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Sunday, 25-February-2018



50 weeks ago
WB Yeats wrote:  “No matter what disaster occurred She stood in desperate music wound, Wound, wound, and she made in her triumph...”   Woman reformists have had great impact in the past and no less so in the present. They have played every character, from mother, daughter and sister to activists, revolutionaries and saints.  In doing so, they have nurtured the future of every woman in I...
Usha : dawn-of-a-revolution

Usha : dawn of a revolution

51 weeks ago
THE sun is all set to sneak through the sky. Just around 170 kms from the capital city Delhi, lies the small historical city of Alwar which has not yet seen the first rays of daybreak. But one can discern the weariness before finally getting up. Usha, Nanda, Laxmi, Shakuntala, Lalita – you are also in deep sleep but alas, you have to get up quite early before daybreak and rush to work, leaving your children and husbands behind while they are still sleeping, with your scuttle and your broom as a manual scavenger – negating, negotiating and braving the attacks of stray dogs and grunting pigs, and go on to clean the human excreta with bare han...


53 weeks ago
 ashima / new delhi The film was Rang De Basanti depicting a bunch of young men fighting the corrupt system. After having lost all hopes, they take up the radio to convey their side of the story to the masses. The youth who were unable to reach out to people, had faith in All India Radio and within seconds, their voice reached every nook and corner of the country. During this programme, they responded to people’s calls detailing their purpose. The entire episode resulted in the administration sending security forces to gun them down. But, their cal...


54 weeks ago
It was a different experience for spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as he came visiting Sulabh Gram, New Delhi on February 2. He evinced great interest in Sulabh technology and inspected everything himself. Sri Sri seemed highly impressed with facilities at Sulabh of – right from two-pit-pour-flush toilets, bio-gas plant, water ATM etc. converting human excreta into  manure and bio-gas. The renowned spiritual guru was welcomed at the Sulab...


55 weeks ago
The very first time the consolidated budget seems to be catering common man as well as rural India, farmers, poor and youth. Along with that, the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented his budget of 21.47 lakh crore for the financial year 2017-18 specially focused on infrastructure, financial sector, Digital India, and Public Service. While presenting the budget he discussed three main agendas named as TEC (Transform, Energy and Clean India) and said that the government will continue the financial reforms in order to strengthen the economic muscle of the country. It was the first time that the rail budget was also included in t...


55 weeks ago
At the stroke of midnight of August 14, 1947 two countries were born – India and Pakistan. While in its 70 years history Pakistan has witnessed three military coup – by General Ayub, General Zia-ul Haq and General Parvez Musharraf – and at least half a dozen unsuccessful coup attempts, India ‘s military has never shown any such inclination. It’s not that India’s military is any less fierce than Pakistan’s. The reason lies in our constitution. India is a republic for 67 years now. Except for a brief period of emergency there has never been any scare of democracy during this period. The reason is that framers o...


55 weeks ago
American physicist Fritjof Capra saw the dawn of the 21st century in terms of the rise of global capitalism and the network society; also the creation of sustainable communities. While these are current and happening and occupy a lot of the mind space, what about the equally current unbridled violence we see in our communities and neighbourhoods? How does one explain the mindless cruelties inflicted by the Islamic State on fellow Muslims? Or ‘civilized’ Europe turning its back on refugees from Arab lands, putting up fences to keep them out and calling them pejoratively “migrants”. How does one expl...


56 weeks ago
Even though ‘India lives in its villages’, it hardly loves its villages. Almost 90 crore Indians, residing in rural India, face the apathy and indifference of the urban, middle class, which seems to capture most of the mainstream space. One yardstick of this apathy is the coverage given to rural issues by the media, fourth estate of democracy. A study by Centre for the Studies of Developing Societies found out that top 6 dailies of India devote around 2% of their editorial space to the issues and concerns of rural India. Even in this paltry space, news related to crime, violence, accidents, etc crowd out the real iss...


57 weeks ago
Renowned scholar Ernest Gellner defined nationalism in his book, Nations and Nationalism, as a ‘political principle that holds that political and national unit should be congruent’.  Gellner and other modernists see nationalism as a construct of post industrial era, which emerged in 18th century Europe. As the clamour for resources increased, the modern societies started looking for strands of homogeneity to strengthen themselves politically. Nationalism stood out as the unifying force and it satisfied the need for new forms of identity. In Indian context, the idea of nationalism treads unique contours. T...


57 weeks ago
She lost her eyesight, but hunger never left her side. It was her constant companion. She used to eat anything which came her way. Poverty had left her illiterate; the only option she had was beggary. That too, at a place which is widely known for drought and starvation. In such extreme situations, it’s nothing less than a dream come true if one gets two square meals a day. This is the story of Mahoba’s Chandabai. Crippled with poverty, Chandabai has lived this nightmare everyday since her childhood. She had to struggle for every piece of meal. But now she doesn’t have to suffer the same for a meal every day. Nei...


58 weeks ago
Under the azure sky, kids playing cricket and Superman in his distinctive and iconic blue costume and red cape stands behind the kid shown as batting, as if the superhero is keeping wicket. That is what you see painted on a wall in Delhi. And that is just the beginning. The wrestler, angel, superman all the characters suffused with ample colours triggers nostalgia. The graffiti on a wall in the illegally occupied, forested south Delhi neighbourhood of Neb Sarai, created by artist Ruchin Soni is an idea to make something bright and colourful that will appeal to kids and adults. “In our locality, people don&rsquo...


59 weeks ago
As soon as I was assigned to write about GB Road, I thought it would be like any other assignment that requires a bit of research and some internet browsing. But the moment my editor told me that I was to visit that place personally, a lump came up in my throat. An unknown fear gripped me. It was not because GB road is one of the largest hardware markets in Asia, which is a fact, but because it is notorious for being the largest red light district in Delhi, a home to 4,000 sex workers and their 1,500 children. The place has around 100 brothels. The night before the visit was a sleepless one for me, full of apprehensions. ...