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Thursday, 23-March-2017

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a week ago
Every successful person has a story to tell. In the field of business, such success stories emerge to help others forge their own path. The two-day E-Summit program at JSS College, Noida, was an illustration of the same. The speakers encouraged the youth in the audience to carve out their own careers. The Inaugural program on the first day began with the lighting of the lamps by the guests. The students presented a welcome show. The Chief Advisor of JSS, BK Gupta threw light on the subject of entrepreneurship. Taking it up in the context of the Bhagvat Geeta,...
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a week ago
Today is March 7. Exactly 65 years ago, a great soul left behind its physical abode, the body, and became an article of faith for all ages to come. This day, we have gathered here for a very special occasion. I am grateful to Shri Shri Mataji and pay my obeisance to her, because I am told that she is attending just such a programme in Los Angeles. As Swamiji says, today, 95 per cent of the people of this world have been enabled to read Yogiji’s autobiography  in their own languages. The question that arises in mind, though, is why is it that people ...
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2 weeks ago
In Dangal movie, on the eve of her final match of Commonwealth Games, Geeta Phogat is nervous. Her father and coach, Mahavir Phogat (read Aamir Khan) encourages her. ‘If you win, it won’t be an individual win. This will be victory of lakhs of girls across the country, who are made to believe that their only goal in life is to get married and engage in household activities’. Geeta went on to win her final bout and fetched gold for India. Our society has created countless, invisible ‘glass ceilings’ for the women, which are difficult to break. The conventional trajectory of studies and then a ‘not-so-ambitious’ career in itself is diffi...
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2 weeks ago
At various times in history, social reformers led campaigns against prevailing attitudes and practices. Raja Rammohan Roy’s crusade against Sati is a case in point: His exposure of Sati, as a practice forced on the widow, led to it being banned. There were others like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, who fought for widow re-marriage.   There still are many women who have been carrying the torch for emancipation of their kind. They could be from any region, any caste and any social strata, their contribution to social reforms isn’t any less than their male counterparts. Let us take a look at some ...

Usha : dawn of a revolution

3 weeks ago
THE sun is all set to sneak through the sky. Just around 170 kms from the capital city Delhi, lies the small historical city of Alwar which has not yet seen the first rays of daybreak. But one can discern the weariness before finally getting up. Usha, Nanda, Laxmi, Shakuntala, Lalita – you are also in deep sleep but alas, you have to get up quite early before daybreak and rush to work, leaving your children and husbands behind while they are still sleeping, with your scuttle and your broom as a manual scavenger – negating, negotiating and braving the attacks of stray dogs and grunting pigs, and go on to clean the human excreta with bare han...


4 weeks ago
 ASHIMA / DELHI The sip of hot coffee, bite of favourite food, discussions on global issues, enjoyment with friends and moments to spend some time with some of their own, cafes are the most appropriate destination for people to take a break from the city chaos. Cafes are the cheerful hubs for a city. While friends gather at cafes to share their joys and sorrows, couples come here to infuse some life into their ageing relationship. Cafes are a place where our exhaustion ends and we reenergise to grasp the pace of the next day. ‘Sheroes Hangout Cafe’ is taking this part of people’s life to...

Walking the long mile, Barefoot!

5 weeks ago
 Robin keshaw / tilonia A s I got down from the rickety Rajasthan state transport bus at Tilonia, I didn’t find anything extraordinary. It looked like a dusty, sleepy village, not very different from its counterparts. Flocks of goats and sheep, a tea stall, couple of Banjara children playing in the sand, sun peeping from behind a small hillock at some distance – there was nothing very unique about the place. But, the uniqueness of Tilonia doesn’t lie in its physical or geographical aspects. Tilonia’s model of sustainability an...


5 weeks ago
 ashima / new delhi The film was Rang De Basanti depicting a bunch of young men fighting the corrupt system. After having lost all hopes, they take up the radio to convey their side of the story to the masses. The youth who were unable to reach out to people, had faith in All India Radio and within seconds, their voice reached every nook and corner of the country. During this programme, they responded to people’s calls detailing their purpose. The entire episode resulted in the administration sending security forces to gun them down. But, their cal...


7 weeks ago
  American physicist Fritjof Capra saw the dawn of the 21st century in terms of the rise of global capitalism and the network society; also the creation of sustainable communities. While these are current and happening and occupy a lot of the mind space, what about the equally current unbridled violence we see in our communities and neighbourhoods? How does one explain the mindless cruelties inflicted by the Islamic State on fellow Muslims? Or ‘civilized’ Europe turning its back on refugees from Arab lands, putting up fences to keep them out and calling them pejoratively “migrants”. Ho...
Rules of the josma


8 weeks ago
Sitting in his office, a new Director General of Police of the Government of Sikkim, first heard the word “Jomsa” from one of his juniors. The inherently peaceful and practically crimeless state does have some incidents, once in a long while, and one such was the murder of an Islampuria, a Bihari Muslim scrap trader. He had been murdered, but as the official informed his boss, the DGP, nothing could be done about it. “Why?” asked the DG. “Because of the Jomsa, Sir,” the officer said. “No one tinkers with the Jomsa, and they have settled the matter. It was the Islampuri...


9 weeks ago
She lost her eyesight, but hunger never left her side. It was her constant companion. She used to eat anything which came her way. Poverty had left her illiterate; the only option she had was beggary. That too, at a place which is widely known for drought and starvation. In such extreme situations, it’s nothing less than a dream come true if one gets two square meals a day. This is the story of Mahoba’s Chandabai. Crippled with poverty, Chandabai has lived this nightmare everyday since her childhood. She had to struggle for every piece of meal. But now she doesn’t have to suffer the same for a meal every day. Nei...


9 weeks ago
Apne ghar ko chhor ke Alice, Neend ki goli tod ke Alice, Saare taale khol ke Alice, Sabko tata bol ke Alice Rolam polam girti Alice, Hai re daiyya karti Alice Ulti pulti nagri dekhi, Gappein moti tagdi dekhi Aadhe din ka raaj dekha, Apne sar pe taaj dekha Alice ne bas ek pahar me, Apna kal aaj dekha… As  the verse of ‘Dastan Alice ki’ ends, the audience, which comprised of children and adults alike, filled the auditorium with ‘wah wah’. In an a...

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