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Wednesday, 13-December-2017


The Budget Promises Acche Din

41 weeks ago
The very first time the consolidated budget seems to be catering common man as well as rural India, farmers, poor and youth. Along with that, the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented his budget of 21.47 lakh crore for the financial year 2017-18 specially focused on infrastructure, financial sector, Digital India, and Public Service. While presenting the budget he discussed three main agendas named as TEC (Transform, Energy and Clean India) and said that the government will continue the financial reforms in order to strengthen the economic muscle of the country. It was the first time that the rail budget was also included in the union budget. This time th...

NGOs: Harbingers of Development

41 weeks ago
Non Government Organisations (NGOs) pitch in where government fails or lacks. Whether it is about water conservation, fighting pollution, helping physically challenged people or making deserts and mountains green, we always find NGOs outshining the government and its various departments. That is why NGOs should be treated more respectably than any government of the day.  But, normally this is not the case always. Barring a few, recognition is but an exception for them. They keep working tirelessly, often facing financial and resource constraints, yet there is no appreciation of their contribution to the society.  It is not only about recognition but also about how the ...
Usha : dawn-revolution

Usha : dawn of a revolution

41 weeks ago
The sun is all set to sneak through the sky. Just around 170 kms from the capital city Delhi, lies the small historical city of Alwar which has not yet seen the first rays of daybreak. But one can discern the weariness before finally getting up. Usha, Nanda, Laxmi, Shakuntala, Lalita – you are also in deep sleep but alas, you have to get up quite early before daybreak and rush to work, leaving your children and husbands behind while they are still sleeping, with your scuttle and your broom as a manual scavenger – negating, negotiating and braving the attacks of stray dogs and grunting pigs, and go on to clean the human excreta with bare hands an...

Railways to be cost-effective

53 weeks ago
Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu has emphasized the need of identifying cost-effective options to achieve and realize an energy system with least environmental impact. "Indian Railways, being a significant consumer of energy, identifying cost-effective options to achieve and realize an energy system with least environmental impacts, is essential," Prabhu said. He also said that the Indian Railways' "Vision 2020" document states that the key target is to utilize at least 10 per cent of its energy requirement from renewable sources. "As a part of this, Indian Railways has planned to set up 1,000 MW solar power plants and about 200...

ISRO on the brink of making history

53 weeks ago
Pride of the nation, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is set to achieve yet another milestone. ISRO is going to make history with their mission next year. Launching a whopping 82 satellites at once, it is going to make a new world record on 15th January, 2017. More importantly, out of the 82 satellites that are to be launched together, 60 of them are American, 20 from European Union while 2 of them are from UK. Russia holds the record for launching 37 satellites in one go. US had launched 29 satellites on 19 November 2013, claiming the second position. While India has already launched 20 satellites together on 22 June this year, it is also going to set the...