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Thursday, 14-December-2017


Population Explosion Hampering Sustainable Development

13 weeks ago
New Delhi: There is need for large-scale awareness on the population issue. Increasing population has created several problems vis-a-vis development, employment opportunities, and health services," he said. He was speaking after inaugurating a conference on "Enhancing role of parliamentarians in the inter-linkage between population issues and the 2030 agenda of sustainable development". Most countries face the problem of providing quality and accessible medical facilities to the poor. Several countries are facing high infant mortality due to lack of proper medical facil...

Dark Chocolates For Healthy Heart

13 weeks ago
New Delhi: Sonia Narang, Wellness and Nutrition Expert, Oriflame India and Meher Rajput, Nutritionists and Dietician, FITPASS share that how dark chocolates can be healthy too.  * Dark chocolate is also pre-loaded with decent amounts of soluble fibre and potential minerals. It contains Oleic acid, Stearic acid and Palmitic acid.  * Loaded with organic compounds which are biologically active, dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure and improve the flow of blood in your body. It greatly helps in decreasing the levels of oxidised LDL Cholesterol in men.  * Eating...

Health And Fitness App Industry Grew 

13 weeks ago
New Delhi: From 2014 to 2015, the industry demonstrated a year-over-year growth of 178 per cent, while from 2016 to 2017 it grew only nine per cent, said the survey by Flurry from Oath, a global mobile analytics firm. To understand the slowdown, the health and fitness market was segmented into four sub-categories: workout and weight loss, general health, nutrition, and studios and fitness content. The findings showed that the largest subcategory, "workout and weight loss", showed a significantly slower year-over-year growth rate. From 67 per cent in 2015, it went down to 11 ...

Scratching Helps Boost Social Bonding In Monkeys

13 weeks ago
London: The findings showed that scratching in the monkeys is more than an itch and was more likely to occur in times of heightened stress, such as being close to high-ranking individuals or to non-friends. During such stressful experiences scratching appeared to reduce aggression from others and lessen the chance of conflict, suggesting that it might have evolved as a communication tool to help social cohesion. Observable stress behaviours could have evolved as a way of reducing aggression in socially complex species of primates. Showing others you are stressed could benefit both the scratcher and those watc...

American Zoo Begin Training Indian Vets

13 weeks ago
New Delhi: The nine day training programme "Capacity Building Of Indian Zoo Veterinarians On Animal Health Management In Captivity", is being held here at the Delhi Zoo. Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan, who had noticed the difficulties faced by the coo veterinarians in the diagnosis of diseases and treatment of the wild animals kept in captivity, called for more such workshops. The National Zoological Park, New Delhi must strive to become the best Zoological Park in the world," he said. Under the programme, Indian veterinarians will be exposed to the technique and procedures being...

Adopt Tailored Solutions To Eliminate Tb By 2030

13 weeks ago
New Delhi:  The WHO South East Asia Region includes India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, North Korea, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor-Leste. The global health body said that there is a need for countries to identify the package of interventions best suited to their challenges -- whether that means focusing on strengthening TB services, accelerating case detection or investing in research and development. All countries face unique challenges, meaning they should each adapt the regional and global strategies to their conte...

Rivers Linked Through Waterways

13 weeks ago
New Delhi: But if A.C. Kamraj -- a hydro scientist and an expert member of the government's interlinking of rivers project -- is to be believed, an alternative method of linking rivers can be adopted with far better results and zero disputes over the share of water. Kamraj, also the head of National Waterways Development Technology, said the National Waterways Project envisages a way in which the two rivers can be linked through a waterway built on an even plane enabling two-way flow between the rivers. Also known as Smart Waterways, the project is evolved by Kamraj. One of the advantages o...

Nestle launches first food safety institute in India 

14 weeks ago
New Delhi: According to the company, NFSI India, -- a part of Nestle R&D Centre India located in Manesar -- will work closely with the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. The mission of NFSI India is to build and share knowledge through collaborative partnerships for strengthening the food safety environment in India," a company statement said. It added that the laboratory of NFSI India is equipped with high-end analytical technology. The food safety environment in India is changing dynamically and so are the consumers. There is an increasing consciousness among them on the quality of food consumed," said Suresh Narayanan,...

oxic plume looms over northern Italian city 

14 weeks ago
Pavia: Everything is burning, probably rubber and plastic too. The danger is that dioxins are being released," said the Italian government's top representative in Pavia, Attilio Visconti. Firemen called to the plant at the at Mortara industrial estate reported that hazardous waste, aluminium and tyres were ablaze. Health and protection officials in the surrounding Lombardy region claimed that only paper and cardboard materials had caught fire at the plant, which handles non-dangerous as well as hazardous waste. Local Mayor Marco Facchinotti issued orders to local residents to stay indoors with their doors and windows closed as prevailing wi...

Smart ear saves kids from reliving horror

14 weeks ago
Is there a way to collect evidence or to know about advances on a child without being there and then punish the guilty? A simple audio device --smaller than a matchbox-- called the 'Smart Ear' has been made by a Bengaluru-based organisation and it also aims to protect children from sex offenders. "A child can put the device in her school bag, pocket or even wear it without being noticed. It has very powerful technology that can pick up the audio even without directly being in contact from the source of the sound," says Mr Sumant Nashik, director, software development, Safehalo, the firm that has come out with this device.  &nbsp...

Singing all the way to their hearts

14 weeks ago
One of the most effective ways to spread awareness about social/environmental issues among public could be songs, renderd in folk style by talented singers and musicians. A Bangalore-based folk band is trying this out and has hit the right chord with the rural folk  “This works well, as music doesn’t just touch merely the mind, it also touches the heart,” says Janardhan Kesaragadde, composer and lyricist for Bengaluru-based folk band, Bhoomi Thayi Balaga. Bhoomi Thayi Balaga loosely means `Kin of mother earth’ , The band, which is more than a decade old, has been singing about various issues - f...

Solar energy to shortly power Kolkata airport

14 weeks ago
  The airport is poised to commission a Rs 88 crore solar power generation plant having a peak capacity to generate 15 MW of energy; the trial run to connect it with the  Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) grid has just begun, according to Airport director Atul  Dikshit. A total of 45,454 solar panels, each having a capacity to generate 330W have been installed over 65 acres on the airport land to the east; this is in addition to the 2 MW rooftop solar  plant which the authorities have commissioned two years ago at a cost of Rs 10.5 crore. The first plant presently  provides power for the lights in the ai...