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Wednesday, 18-October-2017



38 weeks ago
Even though ‘India lives in its villages’, it hardly loves its villages. Almost 90 crore Indians, residing in rural India, face the apathy and indifference of the urban, middle class, which seems to capture most of the mainstream space. One yardstick of this apathy is the coverage given to rural issues by the media, fourth estate of democracy. A study by Centre for the Studies of Developing Societies found out that top 6 dailies of India devote around 2% of their editorial space to the issues and concerns of rural India. Even in this paltry space, news related to crime, violence, accidents, etc crowd out the real iss...


39 weeks ago
Renowned scholar Ernest Gellner defined nationalism in his book, Nations and Nationalism, as a ‘political principle that holds that political and national unit should be congruent’.  Gellner and other modernists see nationalism as a construct of post industrial era, which emerged in 18th century Europe. As the clamour for resources increased, the modern societies started looking for strands of homogeneity to strengthen themselves politically. Nationalism stood out as the unifying force and it satisfied the need for new forms of identity. In Indian context, the idea of nationalism treads unique contours. T...


39 weeks ago
She lost her eyesight, but hunger never left her side. It was her constant companion. She used to eat anything which came her way. Poverty had left her illiterate; the only option she had was beggary. That too, at a place which is widely known for drought and starvation. In such extreme situations, it’s nothing less than a dream come true if one gets two square meals a day. This is the story of Mahoba’s Chandabai. Crippled with poverty, Chandabai has lived this nightmare everyday since her childhood. She had to struggle for every piece of meal. But now she doesn’t have to suffer the same for a meal every day. Nei...


40 weeks ago
Under the azure sky, kids playing cricket and Superman in his distinctive and iconic blue costume and red cape stands behind the kid shown as batting, as if the superhero is keeping wicket. That is what you see painted on a wall in Delhi. And that is just the beginning. The wrestler, angel, superman all the characters suffused with ample colours triggers nostalgia. The graffiti on a wall in the illegally occupied, forested south Delhi neighbourhood of Neb Sarai, created by artist Ruchin Soni is an idea to make something bright and colourful that will appeal to kids and adults. “In our locality, people don&rsquo...


40 weeks ago
As soon as I was assigned to write about GB Road, I thought it would be like any other assignment that requires a bit of research and some internet browsing. But the moment my editor told me that I was to visit that place personally, a lump came up in my throat. An unknown fear gripped me. It was not because GB road is one of the largest hardware markets in Asia, which is a fact, but because it is notorious for being the largest red light district in Delhi, a home to 4,000 sex workers and their 1,500 children. The place has around 100 brothels. The night before the visit was a sleepless one for me, full of apprehensions. ...


41 weeks ago
Dinesh Kewat, a vegetable seller, has fainted thrice in past one week. He didn’t want to visit the government dispensary due to the abnormally long delays. His daughter, Neha, was told by her teacher about Mohalla clinic in her area. At the Azadpur clinic, the doctor examined Dinesh and asked for his blood test. Within minutes, his test report was out. For an adult male of his age, Dinesh’s hemoglobin levels were abnormally low at 11.2 g/dl. He was prescribed the medicines which he got from the pharmacist right over there. Within 20 minutes, Dinesh and Neha walked out of the clin...


41 weeks ago
nitinGadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping, had remarked, “For taking any material from Mumbai to London or Mumbai to Dubai is easy and cheaper compared to taking it from Mumbai to Delhi”. Under the layers of apparent sarcasm, there were vestiges of a resolve too, a resolve to change the situation. On August 12, when he flagged off the vessels MV VV Giri and MV Joy Basudev from Varanasi, his resolve seemed to start bearing fruits. With a consignment of 25 Maruti cars, V...


41 weeks ago
Daya Shankar Upadhyay, a resident of Mirza Pur, Uttar Pradesh, had to wait for his turn for long in order to sell his paddy crop in the market. Sometimes he also had to depend on the middle men. But now he feels hassle free due to the e-kray Pranali (Electronic purchasing system). It allows him to purchase an online token and sell the crop as per the token number. Therefore zero wastage of time and no traps of middlemen. Ram Kripal Sahni who lives in Jhanjharpur, Bihar and has come for a treatment in AIIMS feels at ease by getting online appoi...

India of Mahatma Gandhi’s dream

51 weeks ago
The world has begun to recognize India’s long tradition of Sanitation imbued in its culture. However, the infelicity lies in the fact that the concept of cleanliness was smeared with passage of time, perhaps the multiplying population or our own thoughts, the entire idea of sanitation went awry. Certainly, the man who pondered over this issue in Modern India was Mahatma Gandhi. In the year 1901, he inspired the Congress party workers in Kolkata Conference for hygiene and cleanliness of toilets.  Everybody ignored him but Gandhi with a basket, broom and a sickle was all set to bring colossal change. This was the beginning of revolutionary change that made its impres...

Half Way Covered More Pace Needed

51 weeks ago
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a clean India which we can be proud of, has beginning to bear fruits. With over two crore toilets built in almost all parts of the country, Prime Minister has brought dignity to homes of have-nots. Thirty five districts and one lakh villages have been declared Open Defecation Free (ODF). Five states are almost on verge of achieving the target. And it’s not a mean achievement. The Swachh Bharat Mission was launched two years ago on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The mission, launched by the Prime Minister, was managed by the Ministry of Urban Development for urban areas and by the Ministry of Drinking Water and San...

Stars with brooms

51 weeks ago
Amid the rush and incessant honking of traffic, the camera panned over a litter strewn street, over crushed empty cans, soiled papers and the tell tale paan stains on the pavement and corners.  It lingered on the bent heads of those seeking Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings, they went through their devotions seemingly oblivious of their surroundings. Not the goddess, who vanished.  This is the message of a campaign film ‘Don’t let her go’ with actress Kangana Ranaut playing the role of Lakshmi.  The film directed by Pradeep Sarkar also features Isha Kopikar, Ravi Kishan and Omkar Kapoor along with Kangana.  Using them, the film attacks pub...

Namo App – 1 on 1 with Modi

51 weeks ago
September 17 was Seva Divas. It was Seva Divas because that is how Narendra Modi saw fit to celebrate his birthday, as a day of national service.  It was also the first time people high and low, came forward to celebrate, not in terms of crowding outside Lok Kalyan Marg but on social media aided by the NaMo app!. The NaMo app is not new, in fact it was launched last year but the new upgraded app is not only interactive, it offers a host of other features that seem to have become a hit with the folks on social media.  The upgraded app is courtesy Apple CEO, Tom Cook, who shared ideas with Modi on how to improve his app, during a recent visit.  The &lsq...