sulabh swatchh bharat

Saturday, 24-February-2018



43 weeks ago
Gandhiji’s aim was not only the attainment of independence, but also to take India far ahead by getting rid of deplorable and unacceptable practices one by one. That is why he stressed so much on cleanliness and made it a pivotal issue,” remarked Amit Shah while addressing the gathering during a visit to Sulabh Gram. The book ‘Historical Visit of Hon’ble Shri Amit Shah, National President, Bharatiya Janata Party at the Sulabh Gram on December 20, 2016’ is focused on his speech and Dr Bindeshwar Pathak’s path breaki...


44 weeks ago
The one fact that unites us at the international level, a fact that keeps the interests of all countries in mind, is to make our Earth worth living, with all its natural resources and hospitable environment. Earth Day represents this unity. Earth Day was first celebrated in America in 1970 in response to the rising environmental dangers, and to warn people against them. Along with this, every year in the last week of March, Earth Hour is celebrated throughout the world since 2007. It is backed by World Wide Fund. According to this, the idea is to stop usage of electricity for one hour. It is a move to unite all the countr...


45 weeks ago
The law governing Maternity Leave has been amended by the parliament and it had become talk of the town. In organised sector now women employees will get maternity leave for 26 weeks. Before this, it was just for 12 weeks. This act has been promulgated with effect from April 1, 2017. This is worth mentioning that India is one of the three countries which provide the highest number of day maternity leave. It is a heartening feature that more and more people are coming to understand that women are physically different and need leave to take care of the newborn. Employers need not suspect their capabilities and their colleagues too...


46 weeks ago
Certain changes in society call for legislation and thus, deliberations in Parliament. The process for this may well turn out to be long and tedious. Sometimes governments change, political perspectives change and there can be shifts in aims and priorities. But one aspect that remains constant is the commitment of some individuals and groups who do not lose sight of their mission despite odds, as they are devoted to make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings. Every step in search of their mission might take lot of efforts and time, yet they keep on trying. In fact, there are people who do not wait for government initi...


47 weeks ago
Mizoram has embarked on an ambitious programme of tea cultivation encouraged by the experience of neighbouring Assam, which contributes more than fifty per cent of the country’s exports. The origin of tea plantation in Mizoram can be traced to Biate village in 1918, under the initiative of Thangchuanga, the son of the village Chief Lal Kairuma. After two decades, the villagers were allotted plots of one bigha at Halzawl with the goal of engaging more people in the programme. By the early 1940s, the cultivation extended to Tuilut and the surrounding ...


49 weeks ago
    Kanhaiya Devi, born in the family of a daily wage labourer, has been sightless since childhood. Yet as a busy midwife she has assisted in the births of hundreds of children. A resident of Sahapur village in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, she learned midwifery from her sister-in-law. She hasn’t looked back since, despite personal setbacks. Kanhaiya Devi is a much-in-demand midwife as she is known for her deftness.She can predict the exact delivery time by merely touching a pregnant woman and she is also a pre and post natal massage expert. “I feel proud that these children are today spread across the country and the world and d...


49 weeks ago
Lecture halls at BITS, Pilani are habituated of hosting students and professors of this premier institute on any given day. But, on a Sunday morning, it was beaming with individuals who are not usual visitors. The hall is packed with 26 school teachers from nearby schools, and they are accompanied by around 40 students. They are attending a two-day workshop organised by the ‘Teaching Learning Centre’ of BITS, Pilani on the theme of ‘Outcome Based Learning’. Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) is a unique initiative by the institute to n...


50 weeks ago
Legal profession has never been looked upon as good choice for women as it is believed that this requires to deal with crime and criminals. A lawyer is seen to defend hard core criminals and goons, so clients usually don’t trust women lawyers to represent them.  Of late, times have changed drastically. After the liberalization in late 1990s, women saw legal profession as a good career option as job openings came up in the corporate sector. It was after the setting up of National Law College in 1987 in Bangalore, which offered five years’ ...

Hate the sin, not the sinner

51 weeks ago
  ‘A world with no human trafficking’. Keeping this goal in mind, ‘Apne Aap’ has been working against human trafficking and flesh trade for the past two decades. This foundation of Ruchira Gupta is important in many ways. The ideology of this organisation compels us to open our minds against such inhuman activities. Trying to solve prostitution as a mere problem is fruitless; people generally avoid talking about these issues. As long as the social causes of this problem are not discussed openly, finding a solution is impossible. The available statistical ...


53 weeks ago
  The picturesque Apatani Valley in Arunachal Pradesh has a great deal to offer to those seeking beautiful unexplored regions and a culture to learn from.  The region is well-known for the exclusive methods of sustainable farming and social forestry. In April 2014, the landscape which is also called Ziro Valley has been added to the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for “extremely high productivity” and “unique” ways of preserving the ecology.  Inhabited by the Apatani tribe, the valley comprises about 32 square kilometres of cultivable area with small hillocks ...

Atithi Devo Bhava

53 weeks ago
  In one of the most arduous annual migrations of any bird of prey, the Amur falcon (Falco amurensis), travel from Mongolia, roost in Nagaland for over a month before carrying onwards to the African subcontinent. The annual migration route of over 22,000 kilometres includes an amazing transoceanic flight of over 3,000 kilometres during the outbound journey from Asia to Africa across the Indian Ocean. The entire population of Amur falcons leaves the breeding areas in Eastern Siberia, Northern China, Mongolia, Manchuria and North Korea from late August to September, generally travelling in huge flocks. The falcons arrive in October by batches of hundreds, and within...

Walking the long mile, Barefoot!

53 weeks ago
 Robin keshaw / tilonia A s I got down from the rickety Rajasthan state transport bus at Tilonia, I didn’t find anything extraordinary. It looked like a dusty, sleepy village, not very different from its counterparts. Flocks of goats and sheep, a tea stall, couple of Banjara children playing in the sand, sun peeping from behind a small hillock at some distance – there was nothing very unique about the place. But, the uniqueness of Tilonia doesn’t lie in its physical or geographical aspects. Tilonia’s model of sustainability an...