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Thursday, 27-April-2017

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2 days ago
The little children in street situations now have a reason to rejoice. Commonly called ‘Street Children’, more than 20 lakh Indian children live without access to safe care, nutrition, health and education. To me, they are like the little flowers by the roads who survive despite our collective indifference. Recently, I was invited to Delhi to become a part of a partnership between the government, NGOs and citizens that will change the lives of children who are forced to live on the street. For the very first time, India now has a Standard Oper...


2 days ago
The visuals of some frantic individuals jumping over and kicking a dead body will give you shivers. Unfortunately, this is not a scene of IS styled video or some gory, thriller drama. This happened for real, in Pakistan where a 23 year old bright journalism student, Mashal Khan was killed brutally in the name of religion. A mob of reportedly 500-600 students gathered outside his hostel, shot him and dragged him to the streets where the highest form of barbarism was on display. His crime- he dared to raise questions against his religion! The lynching ...


a week ago
In 2007, a study (Bertrand et al) was conducted to understand the process of getting a driver’s license in Delhi. The study tested the driving ability of those individuals who had hired a tout to get their license. An overwhelmingly two-third of them failed the test, yet legally they were allowed to be behind the wheels which they didn’t know how to manage. Juxtapose this with the number of deaths on Indian roads in a year, 1.5 lakhs reported and you will realise, how our systems have failed to keep our roads safe. In this context, the re...
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a week ago
WHO, or World Health Organisation, has expressed its concern over a discernable slowing down of expenditure on water and sanitation in many countries of the world. And it is no secret that most of these States being referred to by the organisation are developing nations. This takes attention to millions of people, mostly women and children, who face grave risk and threat all the time. Many of them are already languishing amid continuing lack of safe drinking water and suitable sanitation facilities. And their economic level as a matter of rule rather than exception is so low as to hardly be expected of them to meet the high cost...


2 weeks ago
“On the 26th of January 1950, we are going to enter into a life of contradictions. In politics we will have equality and in social and economic life we will have inequality. In politics we will be recognising the principle of one man one vote and one vote one value. In our social and economic life, we shall, by reason of our social and economic structure, continue to deny the principle of one man one value” – These were the words spoken by Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar in his last speech to Constituent Assembly on 25th November, 1949. They still reverberate as we move closer to 70th anniversary of our indepe...


2 weeks ago
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar had suffered untouchability first hand. He was made to sit separately from the rest of the class. He was allowed to drink water only when it was poured from a height by a peon. That is why he strived his entire life to provide a better quality of life for Dalits. He wanted their political and social empowerment. After signing Poona Pact with Pt Madan Mohan Malviya at Mahatma Gandhi’s insistence, he agreed to have separate seats reserved for Dalits. The fact that all castes in these constituencies would elect and accept a Dalit as their leader, was a powerful thought.
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3 weeks ago
In case, you face any kind of difficulty, just give me a call. I will send the help right away, said Dev Bhaiya, as we bade goodbye to him and started walking uphill. Dev Bhaiya operates a small shack, which offers Maggi, bread-omelette and an extra sweetened tea prepared with goat milk. His shop is at a place called Bagi, 50 odd km from Mandi town. Bagi is a little known village in Mandi district, but in the Himalayan trekking circuit, it is famous as the starting point of Parashar Lake trek. After reaching Mandi, early in the morning, we had boarded a ...
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3 weeks ago
Menstruation may no longer be a taboo in most parts of the country due to increasing use of hygienic and cheaper sanitary napkins promoted by the government but disposal of blood-soaked sanitary napkins remains a social shame and continue to pose a serious environmental hazard. But for the first time anywhere in the country, few women in a village in Uttar Pradesh have designed an indigenous “‘mud incinerator” not only to ensure cleaner surroundings but also to protect environment. 
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4 weeks ago
It’s not possible for all social reformers to have similar values. But there is one thing common among them – leaving a legacy through a school or organisation cherishing their values. So, while they stood for their values during their lifetime, they also leave behind structures to educate the next generation. While great leaders work tirelessly to achieve their goals, they can also be spotted connecting with the children from time to time. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is a great example. While he spent his life in science labs for the development of the country; he died while delivering a lecture to students. Let’s keep...
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4 weeks ago
Once an alcoholic, she fought against inhuman tyranny and transformed the lives of about 4,000 women in seven villages in Behraich district of Uttar Pradesh. These seven villages are among 3,000 other Indian villages which remained deprived of even citizenship of this country after several decades of Independence. Bhanumati (55), a dalit woman and a resident of non-descript Tedia village in the Kartaniaghat jungles, about 100 kilometres from Behraich, was recently selected among 100 most influential women in the country. She was honoured by the President ...
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6 weeks ago
Every successful person has a story to tell. In the field of business, such success stories emerge to help others forge their own path. The two-day E-Summit program at JSS College, Noida, was an illustration of the same. The speakers encouraged the youth in the audience to carve out their own careers. The Inaugural program on the first day began with the lighting of the lamps by the guests. The students presented a welcome show. The Chief Advisor of JSS, BK Gupta threw light on the subject of entrepreneurship. Taking it up in the context of the Bhagvat Geeta,...
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6 weeks ago
Today is March 7. Exactly 65 years ago, a great soul left behind its physical abode, the body, and became an article of faith for all ages to come. This day, we have gathered here for a very special occasion. I am grateful to Shri Shri Mataji and pay my obeisance to her, because I am told that she is attending just such a programme in Los Angeles. As Swamiji says, today, 95 per cent of the people of this world have been enabled to read Yogiji’s autobiography  in their own languages. The question that arises in mind, though, is why is it that people ...

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