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Monday, 20-August-2018



15 weeks ago
While aerobic exercises, such as walking, running, cycling, are known to confer various health benefits, for the first time researchers have shown that aerobic fitness may also be linked with increased linguistic skills in the elderly. Older adults frequently have word finding difficulties and they experience these as particularly irritating and embarrassing. It also hinders in maintaining social relationships and independence in old age. According to the study, published in journal Scientific Reports, older adults’ aerobic fitness levels are directly related to the incidence of age-related language failures ...

HIV/AIDS Training Modules For Security Forces Begins At Kohima

16 weeks ago
  The Nagaland government has launched training modules on HIV and AIDS for law enforcement agency and faith-based organisations (FBOs).   The package has been prepared by Kripa Foundation Nagaland in partnership with the Family Health International (FHI) 360 and Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS).  The goal of the module is to empower the state’s police force and church workers for a collective response to HIV and AIDS and ensure universal access, protection of human rights, and removal of stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.  

Scientists Shed Light On Cancer Risk Associated With Changes During Ageing

17 weeks ago
n Ratneshwar Thakur The new science of Epigenetics has enabled us to track, how our lifestyle and surroundings affect the behavior of genes in our body, without altering the underlying DNA sequence (commonly called ‘mutations’).These epigenetic changes may stop aged cells and damaged cells from forming any new cells–akin to forced retirement, scientifically known as senescence, thereby preventing chances of cancer. However unusual epigenetic changes might help rogue cells to escape senescence and steer towards formation of tumors. ...

Delhi Public School South Raises Rs 26 Lakh For Thalassemics

18 weeks ago
  The students of Delhi Public School - South (DPS) in Bangalore have helped raise Rs 26 lakh in 45 days for thalassemia patients, making it the country’s biggest student crowd-funded campaign. The money will fund blood transfusion cost for 1,300 patients Thalassemia is a blood disorder where the body produces less than the optimal amount of haemoglobin. This inherited disorder requires lifelong blood transfusions.  The campaign supports giving free blood transfusions to those suffering from thalassemia. The cost of each transfusion is Rs 2,000 and each student at DPS raised Rs 20,000 which will help 10 individuals by funding their transfu...


20 weeks ago
With lot of debates happening across the country over the health insurance scheme announced by finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Union budget, here is a unique offering by the Karnataka government. From April this year, all govt hospitals in the state will offer free Total Knee Replacement (TKR) procedure to everyone, irrespective of the individual’s status. With this announcement, the state government has come to the rescue of thousands of orthopaedic patients, who have been waiting for the expensive Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgeries.  All government hospitals will offer TKR procedures absolutel...


23 weeks ago
Aging is a complex phenomenon. Scientists have been trying to figure out mechanisms underlying changes that occur in behaviour and cognition processes due to aging. Among various possibilities, the role of retrotransposons - popularly known as jumping genes - is suspected to be critical in the process of aging. Now a group of Indian scientists have found that a jumping gene known as LINE-1 retrotransposons becomes highly active with age in different anatomical regions of the human brain like frontal cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia. This indicates that alteration of neuronal genome occurs as age advances. The group i...


23 weeks ago
New Delhi:  Officials said that the CSIR's Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB) has entered into partnership with Dr Lal PathLabs, a private chain of labs, and licensed it with technology. These tests are expected to be launched over the period of one year. "Genetic diseases, though are individually rare, cumulatively affect a large number of individuals -- an estimated 70 million Indians. It is anticipated tha...


25 weeks ago
One size does not fit all. This applies to medicine, as much as for garments. Some medicines might work on some but not on others. The key to unravel this secret lies in the uniqueness of cells of each one of us. However, unlike garments, the consequences can be quite serious when we do not respond favorably to the drugs. Could we then have a test run of the drug on a body double and pick only the ones that work for ourselves? Recent developments in life science research have led to a novel solution for this problem. Scientists can now convert ordinary cells extracted from a patient’s body into what are called pluripotent stem cells and use these to develop a variety of or...

Cancer-Fighting Nanorobots Can Shrink Tumours

26 weeks ago
In a major advancement in nanomedicine, an international team of scientists has successfully programmed nanorobots for the first time in mammals, that potentially shrinks tumours by cutting off their blood supply. Each nanorobot is made from a flat, rectangular DNA origami sheet that is 90 nanometres by 60 nanometres in size. Once bound to the tumour blood vessel surface, the nanorobot was programmed to deliver its unsuspecting drug cargo in the very heart of the tumour, exposing an enzyme called thrombin that is key to blood clotting. The nanorobots worked fast, congregating in large numbers to quickly surround the tumou...

New Way To Predict Chemo Outcomes

26 weeks ago
n SSB BUREAU Scientists have developed a new optical imaging system that uses red- and near-infrared light to predict response to chemotherapy by as early as two weeks. “There is currently no method that can predict treatment outcome of chemotherapy early on in treatment, so this is a major advance,” said Andreas Hielscher, professor at Columbia University.  The novel dynamic “optical tomographic breast imaging system” generates three-dimensional (3-D) images of both breasts simultaneously.  The images also enable the researchers to look at blood flow in the breasts, see how the vasculature changes, and how the blood inte...

First Urine Producing Kidney Tissue Developed

26 weeks ago
In a first for medical science, scientists have successfully produced human kidney tissue within a living organism that is able to produce urine, a significant milestone in the development of treatment for kidney disease. Using stem cells, scientists from the University of Manchester, created mini-kidneys that were implanted into mice. Tests revealed they were able to filter and excrete waste. In the study, published in the journal Stem Cell Reports, kidney glomeruli – a constituent microscopic parts of the organ – were generated from human embryonic stem cells grown in plastic laboratory culture dishes. These were combined with a gel like substance, which ...


26 weeks ago
New York: The liver organoids, made with human cells, are less than one-third inch in diameter. These will also help advance scientists understanding about bile duct formation. This model better mimics foetal development and function of the human liver," said lead researcher Shay Soker, Professor at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, US. "We expect these organoids to advance our understanding of how liver diseases -- especially congenital diseases -- start and pr...