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Saturday, 24-February-2018


Maharashtra Plastic Industry Challenges Ban

an hour ago
Mumbai:  They carried placards with messages like 'Use Plastic Nicely - Dispose It Wisely', and others urging people to stop littering which is bad and emphasizing that plastic is 100 percent recyclable. The protest was organised by Maharashtra Plastic Manufacturing Association (MPMA), Plastic Manufacturers Social Welfare Association (PMSWA) other groups of dealers with participants trooping in from all over the state.


an hour ago
New Delhi: The system ensures seamless connectivity at affordable prices. It has Access and Core network elements which are power efficient and optimised solutions help sustainable mobile broadband services for remote and rural deployments, the company said in a statement. Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha launched the 4G/LTE telecom system at an international buyers-sellers meet here. "The latest range o...

Infants can learn abstract rules visually

20 hours ago
New York: Do not underestimate infants as they are capable of learning patterns from simply looking at the world around them, a first of its kind study has claimed. According to the researchers, three to four month old infants can successfully detect visual patterns and generalise them to new sequences. When we learn a rule or pattern in one domain, such as an alternating pattern of lights, we readily abstract this pattern and apply it to another domain. This ability, known as "abstract rule learning," is a signature of human perception and cognition, the researcher said. If you present infants with the stimuli in a more appropriate w...

Genetics may play big role in kid's snacking patterns

20 hours ago
Toronto: Parents, take note! The types of snacks a child chooses could be linked to genetics, a new study has claimed. The researcher investigated whether genetic variants in taste receptors related to sweet preference, fat taste sensitivity and aversion to bitter green leafy vegetables influenced the snacks chosen by the study participants. They found that nearly 80 per cent of the study participants carried at least one of these potential at-risk genotypes that could predispose them to poor snacking habits. Kids are eating a lot more snacks now than they used to, and we think looking at how genetics can be related to snacking behaviour is important to ...

Indian scientists develop test bed to generate clean energy

a day ago
Bengaluru: Indian scientists have developed a supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Brayton test facility at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) here to generate clean energy from power plants, including solar thermal, the premier institute said on Thursday. Touted to be the first in the country, the Brayton cycle test loop facility was unveiled by Union Minister of Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan here. The facility is part of the Indo-US consortium -- Solar Energy Research Institute for India and the United States (SERIIUS). The test bed was developed by a research group at the inter-disciplinary centre for energy research of the IISc as ...

Carbon monoxide make more effective antibiotics

a day ago
New York: We found that if you administer carbon monoxide together with an antibiotic called metronidazole, it can sensitise bacteria toward the same antibiotic by 25-fold," said Binghe Wang, professor at Georgia State University in the US. Carbon monoxide is infamous for its toxicity at high concentrations, but it also has promising potential as a medical gas. Produced naturally in the human body, carbon monoxide is essential for survival and plays an important role in reducing inflammation, promoting cell proliferation and regulating cellular immune response to pathogens. Studies have found carbon monoxide has antimicrobial effects. ...

Two scavengers sisters turn new chapter in life

a day ago
Jaipur: Two young women, who used to do manual scavenging in Rajasthan in their childhood around a decade ago, on Tuesday turned a new chapter in their lives when they got married to two educated men in Tonk town of the desert state. Helping the sisters on the path to a dignified life in Tonk, around 70 km from here, was NGO Sulabh International. The grooms of Sarita and Rajni are earning a decent livelihood -- one is a cameraman, while the other is a technician. The marriage of the two sisters was solemnised with much fanfare at the Bairwa dharmshala in Tonk. The event aims at social reform and empowerment of people who earlier carried the social s...

NASA new spacesuit to come with built-in toilet

3 days ago
Washington: Astronauts on NASA's next-generation human spacecraft, Orion, may have the option of avoiding a visit to the toilet during their deep space trip as engineers at the space agency are working on a new spacesuit with a long-term waste-disposal system. The suit will contain all the necessary functions to support life and is being designed to sustain the crew in the unlikely event the spacecraft loses pressure. Such a system has not been a part of NASA spacesuits since the Apollo era, and the new waste-disposal system will likely have a lot in common with those used in the 1970s, reported on Tuesday. The Orion spacecraft will be able...

Two new vaccines effective in preventing TB

3 days ago
New Delhi: The findings showed that re-vaccination with the Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine and an experimental vaccine candidate named as H4:IC31, were effective in preventing sustained infections in high-risk adolescents. Introduced in 1921, BCG is the only licensed tuberculosis vaccine available globally, while H4:IC31 is an investigative subunit vaccine candidate being developed. We have demonstrated that (this) vaccination has the potential to reduce the rate of sustained tuberculosis infection in a high-transmission setting," said lead author Mark Hatherill, Director of the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) at the Uni...

India test fires Agni II missile off Odisha coast

4 days ago
Bhubaneswar: The trial of the surface-to-surface missile was conducted from Launch Complex-4 of Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Balasore district at about 8.38 a.m., said a Defence Ministry official. The trial was conducted by the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) of the Indian Army as part of its user training exercise, he added. Agni II missile has already been inducted into the Indian Army. The two-stage missile equipped with advanced high accuracy navigation system, which is guided by a novel scheme of state-of-the-art command and control system was propelled by solid rocket propellant system. It has a strike range of more than 2,000 ...

One million trees pledged for Trump Forest

4 days ago
Washington: US president Donald Trump doesn't believe in the science of human-caused climate change," reads the website for the project, launched before Trump withdrew the US from the Paris climate accord. So we're planting a forest to soak up the extra greenhouse gases Trump plans to put into our atmosphere. We're planting a global forest to offset Trump's monumental stupidity. The project was launched last March and in less than a year over a million trees have been pledged from people around the world, but particularly in the US and Europe, reports the Guardian. The donated trees are to go towards offsetting the 650 million tonnes...

Sleep problems in menopause linked to depression

4 days ago
Washington: The UI researchers used data from the Midlife Women's Health Study, which followed 776 women aged 45-54 in the greater Baltimore area for up to seven years. The women provided annual surveys and blood samples so that the researchers could track sleep disruptions, other menopausal symptoms and hormone levels as women transitioned from pre- to post-menopause, Xinhua reported. To track poor sleep, the surveys asked questions about the frequency of insomnia, restless sleep and sleep disturbances. The study found no correlation between the likelihood of reporting poor sleep before menopause, during menopause and after menopause. This...