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Saturday, 21-October-2017



21 weeks ago
Researchers in Belgium have developed a device which, when exposed to light, can purify air and at the same time generate power.“We use a small device with two rooms separated by a membrane”, explained Professor Sammy Verbruggen from the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven (University of Leuven).“Air is purified on one side, while on the other side hydrogen gas is produced from a part of the degradation products. This hydrogen gas can be stored and used later as fuel, as is already being done in some hydrogen buses, for example,” Verbruggen said.The heart of the solution lies at the membrane level, where ...


22 weeks ago
With a view to accelerate the pace of development in the hill districts of the state, Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has recently laid the foundation stone of several projects in Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong districts. The Chief Minister during his daylong tour kick started the works for construction of a Civil Hospital, DIET, Polytechnic Institute, B.Ed College at Hamren, Public Hall at Baithalangsu and Science College at Dongkamokam. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Sonowal assured that the Government of Assam would ensure safety and security of all people living in the hill districts and uphold...


22 weeks ago
This may sound bizarre but this young women entrepreneur gives life to trash and discarded items. She is out to prove that recycling and land-fills are no longer sustainable methods to deal with solid waste management in India. She has rather created a fortune out of trash. A new change-maker to keep the environment clean, 28-year-old Shikha Shah is upcycling them. Upcycling is generally a process of giving a new life to the scrapped materially without changing its chemical and original component. Environmental Scientist world over have found this process user-and-environment-friendly, creative and less energy consuming t...


23 weeks ago
As the scorching sun beats upon the dry land in this western part of the country, the brown landscape suddenly starts getting dotted with sheets after sheets of colourful cloth, all dyed and block-printed, and laid out in the open to dry. Heavy stones are put at the four corners to keep the sheets from flying off. The lengthy dyeing and printing process includes un-dyed fabric being first prepared by being torn into a particular length -- usually nine metres -- and being soaked in water overnight before being washed to remove the starch. It is then dried in the sun. After that, it is dyed with myrobalam and again put out in the ...


24 weeks ago
Her fingers move fast over the touch screen of her smart phone. Purnima Mahato, 35, from this tribal village in Jharkhand, has just discovered ease of doing business with her ubiquitous companion in an otherwise rocky entrepreneurial journey. Travelling long distances to market homemade pickles and papadum (a local snack) was always tough -- till she started using a smartphone. She now circulates images with small write-ups about her products through platforms like WhatsApp to reach out to her customers before making deliveries to them. Payments to buy and sell are also made online. “Ho Gaya (done),&rd...


24 weeks ago
“My observation is that the biological clock and career clock are in total conflict with each other. When you have to have kids you have to build your career. Just as you are rising to middle management your kids need you because they are teenagers. They need you for the teenage years. And that’s the time your husband becomes a teenager too. So he needs you. They need you too. What do you do? And as you grow even more your parents need you because they are aging. So we are screwed”, said PEPSICO CEO Indra Nooyi on work-life balance debate at Aspen Ideas Festival. She was ranked 13th on Forbes’s Power Wome...


25 weeks ago
Akos MD, a US-based company run by two expatriate Indian doctors, is set to launch its India operations and has been supported by India’s currently most significant social reformer, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, known for his Swachhata (cleanliness) mission. In a statement the signals Dr. Pathak’s blessings, the man who has liberated millions of manual scavengers and invented the green toilet known as Sulabh Shauchalay, said that Swasth Bharat is as important as Swachh Bharat.


26 weeks ago
Indian bio-informatics firm Strand Life Sciences on Tuesday unveiled a liquid biopsy test to detect cancer from a blood sample for effective monitoring and treatment of the dreaded disease. “As a minimal-invasive tool, our liquid biopsy test can precisely detect early presence of cancer or tumour, its recurrence and response to therapy, more than conventional diagnostic methods,” said Strand.  


28 weeks ago
The Supreme Court is taking steps to curtail paper-based work to the minimum and making the task of justice delivery faster. Chief Justice JS Khehar  has said, “In a matter of a few months, bulky paper books having petitions, documents and annexure could become history.” He says that the Supreme Court is evolving a system of filing petitions, wherein just basic facts will have to be mentioned, including the grounds on which a high court order was being challenged.


31 weeks ago
The Delhi Government has allocated Rs 11,300 crore, almost a quarter of its Rs 48,000 crore budget, for education, said Finance Minister Manish Sisodia while delivering the budget speech in the Delhi Assembly. “The allocation for education is 24 per cent of the total budget. We were the first government to allocate maximum share to education and this is the third year that we have been doing this,” he said. Last year, it allocated Rs 10,690 crore for education. Out of its Rs 48,000 crore budget for 2017-18, the government has earmarked Rs 5,736 crore for health, Rs 5,506 crore for Transport and Rs 3,467 crore for Social Security. 


32 weeks ago
Cheering the labour and working class, the Delhi government has already bestowed a Diwali gift on its people. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi approved the proposal to hike the minimum wage in the territory up by around 37 per cent. The proposal now needs clearance by the Lt. Governor Anil Baijal. Revision in the minimum wages is done on the recommendation of a committee formed after former Lt Governor Najeeb Jung returned the file of a proposal to hike minimum wages by about 50 per cent last September. A special tripartite committee, comprisi...
NGOs: Harbingers -of-Development

NGOs: Harbingers of Development

33 weeks ago
Non Government Organisations (NGOs) pitch in where government fails or lacks. Whether it is about water conservation, fighting pollution, helping physically challenged people or making deserts and mountains green, we always find NGOs outshining the government and its various departments. That is why NGOs should be treated more respectably than any government of the day.  But, normally this is not the case always. Barring a few, recognition is but an exception for them. They keep working tirelessly, often facing financial and resource constraints, yet there is no appreciation of their contribution to the society.  It is not only about recogn...