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Tuesday, 22-August-2017



14 weeks ago
As the demand for flowers is increasing, production is also growing in the same proportion. But there is a problem in disposing them. The piles of flowers in the dumping ground, is a major cause of concern. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has found an idea to solve the problem. They decided that these flowers which are brought to the cremation ground could be converted into organic manure. The administration has geared up for the job. This project will start from vacant land near the Limestone Cremation Ground. It will be implemented in more places after this. The demand for organic manure from these flowers was there for a long ...
Vivek-Oberoi-with-cancer-patient-kids to-Malaysia

Vivek Oberoi with cancer patient kids to Malaysia

14 weeks ago
Actor and social worker Vivek Oberoi is taking children from the Cancer Patient Aid Association (CPAA) on a trip to Malaysia in the summer holidays. Vivek is the brand ambassador of the Association. He has been celebrating his birthday with CPAA children for the last 13 years. He also participates in fundraising activity held for the association. Apart from this, every year Vivek keeps doing something or the other for these children. He donates toys or spends his time with them, takes them a movie or for a film shoot. This year Vivek decided to take children to Malaysia in the holidays because these children expressed their desire to go abroad and to board a plane....


15 weeks ago
The amount of dissolved oxygen contained in the water of oceans across the globe -- an important measure of ocean health -- has been declining for more than 20 years, says a study. For the study, the researchers looked at a historic dataset of ocean information stretching back more than 50 years and searched for long term trends and patterns.  Oxygen levels started dropping in the 1980s as ocean temperatures began to climb, said the study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. “The oxygen in oceans has dynamic properties, and its concentration can change with natural climate variability,” said lead researcher Taka Ito, Associate Pro...


15 weeks ago
Hoping that if you build it, they will come, IBM plans to roll out the world’s first commercial ‘universal’ quantum-computing service some time this year, the company announced on 6 March. Named IBM Q, the system will be accessible over the Internet for a fee.  It will not outperform conventional computers, at least not yet. But the company says that the system will be crucial in developing a market for future quantum machines that can handle complex calculations currently out of reach of classical computers.  The cloud service is the latest salvo in the heated battle to build a useful q...


16 weeks ago
Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day may reduce prostate cancer risk by more than 50 per cent, show results of a study on 7,000 Italian men. The findings were then validated in laboratory studies which suggested that the coffee substance caffeine might have some protective effect against cancer. “The observations on cancer cells allow us to say that the beneficial effect observed among the 7,000 participants is most likely due to caffeine, rather than to the many other substances contained in coffee,” said Maria Benedetta Donati from Institute for Research, Hospitalisation and Health Care (I.R....


16 weeks ago
Delhi Police has taken an innovative step by linking the child drug addicts’ problem with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Skill Development Scheme. This campaign was started by the Delhi Police from--child rehabilitation centre Mukherjee Nagar. The aim is to equip the children of Child Rehabilitation Centre with such skills so that they are never go back to anti-social activities. They should lead a better life. To ensure that the training does not become boring and forced, the children of the rehabilitation centre are helped to study subjects of their interests. A child can be trained in computer, a carpentry, drawin...


17 weeks ago
A “snapshot” of the muga silkworm genome decoded by Indian scientists offers vital clues for imparting disease-resistance to help conserve the economically important insect which spins the distinctive golden yellow fabric synonymous with Assam. Bioengineering Research Laboratory (BERL) at IIT-Guwahati, in collaboration with the Central Silk Board (CSB) has, for the first time, dug inside the transcriptome-genetic blueprints that are needed to translate the information stored in the DNA into functional gene products such as proteins. In the mug...


17 weeks ago
A recent study showed that people’s ability to make random choices or mimic a random process, such as coming up with hypothetical results for a series of coin flips, peaks around age 25. At their peak, humans outcompete many computer algorithms in generating seemingly random patterns, an ability that arises from some of the most highly developed cognitive processes in humans and may be connected to abilities such as human creativity, the researchers said, in the paper published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology.


17 weeks ago
Agra is not just a Taj affair, it is also a petha affair for those who love it. Pethas are soft, translucent candies made from winter melons, also known as ash gourd. Historical records, and the people of Agra, mention that some of the earliest instances of pethas were found in the royal kitchens during the reign of Shah Jahan. Today, hundreds of stores sprinkled across Agra offer the original pethas and their many flavoured iterations. Delicious as they are however, pethas are one of the largest sources of waste in the city.


17 weeks ago
The extraordinary resolve that 64-year-old Jaya Batra could make in her retired life has stunned most people who know her or come across her. Batra says that the remaining years of her life are going to be dedicated to the boys and girls living in slums who have probably been deprived of basic amenities of life by our society. She not only teaches the children in a park near her residence but is also anxious that these children should not end up with any inferiority complex amid severe lack of resources that they face. To overcome this she tries to fill the gap with the financial assistance coming from some friends and acquaintanc...


18 weeks ago
Yogendra Singh’s father was a rickshaw puller. But that didn’t stop him from securing a seat for himself in the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM-L). On the brink of graduating from the renowned institute and with a Pune-based job in hand, Singh also wants to help his community back home in Jharkhand. Having grazed cattle and milked cows once, he has started a society for educational development in his village in Medininagar. To help develop a love for knowledge, Singh organises competitions in general knowledge, essay writing, and ...


18 weeks ago
Honey bees have 30 per cent better eyesight than what has been previously recorded, suggest results of “eye tests” given to the flying swarms of insects. The findings suggest that they can spot a potential predator, and thus escape, far earlier than what was thought previously. The researchers believe that the results could provide insights into the lives of honey bees, and new opportunities for translating this knowledge into fields such as robot vision. The resea...