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Saturday, 24-February-2018



18 weeks ago
Web applications and tools to detect and alert authorities of human intervention in reserve forests and monitoring of illegal wildlife trade through social media were among the ideas awarded here at “Zoohackathon”, an initiative supported by the Union Environment Ministry. As wildlife criminals use sophisticated means to ensure a smooth flow of trade, the two-day Zoohackathon brought together young developers, designers and experts to create web applications and tools to help reduce demand for illegal wildlife products. The awards were given away on Sunday evening at the WWF-India secretariat here.


20 weeks ago
With the kind of technology, talent and innovation which are currently available in the country, India will leapfrog the learning stages the developed countries have to go through towards realising their digital goals, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said here on Thursday. Addressing the gathering on the second day of the ‘India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2017’ here, Goyal said: “We have to expand the level of technology for growth. The telecom industry and Railways are helping India expanding it to benefit the masses. We have to look at new standards of service to our customers and have to expand the level of ...


21 weeks ago
A new technique can help programme cells like a computer to fight cancer, influenza, and other serious conditions, suggests new research. A common molecule - ribonucleic acid (RNA), which is produced abundantly by humans, plants and animals - can be genetically engineered to allow scientists to programme the actions of a cell, said the study published in the journal Nucleic Acids Research. RNAs carry information between protein and DNA in cells, and the research proved that these molecules can be produced and organised into tailor-made sequences of commands -- similar to codes for computer software -- which feed sp...


21 weeks ago
Researchers in Britain are working on smart materials that when embedded in road surfaces would be able to harvest and convert vehicle vibration into electrical energy to power street lamps or electric vehicle charging points. The research project aims to design and optimise energy recovery of around one to two megawatts per kilometre under ‘normal’ traffic volumes which is around 2,000 to 3,000 cars an hour. This amount of energy, when stored, is the amount needed to power between 2,000 and 4,000 street lamps. The researchers said they were working on smart materials such as ‘piezolectric’ ceramic...


23 weeks ago
Researchers in China have discovered a new method to convert fallen tree leaves into a porous carbon material that can be used to produce high-tech electronics. In a study published in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, the researchers described the process to convert tree leaves into a form that could be incorporated into electrodes as active materials.  The dried leaves were first ground into a powder, then heated to 220 degrees Celsius for 12 hours. This produced a powder composed of tiny carbon microspheres.  These microspheres were then treated with a solution of potassium hydrox...


25 weeks ago
Internet overuse has risen to epidemic proportions and people are becoming vulnerable to many neuropsychiatric dysfunctions such as irritation, anxiety, and obsessive compulsion revealed research by a network of doctors, neurobiologists, and scientists. Calling internet overuse similar to drug addiction, the research report released on Thursday says internet overuse has a significant impact on personal and social relations, socio-political environment, and mental and general health of the users.  “Internet overuse has risen to epidemic proportions and a majority of people are now spending a lot of time o...


26 weeks ago
A senior official of China’s Weiqi Association (CWA) said last week that it’ s lucky for both AlphaGo and Weiqi when they met, which brought the best in each other. Riding over human player demonstrates the AlphaGo, or the Artificial Intelligent (AI), has upgraded the capability to a new level, Xinhua quoted HuaYigang, deputy chairman of CWA, as saying. Meanwhile, AlphaGo helps human players explore new ways of gaming. Hua visited Houston for an event of amateur Weiqi (or Go) tournament, which lasted two days during August 12 and 13, attracting more than 20 players with ages range from seven to 7...


27 weeks ago
Researchers have shown that a battery activated by spit has the potential to power point-of-care diagnostic applications in extreme conditions. In a paper published in the journal Advanced Materials Technologies, the researchers described how they created a high-performance, paper-based, bacteria-powered battery which generates power within minutes of adding saliva.  They created the battery by building microbial fuel cells with inactive, freeze-dried exoelectrogenic cells.  “On-demand micro-power generation is required, especially for point-of-care diagnostic applications in developing count...


28 weeks ago
Taking on the serious situation of groundwater contamination, the Assam State’s Public Health Engineering (PHE) department is planning to install solar power pumps and an affordable nano technology-based water purifier to purify water across the state.   Assam’s drinking water continues to be contaminated with harmful pollutants like arsenic, fluoride and even lead. Groundwater in more and more habitations are reporting harmful levels of the contaminants, leaving residents, scientists and the government worried. According to State’s Public Health Engineering minister Rihon Daimary, water...
unicef-study-on -4-year-olds

UNICEF study on  4-year-olds

29 weeks ago
Majority of four-year-olds in rural areas of Assam, Rajasthan and Telangana are attending preschools, either private or government-run Anganwadi centres, a UNICEF study revealed on Friday. The study, which highlighted that even one year of participation in a quality early childhood development programme leads to higher school readiness levels and thus better learning outcomes in the early primary grades, however, noted that most of these children had low readiness levels for schools. The five-year longitudinal research followed a cohort of 14,000 children from age four to eight. The “Indian Early Childhood Education Impact study” was launched here by UNICEF i...
mamata-extends -kanyashree-scheme

Mamata extends Kanyashree scheme

29 weeks ago
Banerjee launched the extended version of the UN-lauded Kanyashree Prakalpa, the targeted conditional cash transfer scheme, aimed at checking child marriage and retaining girls in schools and other educational institutions. She said the project is being extended to boost post-graduate studies.“The non-resident Indians (NRIs) had come to meet me on Thursday and gave a proposal. They will bear the total expenses of 10 meritorious girl students who wish to pursue research. They will help even in future research work,” Banerjee said at a celebration for the success of the scheme. The Kanyashree scheme has brought almost 41 lakh adolescent girls in its fold, ...

Delhi schools to harness solar power

30 weeks ago
Government schools in Delhi may soon light up with solar power as the Aam Aadmi Party government is considering a proposal to set up photo-voltaic panels on rooftops of all its school buildings.The move will give momentum to the Delhi government’s flagship programme to make the national capital a solar city. The government, in its Solar Policy, targets to generate 2,000 MW electricity through solar power by 2025. Officials said the proposal to light up Delhi schools with solar energy was ready and would be implemented soon.“In the initial phase, solar panels will be set up on the rooftops of 25 to 30 school buildings in the city in the next few months,” a De...