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Saturday, 24-February-2018


Jatayu Earth’s Centre

7 weeks ago
The company has leased the Government-owned land for 30 years. Although the project took flight in 2008, construction began only by 2011. The Jatayu sculpture, a building with a 15,000 sq ft floor area, is made of roller-compacted concrete (RCC), except for the talons which are stainless steel. The sculpture, adventure centre and a Siddha healing centre form the Jatayu Earth’s Centre

A Myth Comes Alive

7 weeks ago
There is a story that is familiar to almost every resident in Chadayamangalam village in Kollam district, Kerala. Legend has it that it was on a rocky peak near the village that the mythological giant eagle fell while fighting Ravana. Thereafter, the place came to be known as ‘Jatayumangalam’ (Jatayu ’s home). Over the years, it has become Chadayamangalam and the peak on the nearby hillock became Jatayupara (Jatayu rock). Now, this place is all set to become a major tourist attraction from this year. Sculptor/filmmaker Rajiv Anchal had heard the story over a thousand times. &l...

Clothes To Poor In Sangam Vihar On Eve Of Vajpayee Birthday : Jolly

8 weeks ago
Poor residents of Gandhi Camp jhuggi - jhopari basti from M.B. Road Sangam Vihar were beneficiaries, at the camp organized for "free distribution of clothes to needy" in South Delhi. Used but good quality shirts, trousers, sarees, blouses, sweaters, half pants, jackets, coats, bed sheets, ladies skirts etc. were collected from households by Adhikar Society (NGO) led by Brijpal Upadhyay - President & team  Gen. Sec.Ram Saran Rajput, Gokulesh Bhardwaj & Deepak Sharma (VP), Savita Yadav, K...

Smart EV Charging Station At Scope Complex, New Delhi Powered By NTPC

9 weeks ago
The charger will be powered by electricity from NTPC Ltd., the largest power generator of the country. The charger has ability to recognize authorized users based on RFID technology. Fortum India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortum Oyj, a clean energy company in the Nordics has The charger was inaugurated by Mr. A K Gupta, Director (Commercial & Operations), NTPC Ltd. During the launch, he shared, "Today, the energy landscape in India is undergoing a major shift towards cleaner means of energy generation and consumption. e-Mobility paves...

Indian Spices Try To Ward Off Winter Sickness

10 weeks ago
New Delhi:  Star anise can help fight sore throat, cardamom resolves digestive issues and nutmeg boosts immunity, suggest experts. Dolly Kumar, Director at GAIA and Purba Kalita, Co-Founder at, have listed few spices: * Star anise: Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, star anise is effective in easing sore throats and colds. Its antifungal and antibacterial abilities can keep you away from flu and other viral infections in this season.  ...

Mysterious Bright Spots Indicate No Dead World

10 weeks ago
Washington: The surface of Ceres is otherwise dark. The mysterious bright spots on Ceres, which have captivated both the Dawn science team and the public, reveal evidence of Ceres' past subsurface ocean, and indicate that, far from being a dead world, Ceres is surprisingly active," said Carol Raymond, deputy principal investigator of the Dawn mission, based at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Geological processes created these bright ...

442 Cr Approves for Sanitation Workers

12 weeks ago
The decision was taken in a Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Approving additional funds, the Cabinet said the money released should be used only to make payments to safai karamcharis, including their salaries," an official statement said. On Wednesday, Kejriwal met a delegation of safai karamcharis and asked the three MCDs to explain what they were doing with funds allocated to them by the Delhi government, following complaints over unpaid wages. Kejriwal had said that the Delhi government was paying the three MCDs more money than what was paid by previous governments ...

NRIs Commit $5 Bn For Development Of Ghats

12 weeks ago
Indian corporates, Non-Resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin have committed more than $5 billion for the development of ghats, fronts, crematoria and parks along the banks of River Ganga. Various MoUs, including innovative technologies for river cleaning were also signed related to the initiatives. According to the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, there are projects worth more than Rs 10,000 crore for development of ghats, crematoria, water bodies, parks, sanitation facilities, public amenities and river front which need additional funding.  Projects worth over Rs 2,500 crore, ...

Students Told To Clean Toilets: Tn Education Department To Decide On Action

12 weeks ago
"We have completed the inquiry into the incident and the report has been sent to the Director - Education. Now it is for the Director to decide on the report," an official of the Education Department in Tiruvallur told IANS over phone. According to him, some girl students were asked to clean the school toilets, failing which, they were threatened they would be sent out of the school. The official said as per the inquiry report, the alleged incident had been proved to have happened. He said the school teachers said on the day when the alleged incident happened, the re...

Manipur CM Promises Loans To Women Street Vendors

12 weeks ago
"This will enable the women vendors to earn livelihood through some other means of earning, far away from the city," he said on the sidelines of a function commissioning a garbage truck donated by the State Bank of India to the Imphal Municipal Corporation. In Manipur, all markets are exclusively run by women. Biren Singh said: "The squatting women vendors are obstructing traffic and pedestrians in the fast growing city. With the bank loans the vendors could start weaving, rearing of ducks and hens and the like and do the business elsewhere.  "In such ...

Old Widows In Vrindavan Have Hypertension, Other Problems

12 weeks ago
According to the survey, most of the widows are above 50 years of age and had their blood pressure level above the normal mark (120/80 to 140/90). "Majority of the widows had their blood pressure level around 174/97, 189/93, 159/99 and so on which clearly states that they have hypertension problems," said the survey, part of a free health medical camp organised by Polo Foundation, an NGO working in health and education, in collaboration with Sulabh International, which has been looking after social welfare of nearly 800 widows in the Hindu holy town in Uttar Pradesh. According to the All I...

'Toilet Revolution' begins in China's Largest Lake

12 weeks ago
So far this year, the scenic area has received 11.92 million yuan ($1 million) as part of the project, reports Xinhua news agency. A portion of the investment, worth 1.28 million yuan, has been used to upgrade 32 toilets around the lake, and the rest is being used to install 13 environmentally friendly toilets and 11 unisex toilets, said Zhang Shengxiang, head of the business management department of the Qinghai Lake tourism company, which is in charge of the area's tourism investment and development. Qinghai Lake is China's largest inland and biggest saltwater lake.  As ...