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Tuesday, 20-February-2018



45 weeks ago
Set between 1901 and 1956, the Jabbar Patel-directed Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar includes vivid description of India, Britain, the United States, as well as the two world wars. The film, however, centres on an individual who stood up against Hindu chauvinism, customs and traditions, atrocities, Indian leaders and mahatmas, including Mahatma Gandhi, and those who gave more importance to political activities rather than focus on social upliftment. Despite facing a barrage of criticism, a determined Dr. Ambedkar persevered. He waged a lonely battle for the social upliftment of the Dalits.


45 weeks ago
If you listen to Vishnu Sahasranam sung by Kishori Amonkar you will definitely feel the eternal power it produces to soothe your body, mind and soul. Kishori Amonkar left us on April 3 evening, in utter loneliness and disbelief after a brief illness. I somehow never had the privilege of meeting her but through past one year her voice has been echoing through the walls of my home every morning. The 97-minutes Vishnu Sahasranam Bhajan in two volumes has the power to touch one’s being. In her long and illustrious singing career spanning seven decades, ...


46 weeks ago
One is instantly reminded of the movie Golmaal when we talk about the famous actor-director Amol Palekar. The movie Golmaal released in 1980 directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee brings to mind ripples of laughter. Any discussion about comedy movies is not complete without Golmaal. Hrishi-da himself liked his comedy Naram Garam more than his movie Golmaal. But most critics, while appreciating Naram Garam, have always lauded Golmaal as a complete movie. According to Late Deven Verma, the demised comic actor, it was a classic comedy that made the audience laugh every moment. These kinds of films are seen once in a blue moon. It is not a ...


46 weeks ago
Someone is reliving the past, hoary past, when humans and animals used to live together. That was the time when humans shared the forests with other animals and knew their ways and in many ways, had a bondage with them. Of course, these were no carnivores or otherwise dangerous. Now there are sky-scrapers everywhere. And the animals, barring pets, have vanished. But as we shall see, someone is reliving that hoary past. This heartwarming story is from a beach in Brazil. It is the story about a sweet bond between a South American Magellanic penguin and a Br...

Sufi Rocker Kailash

47 weeks ago
I am overwhelmed and happy that my song in the film ‘Shivaay’ is being liked by one and all. Before saying anything about myself, I would like to mention that people say that I am an arrogant person, that I cancel my recording if it is not according to my taste. Well, I am fortunate that people change their perceptions after meeting me. People who know me closely can certify how much struggle is hidden behind the rise of this popular singer Kailash Kher, and this is the very reason that I love to remain grounded. In the year 2002, I ran away from ...


47 weeks ago
From Indian mythology to Greek mythology, author Devdutt Pattanaik in his book Olympus: An Indian Retelling of the Greek Myths reverses the gaze magnificently through the lenses of ancient Indian tales. Interestingly, this time the writer has shed some light on the tales of the West, amidst several western scholars and writers writing about India and her tales. The book begins with Greek creation myths moving on to the story of Titans, Olympians through the semi-divine human heroes and their vivid enigmatic description, touching the realms of ancient divine history.

Alia Bhatt “I am Still a kid for my family and friends”

49 weeks ago
Many critics feel that there is no comparison between Alia of the first film ‘Student of the Year’ versus Alia of today ? Well, I accept that as a compliment. It is the wish and dream of every actor to attain versatility as time goes by. It should always be one’s endeavour. I am 23 years of age. I was unaware why I have a girlish image in the industry. I fail to understand why people tease me by pulling my cheeks. I had done a film ‘Highway’ with Imtiaz and I am sure that I never looked like a kid in the role...


49 weeks ago
India Gate experienced an unexpectedly large crowd of tourists and spectators to spend their time last weekend. But other than them, there was also a separate group which had come to watch the vintage car rally presented by 21 Gun Salute, celebrating its seventh edition,showcasing more than 59 vintage cars, bikes, station wagons, Maharaja cars and jeeps. Among these categories there was a new addition of barn find vehicles. The event was programmed in a way that it entertained the visitor and judges for complete three days starting from February 17. The s...

Capturing moments!

50 weeks ago
Whether it is train, metro, park, hospital, mall or work place, it’s very common to see girls clicking selfies anytime and anywhere.  Whatever different eye catching and funny things we go through are clicked. Whether there is get together, birthday party or any public gathering we are the one to save all the memories. Women and cameras have become one of the most popular topics for jokes. But jokes apart, when it comes to professional life it is supposed to be men’s work and camera shifts to their hand.  As this profession demands creativity, focus, speed and strength too, so it is suppose...

STAR Studded

50 weeks ago
Supriya Pilgaonkar Holi is all about an array of colours and water and personally I’m very fond of the festival, as it is said that it takes away all the negative energy. As a Maharashtrian, there are special dishes prepared at my home such as Puran Poli, Katachi Aamti, Phirni and many more which adds to the excitement of this colourful festival. This year on Holi, my family and I will play a dry Holi. As a message to all my fans have a happy and safe Holi and avoid playing with water.

Their Real Lives

51 weeks ago
Having become accustomed to the dazzle and glitter of filmdom, film stars are now drifting towards removing some darkness, some pain from our society, by doing something extraordinary for the marginalised people, be they families of farmers who have commited suicide due to debt burden, poor slum-dwelling children who have little means to study, children with cleft palates, or women who have suffered the humiliation of sexual assault.  ‘Reel life’ and’ Real life’ are the paradoxes of the film world. The former is the typical make-believe Bollywood dream sequences or the sheer unreality of some films. The latter represents reality, and it is to the rea...

No Airs About Vidya

51 weeks ago
A lot is talked about the current day dressing of the women folk. How much support did you get from your family members with regard to this? I am quite fortunate that my family stood by me and supported me on this aspect and there is nothing wrong in it. Most people feel that since I am mostly seen in traditional wear, I should be cast in that image only, while others feel that my career will not last long if I don’t wear all kinds of dresses. People should understand that if a lady wears a sari that simply doesn’t mean that she is of reserved nature. If you look at my career graph, you will find that I have done quite bold and courageous...