sulabh swatchh bharat

Saturday, 21-October-2017


Highest bidder gets Toilet Seat Art

12 weeks ago
92  year old Barney Smith has created over 1,000 custom toilets seats for his garage museum in Alamo Heights. Spending nearly half his life creating friendships through his love for seat art, he is now ready to part with his collection and auction it off. Smith’s had a 50 year old hobby of turning trash into treasure. Smith is the owner of Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum with 1,200 spectacularly decorated toilet covers that he has created his art on. Thousands of art lovers from around the world have stopped by his museum in Alamo Heights. Smith is very passionate about his art and his museum. He enjoys talking to visitors and working on toilet seats un...

No way to hide from Court Summons Now 

13 weeks ago
  What the Law Ministry could not do in decades, a 2009 batch Uttar Pradesh lady IAS officer has done it in less then one month - finding an automated solution to the India’s pendency problem in various courts across the country. Impressed by her software, the High Court in Uttar Pradesh has given a go ahead for its implementation initially in e-Courts and then in its Allahabad and Lucknow benches.  Developed by Shubhra Saxena, a 2009 batch IAS officer, the software will prove to be a boon in serving summons to parties involved in a legal tangle. Shubhra is a tech graduate from IIT Roorkee, who topped the civil services exam in 2008. Shubhra has...

East West link: City of Joy’s newest breather

13 weeks ago
East and the West / Never the twain shall meet ­- so wrote the poet. However, at the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation(KMRC), men and machine have undertaken this seemingly impossible task of meeting the two,--connecting the East of the City of Joy with the West -- overcoming multiple hurdles and many a deadline. The 16.6 km East-West Metro(EWM) project connecting Howrah station with  Sector V in Salt Lake that had at one point of time been saddled with seething problems including funds and infrastructure bottlenecks, has been off to a fantastic start, time and cost overrun notwithstanding. Going by the present pace of the work, the first phase ...


15 weeks ago
Studies looking at the effects of playing video games on brain structure and function have been compiled and summarized by scientists. Playing video games regularly has shown to make the brain’s attention and visuospatial regions more efficient. Scientists have also looked into the brain’s mechanism involved in video game addiction. Ever since the rapid evolution of technology, video games have been an integral part of our daily routines. The average age of a person playing video games was 35 in 2016 which only shows that more and more adults are incorporating playing video games in their lifestyles. Playing v...


15 weeks ago
A team of scientists from various universities have put together a new ‘miracle material’ that would be extremely durable and energy efficient and would completely change how smart devices are made. This team has been working to create durable hybrid devices that conduct electricity at high speeds, are energy efficient, and easy to manufacture in large scale. The team of scientists comprised of Dr Elton Santos from Queen’s University’s School of Mathematics and Physics and other top scientists from University of California, California State University, and Stanford University.  The scientists ...


16 weeks ago
To enhance the passenger experience by upgrading existing fleet of coaches with better furnishing, aesthetics & amenities; and better safety features with a view to provide a safe and comfortable travel, Minister of Railways  Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu launched Mission retro-fitment in Rail Bhavan recently. Member Traffic, Railway Board, Mohd Jamshed, Member Rolling Stock, Railway Board, Ravindra Gupta, Member Staff, Railway Board, Pradeep Kumar were among those present on the occasion.  Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu said, “ Mission Retro-Fitment is an ambitious pr...


16 weeks ago
Solar energy is an answer to power blues in rural India, says 60-year-old Noorjaha, popularly known as ‘Solar didi’. In the last five years, she not only lighted her own house but adjoining five villages in Kanpur rural. Her missionary zeal to remove darkness from rural areas was even appreciated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In his ‘Man Ki Baat’ program about a year ago, Modi made a special mention of Noorjaha’s efforts to light up rural areas. “A small effort by Noorjaha in Kanpur will go a long way in removing darkness from rural areas,” PM had stated in his programme.


17 weeks ago
A pilot micro-factory that safely transforms toxic electronic waste (e-waste) into high value metal alloys is soon to be unveiled at the University of New South Wales, offering a unique low-cost solution to one of the world’s fastest-growing waste burdens. The breakthrough new process, invented by UNSW ARC Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla, recovers the considerable wealth of resources embedded in e-waste while overcoming the challenges of toxicity and the often prohibitively high costs of conventional industrial-scale recycling. Professor Sahajwalla’s solution will enable the safe, cost-effective &ls...


18 weeks ago
India plans to install 10,000 small-scale solar-power grids across the country in next five years, to bring basic electrical power to communities without it. But providing access to a minimal supply of clean energy – enough to power two LED lights for a few hours and charge a mobile phone – is probably not enough to significantly improve people’s lives. A study in Uttar Pradesh, which looked at more than a thousand homes that had received basic access to clean electricity for the first time, found that spending on expensive kerosene for lighting had fallen benefitting the families. But access to a...


18 weeks ago
North East Frontier Railway’s first ‘green corridor’ will be commissioned in the Chaparmukh-Silghat Town section in Assam, officials said. The officials said various initiatives are being taken and implemented by the North East Frontier Railway towards fulfilling the goal of a Swachh Bharat under the leadership of the Railway Minister. The 81-km Chaparmukh – Silghat town section is planned to be converted into a discharge free Green Corridor within June this year.  Four more sections: Rangiya – Murkongselek (448 kms including Naharlagun, Dekargaon and Bhalukpong), Badarpur – Agartala (225 k...


20 weeks ago
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi has the potential to generate 676 MW power from solar rooftop panels alone. However, outdated grids and a huge line loss pose a challenge, said a report. The Centre for Environment and Energy Development  (CEED) report “Vibrant Varanasi, Transformation through Solar Rooftop”, released here by Girish Chandra Tripathi, Vice-Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), also set a road-map for the historic city to generate 300 MW by 2025. The recognised potential -- 676 MW  can be achieved using only 8.7 per cent of the total el...


20 weeks ago
“With only one toilet for an entire school, the students and teachers at Manav Vikas School in Jamshedpur were facing many troubles. An eco-friendly initiative, however, is going to puncture their many problems with one go. The school, managed by retired employees, plans to build a toilet made of used plastic bottles instead of conventional bricks. The bottles filled with sand, iron-ore dust and slag ash will act as bricks. Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Deputy Collector in the chief minister’s camp office, said that this initiative will also help keep the environment clean as only waste materials would be used to ...