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Tuesday, 22-August-2017

Bill To Woo Investors Through Single Window In Bengal

8 hours ago
KOLKATA: The committee comprising top secretaries from 21 departments is expected to remove the last hurdle to the single-window clearance method already introduced by the state government. The legislation that saw the formation of the committee, is titled The West Bengal Single Window System( Management, Control & Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill,2017 and was passed in the state assembly last week. How will the committee function ? According to the state industries minister Amit Mitra, “Every secretary or every department is directly or indi...

Earth-Like Planet May Be Lurking In Nearby Star System

2 days ago
New York: The team investigated the star system Gliese 832 for additional exoplanets residing between the two currently known alien worlds in this system.  Their computations revealed that an additional Earth-like planet with a dynamically stable configuration may be residing at a distance ranging from 0.25 to 2.0 astronomical unit (AU) from the star, according to a study published in The Astrophysical Journal. "According to our calculations, this hypothetical alien world would probably have a mass between 1 to 15 Earth's masses," said study lead author Suman Satyal from University of Texas...

Indian Doctors Remove Football-Sized Tumour 

2 days ago
New Delhi: The team from Fortis Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Hospital in Vasant Kunj, led by Dr Sabyasachi Bal, removed the 'Pleural' tumour that occupied a substantial amount of space around Emil Abdullaev's right lung. Pleural' tumours are found in the pleural space -- the cavity between the lungs and chest wall that contains lubricating pleural fluid.  When the case was presented to us, it was clear that it would be extremely challenging. The cause behind such a growth is unknown. However, most of these tumours are benign and once excised c...

Night Shifts Increased Breast Cancer In Women

3 days ago
New York: The study, published in journal Environmental Health Perspectives, showed that women who were premenopausal and were current or past smokers, and also who live in areas with high levels of outdoor light at night, were at risk of developing breast cancer - the most common cancer in women worldwide. "In our modern industrialised society, artificial lighting is nearly ubiquitous. Our results suggest that this widespread exposure to outdoor lights during night time hours could represent a novel risk factor for breast cancer," said lead author Peter James, Assistant Professor at Harvard Univers...

Renewables Energy Will Affect Thermal Projects

3 days ago
New Delhi: Rapid changes in technology are promising to help realize the promise of renewables, which is an eminently desirable development. At the same time, these changes need to be seen in the context of India's current economic situation and its enormous endowments of coal, which is still a very cheap way of providing energy to hundreds of millions who are still energy-deprived," he said at the 16th Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture here organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Noting that both coal and renewable sources should be the focus of power generation, Subramanian said that &q...

IIT-Kgp To Advise On Traffic Makeover At Bengal It Hub

4 days ago
KOLKATA Aug 17 First, IIT-KGP will undertake a survey on the major junctions covering the entire Sector V. The survey is likely to take into account the number of vehicles plying in the sector and the expected number it is pegged to touch in the next decade. At least, two lakh twenty thousand people travel in and out of Sector V on an average per day which is expected to nearly double in the next decade, necessitating a smooth transport makeover. “ We’ve approached the IIT-KGP to help us tide over this as the sector has been witnessing massiv...

Spacex Launches Cargo Ship

5 days ago
Washington: The Falcon 9 rocket, with the Dragon spacecraft sitting on the top, blasted off from a launch pad at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Xinhua reported. About eight minutes later, SpaceX successfully landed the rocket's first stage at the company's Landing Zone 1, just south of the launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, as part of its effort to develop fully reusable rockets. Previously, SpaceX has successfully recovered 13 first stages, five on land and eight at sea. Monday's flight was the 12th of up t...

Sleep Tied To Diabetes Risk In Children

5 days ago
Washington:  For adults, getting too much or not enough sleep both have been linked with adiposity and Type 2 diabetes, Xinhua news agency cited the study published on Tuesday as saying. In children, more sleep has been tied to lower levels of obesity, but research about Type 2 diabetes risk factors has been scarce, according to The Journal of Pediatrics. To explore possible connections, researchers analysed the body measurements, blood sample results and questionnaire data from 4,525 children of multi-ethnic descent, aged 9-10 years in England. They found that children who slept longer had low...

Deep Sleep Reinforces Learning Of Motor Skills

a week ago
Francisco: In a study published in Nature Neuroscience on Sunday, the researchers found that during non-rapid eye movement, or non-REM, sleep, slow brain waves bolster neural touchpoints that are directly related to a task that was newly learned while awake, reports Xinhua news agency. Led by Karunesh Ganguly, associate professor of neurology at UCSF, the team implanted electrodes in the motor region of rats' brains to send electrical signals to a computer, which then drove movement of a detached mechanical device, in a system known as a brain-machine interface (BMI). Tanuj Gulati, a postdoctoral sch...

Delhi Metro To Plant 2,000 Saplings For Distribute

a week ago
New Delhi: The project, organised by ‘Swachh Chetna - DMRC Eco Club', one of Delhi Metro's initiatives to promote environmental conservation, kicked off on Friday from Jangpura Metro Station, with the firm's Managing Director Mangu Singh planting saplings there, a statement from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said. Kids from Delhi Metro's own 'Children Home' located at Tees Hazari Metro Station on Red Line also participated in the inaugural exercise. The drive, apart from the stations, will include planting of saplings at Delhi Metro's depots and resid...

Space India To Live-Stream Total Solar Eclipse From Us 

a week ago
New Delhi: The Delhi-based Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators, will live-stream the upcoming celestial event from the US, the company said in a statement on Saturday.  The solar eclipse -- when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will cross the US from Oregon to South Carolina over the course of an hour-and-a-half, and 14 US states will experience night-like darkness for approximately two minutes in the middle of the day. This is an unique phenomenon. The path of the total solar eclipse will cut throughout the US and will be viewed by millions.  ...

Chip To Grow Plants Better

a week ago
Agra: The innovative technique is being used for the first time in the Dayalbagh campus of Agra and will help ascertain the produce of every tree. It will also ensure that the entire planting is done easily in a short period of time. The NGO, SPHEEHA (Society for Preservation of Healthy Environment and Ecology and Heritage of Agra), said the campaign will also be a learning aid for students and researchers who can obtain pre-fed information about these plants using a hand held radio-frequency identification reader.  Since 2006, the NGO has been planting hundreds of saplings during the mons...