteners Increased Obesity

5 weeks ago
Toronto: Artificial sweeteners are substitutes for sugar that provides a sweet taste like that of sugar while containing significantly less food energy. The findings showed that artificial sweeteners or non-nutritive sweeteners may have negative effects on metabolism, gut bacteria and appetite. Thus, individuals consuming artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia, may also be at risk of developing high blood pressure and heart disease, the researchers from University of Manitoba in Canada, said. According to researchers, the use of artificial sweeteners which is widespread and increasing is linked with the current epidemic of ob...

 'Synthetic DNA' To Tackle Burglaries

5 weeks ago
Melbourne: The DNA and ultraviolet torches will be delivered to 1,000 homes in Geelong, west of Melbourne, as part of the six-month trial, reports Xinhua news agency. Participants in the trial will be urged to apply the liquid DNA, which can only be detected by ultraviolet (UV) lamps, to valuables within their homes. The synthetic substance has a unique code, meaning police can return stolen items to the owner if the DNA is detected. It is the first trial of its kind in Australia and comes after a similar programme in Britain reduced residential burglary by 91 per cent. I'm quite confident this will be a very, very positive and successful ventur...