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Thursday, 23-March-2017

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2 weeks ago
We take a path to reach a planned destination but sometimes we reach somewhere else. Sometimes the destination we reach by deviation is better, satisfactory and more fulfilling than we had decided for ourselves. Aarti Arun Ganacharya’s story somehow suits the above line.  She was a journalist working with a newspaper. To do her stories, everyday she had to meet many people belonging to all sections of society. She came across many families while dong her work. She came to know their problems on the ground level. She found whatever the family goes through the woman suffers the most. “Every family had their own prob...


4 weeks ago
  If we can’t fulfil our children’s need, we must ensure his or her happiness, so that the need is not larger to them. Moslema Bibi of Malancha in South 24 Parganas of West Bengal believed this was the only way for her during troubled days when her child was suffering from deafness. She struggled with her fate to find out her own path to dignified life. The hamlet Malancha is nearly 60 kms from Kolkata. As like other little-educated girls of interior Bengal, she was also married off at a young age and soon became mother. Within few years, she gave birth to her second son. After four years of raising the second child, she discovered that the chil...
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5 weeks ago
 pallavi vatsa I was standing in a prayer meeting with 60 children around me. Their eyes are glowing in the limited but bright light of diya. All of them are singing the aarti.  I am sharing time and space with the biggest family in the Noida. This family has 400 members. It’s a family with single parent, mother Anjina Rajagopal. This is not a traditional family with parents and their wards. This family includes all those kids who are orphan, deprived, ...

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