sulabh swatchh bharat

Friday, 20-October-2017


Promoting Clean And Healthy Durga Puja Celebrations

3 weeks ago
GUWAHATI: Durga Puja, which begins on Tuesday, is being celebrated by over 500 committees in the city. Eco Tourism Society of North East seeks to encourage Durga Puja committees to keep the surrounding clean and green.  This is the seventh year of the award. Since 2011 the number of eco-friendly idols in Guwahati has increased from 3 to 75 and this year most of the major Durga Puja committees are using eco-friendly materials, mostly bamboo, in decorating their pandals which itself speaks the awareness generated by the Prakriti Award. &ldquo...

AI Employees To Maintain Personal Fitness

3 weeks ago
New Delhi: According to Air India's Chairman and Managing Director Rajiv Bansal, "alertness and responsive" levels of employees is crucial in the airline industry. This is an industry where many facets of customer service have to be executed professionally... Good health leads to a physical, mental and spiritual well-being that augments productivity," Bansal said in a letter to employees dated September 25. I strongly believe that OTP, fitness and swachhta (cleanliness) are small and significant steps to take any organisation to greater heights... I implore you...

Ongc To Fund Solar Electric Stove Project

3 weeks ago
New Delhi: According to Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, funds from the ONGC StartUp Program" will be used to make the idea of solar-powered electric stove a reality.The Prime Minister has challenged the entier energy sector... (the challange) is to develop common electric household stoves that can be powered by solar energy," Pradhan said. For the development of this...startup fund from the energy sector will be used for research, inovation and development of business models by startups. Every household in ...

India Smallest Baby Discharged After 132-Day 

4 weeks ago
Mumbai: According to doctors, Nirvaan was treated by a team of 14 doctors and 50 nursing staff. The baby, who was born on May 12, 2017 during the 22nd week of pregnancy, had a birth weight of 610 gms, with 22 cm head size and a length of 32 cm. Nirvaan had immature lungs at birth requiring ventilatory support right from the labour room. He required respiratory support for 12 weeks which included six weeks of ventilator support. Multiple doses of surfactant injections were instilled into the breathing tube to expand his lungs," said Bhupendra Avasthi, Director of Surya Child Care, Surya Hospital. Explaini...

32 Nations Lack Policies For Families 

4 weeks ago
New Delhi:  According to the global body, 40 per cent of the 85 million children live in just two countries - Bangladesh and the US. The report said that data from various countries including India was missing. The report says that only 15 countries, including Cuba, France, Portugal, Russia and Sweden, have all the three essential national policies that support families with young children.  We need to do more to give parents and care givers of young children the support they need during this most critical period of brain development," said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, adding that if n...

Cancer Control Major Challenge For Government

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), cancer figures among the leading causes of mortality across the world. And it is very sad to say that the number of cases is rising and in the next two decades, it will be very alarming," said Patel at the launch of a nationwide health initiative with a theme 'Nurturing the Nurturer', amidst an audience that included cancer survivors, doctors and champions of the cause like model-actress Lisa Ray. The initiative is a step forward by Ficci Ladies Organisation (FLO) in partnership with Apollo Hospitals Group with focus to sensitize women ...

Vrindavan Widows Find Solace In Blue-Jacket 

4 weeks ago
Vrindavan: The Ramakrishna Mission Hospital says the woman was found on a street. She was in terrible agony when she was admitted. Every day, as nurses and staff clean her hands, the maggots drop from soggy flesh. The anonymous woman is expected to survive. But it will be a long road to recovery. For now she gets daily visits from activists aligned to a spiritual group who, since starting work on a modest scale in this Hindu holy town in late 2014, now cater to the needs of around 4,000 destitute widows. The volunteers, easily recognised by the blue jackets they wear, talk to her lovingly and assure her that ...

Pollens Reasons Of Asthma Attacks

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: The study, published in the Indian Journal of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, says not only vehicular pollution, but pollen in the atmosphere is also responsible for triggering respiratory allergy in more than 30 per cent of the population. Contrary to popular belief, not vehicular, it is the pollen grains, fungal spores, dust mites, insect debris and animal epithelial that include major causative agents," said the study conducted by the National Centre of Respiratory Allergy Asthma and Immunology, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute. While pollens were a...

Nasscom Offers Rs 10-Lakh Grant For Social Innovations

4 weeks ago
Bengaluru: The Nasscom Social Innovation Forum (NSIF) will award grants of Rs 10 lakh each to winners of innovations in five areas of financial inclusion, healthcare, environment, education and accessibility," the Foundation said in a statement here. City-based software services firm Mphasis is the donor partner in the 10th edition of the programme. The forum has invited applications from non-government organisations (NGOs) and social enterprises across the country with innovative projects that use technology for solving key development issues. The last date is October 31. The NSIF is the country...

Focusing On Eradicating Malnutrition

4 weeks ago
New Delhi: After the resounding success of Modiji's Beti Bachao Beti Padhao programme that brought about a phenomenal change in the mindset, a similar approach is needed to fight malnutrition, particularly among mothers and children," she said. The Minister was addressing the "National Conference on Mission Mode to address Under-Nutrition" here. The conference was organised by the WCD Ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, keeping in mind the goal of "Mission Malnutrition Free India-2022". Gandhi ...

Supermassive Black Holes Can Form Tightly Bound Pairs

4 weeks ago
Pune: The study published in the journal Nature Astronomy sheds light on a class of black holes having a mass upwards of one million times the mass of the Sun. The study was led by Preeti Kharb from the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Pune and co-authored by Dharam Vir Lal, also at NCRA-TIFR and David Merritt at Rochester Institute of Technology in the US. The dual black hole we found has the smallest separation of any so far detected through direct imaging," said Merritt. The supermassive black holes are locat...

India's First Centre For Animal Law Comes Up At NALSAR

5 weeks ago
Hyderabad: Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi inaugurated the centre at the university on Friday. As mentor of the centre, she advised the students to do research on critical issues. She said there was need for more research on several issues in view of increasing litigation about animal rights and their welfare. The centre will create curriculum on animal welfare laws, including developing topics for research. It will also conduct workshops on animal laws and animal welfare issues with judicial magistrates, animal welfare advocates, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholde...