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Thursday, 14-December-2017



37 weeks ago
As one walks into the Clever Fox Café at Delhi airport, a smiling Shiraz welcomes with folded hands. He displays a card, which reads ‘Hi, I’m Shiraz and I work at Clever Fox Café. I have Down syndrome. If you write down your request, I will be very happy to serve you’. Shiraz then directs you to the available table at the restaurant. After you settle down, he brings the menu card and fills the glasses. Shiraz diligently makes a note of all the orders and puts a star mark against the special request to keep the spices moderate. All this while, not even for a single moment, the broad grin on Shiraz&rs...


39 weeks ago
Janab Mohammad Ashraf (17) was a casual labourer of a small engineering unit of Liluah near Howrah, who used to wash galvanised tools with acid. He had to use his mouth to pull the acid from the jar. One day while working, he was joking with his friends and by chance, sucked in some of the acid. The acid burnt his intestine. No hospital agreed to admit him, though he was fast sinking. As a last effort, his friends took him to Shramajeevi Hospital at Belur. He was immediately admitted there. The doctors replaced the burnt portion of his small intestine with parts of his large intestine and saved his life. Ashraf is now married, working in another factory and...

Usha : dawn of a revolution

41 weeks ago
THE sun is all set to sneak through the sky. Just around 170 kms from the capital city Delhi, lies the small historical city of Alwar which has not yet seen the first rays of daybreak. But one can discern the weariness before finally getting up. Usha, Nanda, Laxmi, Shakuntala, Lalita – you are also in deep sleep but alas, you have to get up quite early before daybreak and rush to work, leaving your children and husbands behind while they are still sleeping, with your scuttle and your broom as a manual scavenger – negating, negotiating and braving the attacks of stray dogs and grunting pigs, and go on to clean the human excreta with bare han...

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -God is inside every heart…

42 weeks ago
 Prasann Pranjal “We search for god everywhere except inside us, but in reality he is inside us. It’s the God only who motivates us to do positive work. So, when a man gets inspired from inside, then nothing in the world is impossible for him. These people have special blessings from God. The almighty always gives support to these people and helps them to proceed further in life. Dr Bindeshwar Pathak has personified above lines. Along with Karma yoga (action), he set distinctive examples for Bhakti yoga (devotion) too. His remarkable service ...

Journey of courage and adventure

43 weeks ago
Imagine a milky white waterfall roaring and gushing down a rocky surface with lush greenery all around. Capturing the moment in its beauty and telling a story of every beautiful moment while your pathway is washed and cleaned continuously by gushing rain water. In a country like India trekking is magical as you can walk through icy deserts and tropical rainforests, climb vast Himalayan peaks or run down expansive meadows, all without crossing a national border.    There is quite nothing like finishing a trek to a peak and staring down into the vast openness.  And after the gut-wrenching struggle that involv...


45 weeks ago
  Human rights advocacy seems to be picking up steam these days. Right from education to economy, the advocacy of human rights is pushing for implementation of some logical and relevant requirements in these fields. Although it seems quite paradoxical that at one end of the spectrum we have a society deeply indulged in consumerism while on the other hand human rights is finding new grounds at national and international level. This reminds us of one of the greatest proponents of human rights – Gandhi. His worldview had an inherent element of human dignity and the mea...


46 weeks ago
 ssb bureau At a time when the country is facing issues like rising intolerance, Kashmir crisis and unrest among the youth, the book Democrats and Dissenters authored by Ramachandra Guha narrates the different facets of Indian politics and tries to find out the origin of these contentious issues. Indeed we had an opportunity to develop a vision for the nation under the leadership of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel after Independence. These leaders particularly Nehru, were convinced of their mission, seekin...


47 weeks ago
“Is it not amazing, Puggly dear, that whenever we begin to congratulate ourselves on the breadth of our knowledge of the world, we discover that there are multitudes of people, in every corner of the earth, who have seen vastly more than we can ever hope to? And to no one is this state more attractive than to those whom it is consistently denied.” Throughout his work, in River of Smoke Amitav Ghosh writes with a global perspective that is manifest not only in the series of locations and multiplicity of characters he depicts, but also in his persistence on connections that cross imaginary boundaries. At th...


47 weeks ago
In his trademark voice, the 66-year-old noted actor par excellence Om Puri said, “My contribution as an actor will be visible once I leave this world and the younger generation, especially film students will watch my films.”  Nobody knew that these lines of his last interview would become a reality so soon.  His sudden demise left everyone in a shock.  In a true manner, Om Puri was a first Indian actor who left his mark in different genres and styles of cinema worldwide. Whether it’s theatre or television or films – Indian, British, Hollywood and Pakistani cinema, he did it all and left a las...


48 weeks ago
Born on 4th January, 1952 in Jammu, the Chief Justice of India turned 65 (the retiring age) this week. He was appointed as The Chief Justice of India on 3rd December 2015. Enrolled as a pleader in October, 1972, he started his career from the Jammu & Kashmir chamber of his father, Late DD Thakur. A litigator at heart, he practiced in a wide range of matters such as Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, Taxation and Service matters in the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir. He was later appointed as an Additional Judge of the High Court of J&K, transferred as Judge of the High Court of Karnataka in March, 1994, appo...

ANUPAM MISHRA - Demise of a Good Samaritan

50 weeks ago
India lost one of its greatest yet humble environmentalist. His simple, idealistic life has been an inspiration to many, writes Sanjeev Anupam Mishra, a man who was Gandhian from his heart, environmentalist par excellence and the pioneer in water conservation, passed away on December 19. He was 68 years old and was suffering from prostate cancer. Simple living and high thinking was his lifestyle. He was a detached person with right kind of attitude. His book ‘Aaj Bhi Khade Hain Talab’ was published in year 1993. It was one of the most read books in the world. Including Braille script, this book is translated in almost all the languages of the world. He was born in the famou...

SIPRA DAS : The lens and a mother’s eyes

51 weeks ago
She prowls through the early morning, looking for a mirror in the room. She looked all around, but found none. She was quite agitated, until it struck her how futile a mirror would be in thisschool. Lenswoman Sipra Das was at a blind school, where she was having a completely different experience of life. Her book ‘The Light Within: A Different Vision Of Life’ is a journey of her 12-year long endeavour to understand the lives of the blind. “We cannot see with our eyes but we can see with our hearts. You can see with your eyes but you cannot see with your heart,” Jawahar Kaul, the visually denied pr...