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Friday, 18-August-2017



30 weeks ago
She lost her eyesight, but hunger never left her side. It was her constant companion. She used to eat anything which came her way. Poverty had left her illiterate; the only option she had was beggary. That too, at a place which is widely known for drought and starvation. In such extreme situations, it’s nothing less than a dream come true if one gets two square meals a day. This is the story of Mahoba’s Chandabai. Crippled with poverty, Chandabai has lived this nightmare everyday since her childhood. She had to struggle for every piece of meal. But now she doesn’t have to suffer the same for a meal every day. Nei...


30 weeks ago
Ram Babu Gurjar, a farmer from Dholpur district of Rajasthan, learnt it the hard way. In his early fifties, Gurjar was content to subsist on a small piece of land which he had inherited in the remote Baripur Basaidaang village. A family man, Gurjar’s entire focus was keeping his family of five, which included his wife Angoori, three daughters and a son, happy. But fate changed all that. A scuffle over a land dispute resulted in a serious injury to one of his rivals. A complaint was lodged against him. Gurjar, like most villagers, was scared of the police and being lodged in a jail. Rather than trying to clear up his name, he...


30 weeks ago
It took the country’s conscience by storm…somewhat like the Nirbhaya gang rape case of 2012, though not so virulently. The lady had been stalked for two weeks, at least, in East Bengaluru. Then one night, two men on a scooter chased her, came too close for her comfort. She stepped aside, knowing not what to do. The two beasts got down. One of the two pounced on her. She tried to fight back, and he pushed her towards the other man. All around, passersby were watching this but no one came to rescue her. They molested her and threw her to the ground. The entire incident was revealed in a CCTV video recorded near...


30 weeks ago
Apne ghar ko chhor ke Alice, Neend ki goli tod ke Alice, Saare taale khol ke Alice, Sabko tata bol ke Alice Rolam polam girti Alice, Hai re daiyya karti Alice Ulti pulti nagri dekhi, Gappein moti tagdi dekhi Aadhe din ka raaj dekha, Apne sar pe taaj dekha Alice ne bas ek pahar me, Apna kal aaj dekha… As  the verse of ‘Dastan Alice ki’ ends, the audience, which comprised of children and adults alike, filled the auditorium with ‘wah wah’. In an auste...


30 weeks ago
“Kaam Chalu, Munh Band”. This has been one of the most misunderstood and misused Indian adage, since forever. “Munh chaalu, kaam band” is what rather we are known for. We Indians are habituated of concentrating most of our energies on empty talks, at the cost of actual on-ground work. But, things have been changing since 2010. On one fine Sunday morning, a group of volunteers in Bangalore decided to transform one of the most ignored aspects of Indian public life – streets. And, things they say, are changing since then, one street corner at a time. If you are walking on the 80 Feet Road, Koraman...


31 weeks ago
The announcement of demonetisation on the eve of 8th November left all of us almost bankrupt, with little cash in hand. Everybody had the same concern - depositing or exchanging the old currency with the new one. All banks and ATMs had serpentine queues outside.  The act of demonetiaation gave enough pressure to the ruling party too. But the Indian Army carried out its work of serving people in the time of this chaos keeping itself away from all sorts of political gimmicks. It is the traditional way of Indian Army to protect the people’s interest in the time of crisis without making much noise and distancing itself from...


31 weeks ago
Under the azure sky, kids playing cricket and Superman in his distinctive and iconic blue costume and red cape stands behind the kid shown as batting, as if the superhero is keeping wicket. That is what you see painted on a wall in Delhi. And that is just the beginning. The wrestler, angel, superman all the characters suffused with ample colours triggers nostalgia. The graffiti on a wall in the illegally occupied, forested south Delhi neighbourhood of Neb Sarai, created by artist Ruchin Soni is an idea to make something bright and colourful that will appeal to kids and adults. “In our locality, people don&rsquo...


31 weeks ago
As soon as I was assigned to write about GB Road, I thought it would be like any other assignment that requires a bit of research and some internet browsing. But the moment my editor told me that I was to visit that place personally, a lump came up in my throat. An unknown fear gripped me. It was not because GB road is one of the largest hardware markets in Asia, which is a fact, but because it is notorious for being the largest red light district in Delhi, a home to 4,000 sex workers and their 1,500 children. The place has around 100 brothels. The night before the visit was a sleepless one for me, full of apprehensions. ...


32 weeks ago
why Did Kattappa Kill Bahubali? This question had taken the social media by storm since the film’s release. Telugu director S S Rajamouli achieved international fame by his magnum opus epic Baahubali: The Beginning. Despite the fact that the story of the film was told countless time in different movies but the visual grandeur of the film Bahubali in almost every scene, be it the waterfalls, the song sequences, the castle scenes or the war field visuals made it an epic blockbuster. The movie certainly created a new yardstick for VFX in Indian cinema and was a solid answer to the likes o...


33 weeks ago
SHE looked herself in the mirror and screamed in horror. Scarred and swollen to twice its size, her face bore no resemblance to the girl whose face carried a perpetual smile just a few months ago. This is the poignant story of Monica Singh that will evoke anguish and anger at the same time. An agitated, rebuffed man poured acid on her as a revenge for her rejection of his marriage proposal. It was around half past four on a November evening when Monica’s life turned upside down. The psychopath entered her house and before she could react, he threw a pale yellow liquid all over her. The liquid ate through her skin and facial tissue, half of her body was ...

Quiet revolution Protsahan Style

42 weeks ago
At first glance, there’s nothing about Gejha village to suggest it’s anything different from scores of other villages in the Noida area. It is dusty, the houses are nondescript, the people who live here are largely working class, mostly semi-skilled or unskilled engaged in a variety of occupations.   While few have some schooling behind them, others have none. But Gejha is witness and a willing participant in a quiet revolution that has the potential to turn around the lives of its residents, especially of its children. That revolution has many elements, but awareness of cleanliness and hygiene are seen as critical and this is being arrived at through ed...