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Saturday, 21-October-2017


Sun in the Night Sky

36 weeks ago
 ssb bureau Can you imagine a Panchayat asking the Chief Minister not for a playground but a stadium for their village kids to play? Unbelievable but true. Dharnai is the village that has earned its reputation, after a victorious fight against the darkness in their village. The entire village is powered by solar energy and this model is the first of its kind in the country. Thanks to this enlightening work in the village that brought amusement to the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on his visit to the Dharnai Panchayat of Jahanabad District. The regional head of the area asked the Chief Minister to allot land and other resources for various services in the village.

Labouring some love

36 weeks ago
 srawan shukla/lucknow Life of Shadaab Khan (14), a child labour at the shop of a readymade garment, changed overnight. From 11 hours a day, tedious duty at the shop to admission in school, nutritious food, decent clothes and tuition for studies.  This was made possible by a small initiative of Team Gonda which came out with a unique scheme under which child labours rescued from the clutches of their employers are adopted by district officials for their rehabilitation. This idea was floated at a brainstorming session of the District labour committee meeting. “Once rescued, rehabilitation of child labours is the biggest challenge as majority of them retu...


36 weeks ago
 pallavi vatsa I was standing in a prayer meeting with 60 children around me. Their eyes are glowing in the limited but bright light of diya. All of them are singing the aarti.  I am sharing time and space with the biggest family in the Noida. This family has 400 members. It’s a family with single parent, mother Anjina Rajagopal. This is not a traditional family with parents and their wards. This family includes all those kids who are orphan, deprived, and had no name and address. All of them call Anjina, mummy. Anjina is not only their mo...


37 weeks ago
  GVVSDS Prasad is secretary of Sarva Seva Sangh, a loose confederation of Gandhian organisations. Basically a Telugu, Prasad keeps flitting between Sevagram, Wardha and Hyderabad besides of course travelling across the country and the continents propogating Gandhian values. While on a visit to Sulabh Gram, Delhi to meet its founder Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, he spoke to Sharad Gupta about where Gandhism is headed to and how relevant Gandhian thoughts are in the present context. Here are the excerpts... Tell us somet...


37 weeks ago
 rajeev bhattacharya When the hills in Nagaland were set ablaze by separatist militants demanding independence, a frail young man landed from Gujarat in 1955 to spread the message of Mahatma Gandhi. Four decades later, he came to be known “Nagaland’s Gandhi” for the selfless service he offered at a remote hamlet in Mokokchung. Natwar Thakkar, popularly known as Natwar bhai, is a Gandhian social worker who migrated to Nagaland for social work at the age of 23. Not surprisingly, rebels belonging to Naga National Council (NNC) t...


37 weeks ago
Every human being is destined to die but his deeds are reflected in his memory. Better deeds, longer the memory. But there are very few men whose memory lasts as long as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was not called a Mahatma for nothing. His body of work was much greater than many Mahatmas (saints) born before and after him. In fact, his life is legendary, lifestyle is still being copied and his thought process still called Gandhian philosophy.  He has been a source of inspiration to mil...


37 weeks ago
Lecturing on Gandhian philosophy might be easy but imbibing and internalising it and practicising in everyday life is very difficult. Its often said that there can’t be another Gandhi. But if someone comes very close to the mark, it is Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh international. His journey from being a student seeking a comfortable and well-paying job to being someone liberating millions from bondage is not only interesting but inspirational as well. His thought process too comes very close to Gandhi&r...


38 weeks ago
 satyendra singh Rig-Veda has special mention of water sources, rivers in general and popular rivers in specific. They are considered sacred and possess divine powers. Krishna, in Bhagavad Gita, claims that he is the stream of holy Ganges. These are the spiritual beliefs associated with rivers but they also have physical attributes since ages. Rivers have been ensuring the inhabitability on this planet since time immortal. Therefore, they need to be protected and holistically used by the society as well as the states. The Ken-Betwa river inter...


39 weeks ago
She lost her eyesight, but hunger never left her side. It was her constant companion. She used to eat anything which came her way. Poverty had left her illiterate; the only option she had was beggary. That too, at a place which is widely known for drought and starvation. In such extreme situations, it’s nothing less than a dream come true if one gets two square meals a day. This is the story of Mahoba’s Chandabai. Crippled with poverty, Chandabai has lived this nightmare everyday since her childhood. She had to struggle for every piece of meal. But now she doesn’t have to suffer the same for a meal every day. Nei...


39 weeks ago
Ram Babu Gurjar, a farmer from Dholpur district of Rajasthan, learnt it the hard way. In his early fifties, Gurjar was content to subsist on a small piece of land which he had inherited in the remote Baripur Basaidaang village. A family man, Gurjar’s entire focus was keeping his family of five, which included his wife Angoori, three daughters and a son, happy. But fate changed all that. A scuffle over a land dispute resulted in a serious injury to one of his rivals. A complaint was lodged against him. Gurjar, like most villagers, was scared of the police and being lodged in a jail. Rather than trying to clear up his name, he...


39 weeks ago
It took the country’s conscience by storm…somewhat like the Nirbhaya gang rape case of 2012, though not so virulently. The lady had been stalked for two weeks, at least, in East Bengaluru. Then one night, two men on a scooter chased her, came too close for her comfort. She stepped aside, knowing not what to do. The two beasts got down. One of the two pounced on her. She tried to fight back, and he pushed her towards the other man. All around, passersby were watching this but no one came to rescue her. They molested her and threw her to the ground. The entire incident was revealed in a CCTV video recorded near...


39 weeks ago
Apne ghar ko chhor ke Alice, Neend ki goli tod ke Alice, Saare taale khol ke Alice, Sabko tata bol ke Alice Rolam polam girti Alice, Hai re daiyya karti Alice Ulti pulti nagri dekhi, Gappein moti tagdi dekhi Aadhe din ka raaj dekha, Apne sar pe taaj dekha Alice ne bas ek pahar me, Apna kal aaj dekha… As  the verse of ‘Dastan Alice ki’ ends, the audience, which comprised of children and adults alike, filled the auditorium with ‘wah wah’. In an auste...