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Tuesday, 17-October-2017


Trains in bollywood

42 weeks ago
Remember the song ‘Apni to har aah ek toofan hai, uparwala jaan kar bhi anjaan hai’ from Dev Anand’s famous mopvie ‘Kala Bazaar’? Actor Dev Sahab and actress Waheeda Rehman were travelling in the same train coach.  Dev Anand is sitting on the lower berth, while Waheeda is resting on the upper one. Dev Anand is actually worshiping god through his singing. At first, Waheeda thought Dev is singing to woo her, but later she realises his true intent and starts listening to his musings carefully. The film’s director Goldie, Dev’s brother, was quite an expert at filming song sequen...

Interview: Amitabh Bachchan

42 weeks ago
“My fans’ image of me is the final word” Have you ever thought of taking retirement from acting? When I will be 75, my body will weaken and hence obviously my stamina will reduce, and then I will do selective work. But if the audiences want to make me to step down before that time, their wish will be my command.   I am told you have set up a huge library in your bungalow ‘Jalsa’? ...

Interview: Anushka Sharma

51 weeks ago
Is there any set reason why you do films after a long gap? Not exactly. There is no set reason but the media is all too ready to make stories out of it, terming it as ‘come-back’. If you look back, there’s been no film from Shah Rukh Khan in one and a half to two years. After this break, which ever film of his releases will be described by the media as Shah Rukh making a ‘come back’. It’s so weird and funny. You must understand that actors are human beings too. They too feel like taking a break and resting a while, giving time for themselves and their families.  You will appreciate that doing a film is not easy, it dra...

Namo App – 1 on 1 with Modi

51 weeks ago
September 17 was Seva Divas. It was Seva Divas because that is how Narendra Modi saw fit to celebrate his birthday, as a day of national service.  It was also the first time people high and low, came forward to celebrate, not in terms of crowding outside Lok Kalyan Marg but on social media aided by the NaMo app!. The NaMo app is not new, in fact it was launched last year but the new upgraded app is not only interactive, it offers a host of other features that seem to have become a hit with the folks on social media.  The upgraded app is courtesy Apple CEO, Tom Cook, who shared ideas with Modi on how to improve his app, during a recent visit.  The &lsq...