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Tuesday, 22-August-2017


Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar - CYCLIST MESSENGER

7 weeks ago
A 26-year-old Indian social worker has embarked on a three-year ‘Pedaling for Peace’ cycling expedition across the world to spread Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings among school children. Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar, who hails from Sewagram Ashram at Wardha in Maharashtra, said he has completed 8,642 Km of 70,000 Km of his global cycling expedition. His expedition will be completed on October 2, 2019, in Pakistan, on Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary. “I have travelled over the last eight months through the Indo-China border and ASEAN, meeting beautiful people who have been very warm in hosting me and givin...


8 weeks ago
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently presented with a unique artwork made of pearls. Khushboo Akash Davda, the creator of the image, amazingly used over five lakh pearls to create this wonderful  artwork. A thread of length 10 km has been used in the process. The artwork which has dimensions of 7 feet by 7 feet, took approximately 850 hours for Khushboo Akash Davda to prepare. It is perhaps one of a kind of piece in the world. 


8 weeks ago
Law expert Neeru Chadha has been elected a judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) and will be the first Indian woman to serve on the 21-member court. Last week, she won a nine-year term on the tribunal that adjudicates disputes arising over the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The tribunal was set up in 1996 and is based in Hamburg, Germany. Chadha was the only candidate from the Asia-Pacific Group to be elected in the first round, where the 168 countries voted. Chadha was the first woman to be the chief legal adviser to the Indian government and her career includes s...


9 weeks ago
At the time when Indian cricket team is making news in the international arena, Jhulan Goswami is also adding a feather to the Indian women cricket team. Jhulan has become the leading wicket-taker in Women’s One-Day Internationals with a record of 180 wickets.  She surpassed Australian bowler Cathryn Fitzpatrick.  But the journey as a cricketer was not easy for Jhulan. Born in the small town of Nadia district of West Bengal Jhulan was the longest girl in her town. If she walked on the road, then people will look back and see. The cricket became an obsession for her since childhood. Her father who worked in Air Indi...


9 weeks ago
52-year-old Jasvinder Sanghera is becoming a pivotal pillar to those helpless women who want to get rid of the clutches of forced marriage.  Her nonprofit organisation Karma Nirvana helps women who are trapped in an abusive relationship or want to escape the prospect of forced marriage and are the victim of any kind of “honour” based crime. She is a highly acclaimed international speaker and an expert advisor to the courts. Jasvinder is recognised as bringing the issue of forced marriage into the public domain. The author of two best-selling books- Shame, which described her own experiences, and Daughters of Sha...


10 weeks ago
There are several types of campaigns going on across the country with relation to ‘Swatcch Bharat,’ and some exciting innovations are being witnessed. A smart-dustbin made by Pawan Kumar, a BTech student from Ghaziabad of UP, is causing great interest in this connection. Recently, Pawan showed this dustbin to BJP MP and Delhi state party president Manoj Tiwari, who liked it very much. He has promised to tell Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this invention soon. Pawan has been asked to keep all the preparations ready for this. Pawan is now doing B.Tech with computer science. In the first year of his studies, tech sa...


10 weeks ago
You Tube videos are not only entertaining but also manyof them are highly educative.  They include anything from school studies instructions to rather crazy ways of solving math problems, to education on the environment and climate change and what to do about these problems. Everything can be learned here, from the studies in various subjects to dance. But can anyone even learn to build an aircraft  by watching a YouTube video? Yes, this is possible and it has been proved by Cambodia’s car mechanic Penn Long. Learning from YouTube, he not only made a craft, but also accomplished the flight. Interestingly, Penn made...

Tanishaa moots a trees NGO

10 weeks ago
Actress Tanishaa Mukherji says that she plans to start an NGO dedicated to tree planting. She also urged people to feed people as she feels starvation is the biggest problem in the country. “We as a family are associated with an NGO that fights against cancer, I am planning to start my own NGO too which will be about tree planting initiative. Keeping the kids alive is very important as they are the future generation,” Tanishaa told IANS on phone from the city of joy. KFC India marked the one-year milestone of its anti-hunger campaign add HOPE and Tanishaa joined in the celebrations with children from Towards Future School, where the brand through Smile F...

TwinkleS’ menstruation campaign

11 weeks ago
Entrepreneur, producer and author Twinkle Khanna, who is producing a film titled “Padman”, is campaigning to urge people to talk about menstruation. “No shame in menstruation. Join Water Aid India and Dasra to get talking menstruation,” Twinkle tweeted on Thursday.  The page for the Water Aid India cause read: “There is no shame in menstruation. Join us on Menstrual Hygiene Day in ending stigma around periods. “The importance of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) is mostly neglected. Menstrual hygiene is a taboo subject; a topic that many women are uncomfortable discussing in public. “Girls and women continue to face signifi...
anshu-jamsenpa - indian-mountaineer-breaks-record


12 weeks ago
An Indian climber reached Mount Everest’s summit of for the second time in less than a week, setting a women’s record for a double ascent of the world’s highest mountain in a single season. Anshu Jamsenpa, 37, returned from the 8,848-metre (29,028-feet) peak on May 16, before turning around after a short rest to repeat the feat.        The current female record, certified by Guinness World Records, is held by Nepali climber Chhurim Sherpa, who in 2012 became the first woman to scale the peak twice in a season. Anshu intended to make the summit in 2014 but the climbing season was cancell...
rehana-ameer - india-born-woman-is-london-councillor


12 weeks ago
A 43-year-old UK entrepreneur has become the first India-born woman to be elected as a councillor to a ward in the UK. Rehana Ameer, who was born and raised in Chennai, contested from Vintry ward in the City of London County as an independent candidate. She was elected as a councillor to the Court of Common Council, becoming the   first India-born woman to be elected to the City of London Corporation. “As an elected councillor, my key focus areas are road safety, improved air quality, mental health and better representation of all types of businesses as part of the Brexit negotiations,” Rehana said. ...
Sedunath-Prabhakar - At-Victoria


13 weeks ago
A painter from Kerala, Sedunath Prabhakar, settled in Melbourne, has become the first Indian painter to get an invitation from the Parliament of Victoria in Melbourne to exhibit his painting at the Queen’s Hall of the complex. The “Pride of Australia” exhibition will showcase portraits of 50 prominent Australians drawn from a wide and varying cultural, social and political spectrum on a 50-metre single long canvas. It would be displayed on May 24 and 25.