sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 22-August-2017



10 hours ago
Toxic sewer gases killed two brothers cleaning a sewage tank without safety gear at a mall in east Delhi on August 12. Six days before, three sanitation workers died inside a Delhi Jal Board-managed sewer line in Lajpat Nagar. Another four labourers were trapped to death in a sewage tank in south Delhi’s Ghitorni in July. That this should happen in the national capital on the eve of the country’s 71st Independence Day celebrations is a national shame. According to a 2003 Supreme Court judgment (writ petition no. 583 of 2003,) no one is allowed to enter the sewers and even if someone is to enter in emergency ca...


10 hours ago
The only static element in a constantly changing reality and the universe is the impermanence itself. If you realize, nothing, in reality, is permanent, not your body, not your house, not your money, not even this very moment as you are reading these very words and with each breath, moments are passing from one to the other. Every moment is changing constantly. With a population of over 7 billion of us, surely happily ever after isn’t the reality for a lot of us. Things keep changing. There are always unknown factors that come into play. We live life in a rush as if it’s a race to get somewhere but this destination i...


4 days ago
Bill Gates recently wrote that India is winning its war against waste.It is perhaps too soon to predict outcomes, but there is no denying that a strong start has been made to the efforts. India is midway into the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM). It aims to follow variants of the celebrated Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach which depends on information to bring behavioural changes. The CLTS categorically states that it is a means of facilitating change at the community level, and that toilet construction is not by itself the panacea. It also requires that demand for toilets be generated from the bottom up, and that change be driven and sustained by the community itself once it ...


5 days ago
Our true self is very different from our perceived self. Our perceived self isn’t who we really are. Our perceived self is an ego, a personality, a name, and a combination of memories. Your perceived self is a construct of thoughts that consist of past memories, an image of you in time, and a collection of thoughts and actions that occur in the present and project this residual ego of yourself into the future. It’s a faux persona. This perceived self is what we all know as the ego. It’s the objectified version of our true self, the subject. We never seem to question our own identities. We never ask “Who a...


2 weeks ago
“A century from now,  who art thou,  so lovingly reading my poetry?” This is one of the better known poems of Rabindranath Thakur, or Tagore. Did the bard know he would still be read a century beyond his time? He obviously did, and he dared to write about it. Such was his genius. Tagore: Jana Gana Mana… Ekla Chalo Re… Geetanjali and a Nobel Prize in literature. That is what most people know about him.  Most have not heard the song: “Ei monihaar amay nahi shajey” which he wrote wh...


2 weeks ago
Think of the Here and Now aka your present moment as a container of your life. The Here and Now is the canvas on which your life is happening and if you are not present to it, if you’re not aware of it, then you are definitely missing out on a beautiful masterpiece that your life can be and already is. All it takes is a shift in perspective. All your life you have lived a certain way and now if this requires some radical shifts in perspective, then maybe that’s the best thing that needs to happen for your true self (your soul) to achieve its maximum potential and really be that masterpiece on the canvas of life. You ...

Lose The Thoughts To Lose The Stress

2 weeks ago
There are always two streams of life running in our perception. One is that of constant thoughts and the other of our experience/awareness of the present moment. We can only inhabit one of the streams at a time and unfortunately because of our rigorous conditioning via society and culture we get stuck in our thought streams and are never able to escape the loop of thoughts raining tyranny on our well being. The constant chatter going on in our awareness deludes us into believing that our thoughts reign supreme and have control over our actions. Our thoughts narrate our present experience and activities and often take us on mini day dreaming vacations into our past or our future. Rest a...

World Moving Rapidly Away From Coal

2 weeks ago
Australia is one of world’s biggest reserves of coal mines. Yet, there is a huge demand from within the country to put a blanket ban on coal fired power generation plants. The reason being cited is that they not only cause air pollution but also contribute to climate change and global warming.  Australia’s largest power generation company has urged the government to exclude coal from its planned clean energy target and said there is no appetite among private investors to fund new coal-fired power plants.The company, AGL, which sources 77 percent of its electricity generation from coal, said including the fossil fuel in the target would send the wrong signal f...

Meditation is the gateway to the soul

4 weeks ago
Meditation isn’t some mystical state one needs to achieve in order to be “enlightened” and become “superhuman”. Meditation simply means having a Present Moment- based focus of attention and awareness and less of an Ego/thought based awareness. Meditation isn’t an activity you do at home for a couple minutes a day and repeat it like an exercise, Meditation is your natural state, it’s a way of life. You were born that way but you simply have forgotten how to get there because of years of mental, psychological, biological, societal, and social conditioning that formed your Ego. The easiest marker you can follow is your own breathing. Breathe consc...

Poor turning diabetic

4 weeks ago
Diabetes, one would presume, is a disease of the affluent. Doctors too tell you that it is caused by a sedentary lifestyle hence labelled a lifestyle disease. Basically, it is related to input and output of calories. If the input calories are consistently higher than the output, the excess calories get deposited as fat. The obesity gradually leads to diabetes.  That is too simple explanation, it would seem. But, one would get startled to know that the ‘lifestyle disease’ is now spreading like wildfire among the poor as well – though for now only in the cities, who are euphemistically labelled ‘urban poor’. Basis of this sweeping statement is...

The age of e-cars

5 weeks ago
At the end of April this year while addressing the CII Annual Session, Union Power Minister Piyush Goel claimed, “We are going to introduce electric vehicles in a very big way. The idea is that by 2030, not a single petrol or diesel car should be sold in the country”. This aim put India in line with many other countries across the world where there has been a major push towards electrification of vehicles. Goyal said that converting all vehicles to electric would help the country save Rs 6.5 lakh crore in fuel bills annually. He said, “According to a study conducted by the Government, India can power its entire vehicular traffic in 2030 on solar power by using only 1%...

The Secret is in the Present Moment

5 weeks ago
Life is breathtaking. From the very first breath to the very last, it’s a journey of tantalising experiences with rich sensations and perceptions all weaved nicely together to form our own individual stories. Life seems easy when we are young and figuring out the nuts and bolts of life and the world around us. Somewhere along the way, we all grow weary and simply accept our conditions and learn to go through the motions. We start repressing our feelings and put on idealistic masks of ourselves that we show to the world. We lose touch with our authentic selves and start living exclusively as the mind created character we show ourselves as. This disconnect is the beginnin...