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Wednesday, 24-April-2019



87 weeks ago
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) said last week that it will launch a supercomputer into space on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft next week, as part of a joint experiment with the US space agency NASA. The system, called the Spaceborne Computer, is designed to last for a year, which the company said is roughly the amount of time it will take to travel to Mars. “A mission to Mars will require sophisticated on-board computing resources that are capable of extended periods of uptime,” Alain Andreoil, senior vice president and general manager at HPE’s data centre infrastructure group, wrote in a blog post. “To meet these requirements, we need to improve t...


88 weeks ago
To picture what NASA is working on, one can imagine a rocket exiting Earth’s atmosphere. Its nose cone opens and what comes out is a flying carpet. The carpet, folded and rolled into a cylinder is just 3 feet in diameter and 5 feet long. After leaving the launch vehicle, it unfurls into its full expanse: 2/3rd the size of a football field and only 1 inch thick. Now one can imagine 2,500 of these spaceborne magic carpets flying together thus creating a sheet covering an area of 3.5 square miles (nine square kilometres) in the Earth’s orbit. This area is as wide as 1,670 whilst maintaining a thickness of only 1 inch.


88 weeks ago
After conducting a cosmic inventory of sorts to calculate and categorise stellar-remnant black holes, astronomers have determined that the Milky Way is home to about 100 million of the enigmatic, dark objects   far more than expected. “We think we’ve shown that there are as many as 100 million black holes in our galaxy,” said James Bullock, Professor at University of California, Irvine (UCI), and co-author of a research paper on the subject published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The university’s celestial census began more than a year and a half ago, shortl...


88 weeks ago
India and Bangladesh last week decided to set up a joint working group within 60 days for the conservation of elephants and manage their movement through corridors in their adjoining border areas, an official said. The working group will develop protocols and standard operating procedures in the matter. The decision was taken at the second India-Bangladesh Dialogue on Trans-Boundary Conservation of Elephants, attended by wildlife officials from both countries here in Meghalaya.  Bangladesh Chief Conservator of Forests Md. Shafiul Alan Chowdhury led an 11-member delegation from his country. India’s...


88 weeks ago
New research from an international collaboration of atmospheric scientists, including from India, has explored for the first time the possibility of using a “cocktail” of geoengineering tools to reduce changes in both temperature and precipitation caused by atmospheric greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal, oil and gas not only cause the earth to get hotter but also affect weather patterns around the world. Management approaches need to address both warming and changes in the amount of rainfall and other forms of precipitation.  The team which includes Carnegie Institu...

Self-cleaning public toilets now a reality

90 weeks ago
A new automated self-cleaning public toilet was officially opened at the Canley Vale Town Centre, Australia, recently. Before this toilet, there used to be two sets of toilets available for the Canley Vale Centre which was demolished for the construction of a commuter car park.“The business community was great in opening their doors to people who needed to go to the toilet, but we needed our own toilet,” Mr Fornasier said. “We had mothers with children and people coming from the train station and it was a concern because every corner was blessed. “I was putting pressure on the council and they have responded and it is a great thing for the community. A...

Traditional medicine threatens Myanmar’s elephants

91 weeks ago
Trade in elephant skin for use in traditional medicine has increased in Myanmar, alarming conservationists and authorities who have monitored the species’ decline. Hand-sized coarse pieces of elephant skin are available for sale in major markets in the country and are sought by clients for their medicinal properties as per local beliefs. “We have always seen elephant skin for sale. The problem is not new, but yes, the demand is growing,” Chris Shepherd, the Southeast Asia director of wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC, told Efe news. Shepherd said the network had found elephant skin in areas as diverse as the Mongla region in eastern Myanmar, borderin...


91 weeks ago
The latest heritage building to have its future scrutinized is the oldest public toilet in Dunedin. Built in 1912, its doors were bricked up after 1976 and the interior was preserved.The building is octagonal that appears to be leaning. It also has a huge crack in its brickwork on one of the walls. Jendi Paterson, Recreation planning and facilities manager, said a heritage report on the building was being compiled by a consultant. “Once we’ve got a draft back we’ll liaise with Heritage New Zealand, and have a look at the options.”One can’t draw any conclusions as any decision on what might be done with it would have to wait until the report was c...


93 weeks ago
The unique wing features of owls that make their flight silent could hold the key to making aircraft and wind turbines quieter, suggests new research. A team of researchers from Japan and China studied the serrations in the leading edge of owls’ wings, gaining new insight into how they work to make the birds’ flight silent. The results, published in the journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, pointed towards potential mechanisms for noise suppression in wind turbines, aircraft, multi-rotor drones and other machines. “Owls are known for silent flight, owing to their unique wing features, which are ...


93 weeks ago
A Saudi Arabia-based NRI has joined hands with Super 30, a free coaching centre which helps children from poor families reach the prestigious IIT engineering institutes, to help talented youth from the minority community prepare for the IIT and other technical education courses. Obaidur Rahman, a businessman who is also chairman of the Bihar Foundation in Saudi Arabia, has formed an organisation called Rahman 30, which will select 30 talented students from the minority community through screening tests. These students will be provided free coaching by Super 30 founder director Anand Kumar. “The main objective is to ...


94 weeks ago
Facebook’s new mission is to give the people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said. Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s updated purpose on Thursday at the social network’s first Community Summit, a gathering in Chicago of leaders from 120 different Facebook Groups, reported. Facebook’s earlier stated mission was “to make the world more open and connected”. Facebook’s new mission does not mean that the company is shifting away from connecting friends and family, but rather that it is br...


94 weeks ago
Globally, the amount of land being burned by fire is declining and this is largely due to human activities, says a study based on NASA’s satellite data. The researchers, however, found that in some parts of the world including in India, China and Brazil, the amount of land being burned by fire has increased. The total acreage burned by fires each year declined by 24 per cent between 1998 and 2015, showed the findings published in the journal Science. “Climate change has increased fire risk in many regions, but satellite burned area data show that human activity has effectively counterbalanced tha...