sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 12-December-2017



33 weeks ago
Agra is not just a Taj affair, it is also a petha affair for those who love it. Pethas are soft, translucent candies made from winter melons, also known as ash gourd. Historical records, and the people of Agra, mention that some of the earliest instances of pethas were found in the royal kitchens during the reign of Shah Jahan. Today, hundreds of stores sprinkled across Agra offer the original pethas and their many flavoured iterations. Delicious as they are however, pethas are one of the largest sources of waste in the city.


33 weeks ago
The extraordinary resolve that 64-year-old Jaya Batra could make in her retired life has stunned most people who know her or come across her. Batra says that the remaining years of her life are going to be dedicated to the boys and girls living in slums who have probably been deprived of basic amenities of life by our society. She not only teaches the children in a park near her residence but is also anxious that these children should not end up with any inferiority complex amid severe lack of resources that they face. To overcome this she tries to fill the gap with the financial assistance coming from some friends and acquaintanc...


34 weeks ago
Yogendra Singh’s father was a rickshaw puller. But that didn’t stop him from securing a seat for himself in the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM-L). On the brink of graduating from the renowned institute and with a Pune-based job in hand, Singh also wants to help his community back home in Jharkhand. Having grazed cattle and milked cows once, he has started a society for educational development in his village in Medininagar. To help develop a love for knowledge, Singh organises competitions in general knowledge, essay writing, and ...


34 weeks ago
Honey bees have 30 per cent better eyesight than what has been previously recorded, suggest results of “eye tests” given to the flying swarms of insects. The findings suggest that they can spot a potential predator, and thus escape, far earlier than what was thought previously. The researchers believe that the results could provide insights into the lives of honey bees, and new opportunities for translating this knowledge into fields such as robot vision. The resea...


36 weeks ago
The Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur recently announced that it has set up a plant biodiversity park to “conserve vulnerable, threatened and endangered local plant species” that are either of botanical value or medicinal and aromatic importance. The park is home to more than 80 plant species such as Telegraph plant, Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow and Allspice plant. “This park will serve as a repository from which the community can source seeds and saplings for restoration and to sustain livelihoods. It will be an information resource ...


36 weeks ago
The All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here has decided to go green by using solar energy and reduce its electricity bill by 50 per cent over the next two years. The premier medical institute has joined hands with Japanese conglomerate Hitachi to set up a solar power generation unit in its premises. The one megawatt facility will come up on the roof of the parking space located near the Centre for Dental Education and Research, AIIMS. Japanese government organisation New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO), which ...


37 weeks ago
Promoting clean energy, the central government has sanctioned funds worth over Rs 30 crore to 21 states and union territories under the solar cities development programme. These funds were sanctioned during the last three years till November 30th. Out of the total sanctioned amount of Rs 30.36 crore under the ‘Development of Solar Cities Programme’ for 21 states and union territories, around Rs 12.98 crore have been released, said Power and Renewable Energy Minister Piyush Goyal.


37 weeks ago
With aims to promote recycling and save up to Rs 400 crore in the process, the Railways has decided to cut down its water bill by buying recycled water from private players. With the dual aim of conserving the precious resource and reducing its consumption, the Railways will unveil its water policy, a first for the national transporter, for extensive use of treated water from water treatment plants for non-drinking purposes. The Indian Railways Water Policy, was rolled out on March 22 (World Water Day). Currently, the Railways buys water from the states and its water bill is about Rs 4,000 crore a year. “The water pol...


38 weeks ago
President Pranab Mukherjee presented the visitor’s award for the best university to Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University while noting that the research activities in the Central universities should align with the developmental challenges of the country. He also urged all the universities to continue the good work and use their “best minds” to convert new knowledge into innovative products to directly benefit the common population. The president said, “Innovative minds should create tools and implements that alleviate the drudg...

More power to Rajasthan

38 weeks ago
State-run power giant NTPC announced commissioning of 45 MW solar capacity at Bhadla in Rajasthan taking the total installed capacity of the project to 160 MW. A senior official said, “The 45 MW of Bhadla solar power project of NTPC in Rajasthan has been commissioned today. With this, the installed capacity of Bhadla solar power project has become 160 MW and that of NTPC’s solar power projects has become 520 MW.” Last month, NTPC had commissioned 115 MW capacity out of the 260 MW Bhadla solar power project. It has planned capacity addit...


40 weeks ago
Internet has become one of the basic requirement in modern life, hence it’s the government’s job to provide it to everyone. So has done the Kerala government, providing 20 lakh new internet connections in the state. “Internet would be made the right of the people and two million (20 lakh) “poor families” will get free access to the web,” the Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Issac said presenting the budget.HE further added, “Internet will now become a right for the people and within 18 months the internet gateway would be set up through the K phone network at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore. Two ...

Odisha’s Startup Helpline

40 weeks ago
The Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik has launched a Startup Odisha Helpline in a bid to encourage entrepreneurship among youth in the state. He said, “I hope this Helpline will provide a platform to our youth, incubators and other stakeholders to address their issues.” A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between Invest India, the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of the Union Ministry of Commerce, and Odisha MSME department. “I am sure that partnership between Startup Odisha Initiative and Startup India Hub run by Invest Ind...