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Saturday, 24-February-2018


Menstruation Taboos Exist Among Both Genders

2 days ago
  Actor Radhika Apte, who plays a key role in the Akshay Kumar-starrer Pad Man, says the menstruation taboo has not only existed among men but also among women who are conditioned for years not to talk about the natural process openly. Pad Man, based on the story of a real-life hero, addresses the issue of menstrual hygiene and is aimed at creating awareness about it. Asked if the film can bring any change in the society, Radhika tells “I think the taboo attached to menstruation is not only among men but women as well. It is happening for years. Even women feel unco...

Madhubala: Beauty, Grit and Feathers

4 days ago
  Often perceived as ‘Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood’, Madhubala is, by far, the most iconic silver screen goddess India has produced. Known for her legendary beauty and her coquettish charm, Madhubala was much more than that. Madhubala’s real name was Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehalvi, nicknamed as Majhlee Aapa.  A distinguished astrologer (Njumi) who was also known as Kashmirwaale Baba predicted in Mumtaz’s childhood that her life would be filled with money and fame, but her life will be tough and she will die at a young age. Madhubala’s fate seemed to have been written in haste. Born on February 14, the very date that signifies l...


4 weeks ago
Kofi Annan once said “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Since 2008, India has celebrated National Girl Child Day on January 24th every year, to raise awareness and consciousness of the society with respect to the girl child. On this day in 1966, the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was sworn in as the first woman Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi was hailed as an icon of women power and hence this historic day is a perfect choice to celebrate the national girl child day. The National Girl Child Day, was started to offer more support and new oppo...


5 weeks ago
A victim of an abusive and violent child marriage, she wanted to commit suicide by throwing herself under a bus. But in a life-changing moment, she instead chose to board the same bus and take charge of her life. Bengaluru-based Selvi – often called “South India’s first female taxi driver” – says Indian women must work towards becoming independent and self-reliant. Now a mother of two daughters from her second marriage, Selvi believes being strong and confident is important for a woman to survive. Her moving and inspirational story is documented by Canadian filmmaker Elisa Paloschi&rsq...


5 weeks ago
Parents and toymakers should avoid gender- labelling toys, and create items for both boys and girls in a wide range of colours, say scientists who found that children’s perception of what is appropriate for a gender can be easily manipulated. The study is also the first to show that a boy’s liking of blue and a girl’s preference for pink is not just a Western construct, but is also a phenomenon in urban Asian societies. The researchers from the University of Hong Kong recruited 129 Chinese children aged between five and seven from two kindergartens in Hong Kong. First, they assessed the children’s ...

Farida,s Mehram To Be Screened In US Egyp

6 weeks ago
Veteran actress Farida Jalal’s short film “Mehram” will be screened in the US and Egypt.It will screened at CAM International Film Festival, Egypt, on December 26 and at the DFW south Asian Film Festival, Dallas, in February 2018. Under Saudi Arabian laws, women without a ‘Mehram’ (a male blood relative) are forbidden to perform the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.  “Mehram” is a story of Aamna (played by Farida) who decides to stand up to the patriarchal system to claim her right to perform the Hajj. Written and directed by Zain Anwar, the short film is co-produced by Vishakha Singh and Gaur...

Sumukhi Suresh - Call Us Comics, Not Female Comedians

6 weeks ago
  IANS Call us comics, not female comedians, says Sumukhi Suresh, known for breaking stereotypes with her acts, including her latest web series “Pushpavalli”. She feels women are trying stand-up comedy but says a big change is yet to come. “There are more number of us than before. Not many, but still a lot more. More women are trying stand-up, there are more -- not too many but it’s a start -- sketches/content being written with women in mind. All of this hopefully gets more women to come forward and be part of the scene,” Suresh told IANS in an email interview. 


12 weeks ago
Rakeysh  Omprakash Mehra Indian Filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is a perfect example of how one can make every individual effort count. The Indian filmmaker has been focusing on creating movies charged with socially relevant themes including sanitation and cleanliness. Mehra’s film – Mere Pyare Prime Minister – revolves around four kids living in a Mumbai slum, one of whom wants to build a toilet for his single mother and makes an appeal to the Prime Minister. But while making films about social issues spreading a...

Ileana’s Mission Earth

37 weeks ago
“Where there is a will, there is a way,” goes the popular adage. But like most popular adages, it’s easier said than done. When fate hands us a rough deal, very few have the courage and willpower to overcome the challenge and set an example for the less fortunate ones. After performing in Tamil and Telugu films, actress Ileana D’Cruz, who came to work in Bollywood films, has decided to come forward in support of a project related to the world’s development by the name ‘Protect the Planet’. This is a programme of the United Nations. Ileana is anxious about the issues related to earth, water, environment and planets, and wants them to b...


39 weeks ago
Reema Lagoo, one of Bollywood’s favourite on-screen mothers, passed away on Thursday, 17 May following a cardiac arrest. Bollywood has often shown mothers in Hindi films portrayed as white saree clad women who are helpless and emotional fighting with poverty and corruption with tears. Nirupa Roy, Sulochana and Rakhee aptly defined such mothers on the silver screen. Actually, these emotions also fit with the word ‘mother’. But in Mahesh Manjrekar’s film,  Vaastav,  Sanjay Dutt’s mother came and shot her gangster son. This mother was played by Reema Lagoo. She won for Filmfare’s Best Sup...


42 weeks ago
He came into prominence playing an angry young man in a 1970s classic, and one of his last major appearances was as an angry implacable father in a 2010 blockbuster. But whatever role Vinod Khanna played   good, bad, or even supporting – he would inevitably make his presence felt. Can you think of any other Bollywood hero who won applause for beating up Amitabh Bachchan on screen? He entered Bollywood as a villain, but with his imposing height and physique, crowned with a sculpted but expressive face and discernible intensity, he was not fated to remain one for long. Given a break by Sunil Dutt in “Man ka...


44 weeks ago
The book titled “Master on Masters” was unveiled last week by Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar in the presence of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan’s wife Subhalakshmi and sons Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash. The book release was followed by a reading session and conversation between Karan and the Ustad that revolved around sharing memories, changing culture of music and how technology has taken away heart-to-heart connection amongst people. In the book, published by Penguin ...